Probability and Statistics

Hey Everyone,

In this unit, we learnt about probability and statistics. We learnt about bar charts, frequency tables, data and pie charts. We learnt how to read them and construct them. As soon as I sat down to do the end of unit test on knowledge and understanding I got quite a shock. I was very confused, honestly we didn’t really learn about the questions we had to solve. I was really scared and nervous. I study really hard but yet I mostly took educated guesses for most of the questions. Considering I didn’t really understand anything that we had to do I did well.

Thank you, Paris


Science Unit 3 Reflection


I think I am doing good so far. Although there are a few tests where I think I could have done better. I think I did the best last unit because I got a 7 for my end of unit test. For this units test I got a 6 which is good although next time I would like to get a better grade. I would say that I have done pretty good so far. Personally I think that I am best at doing assignments and writing in full sentences, because when I do an assignment I like to make sure that it is done properly. I have to say that I am not very good at doing my homework because a lot of the time I leave it to last minute so I need to improve on self management although I am improving. I know that I am good at these things because I have gotten good feedback alongside good grades, but there is always room for improvement so I wouldn’t say I find it easy or that I am really good at it. I think the main thing I need to improve on is self management because I often do  things at last minute when I should be managing my time. I think I could also work on my presentation because sometimes I do things in a hurry and the presentation is really bad.  I know that I need to work on these things because I have noticed them myself.  One target I would like to set myself is to plan out my homework so that I never miss any deadlines or not get in on time. I would also like to focus on working harder on the assignments we get given so that I make sure I get a good grade. I would also like to improve my handwriting. I am going to achieve these targets by setting deadlines for myself on managebac and I will include a time it needs to be done so it won’t be left last minute. As for my other goal I will work and try my hardest on the assignments we get given and make use of the time we get to do it. I will improve my handwriting by not rushing everything, so that the presentation is cleaner. I know that I will be able to complete my goals. I would like these goals to be complete by at most the end of the next unit, but if I can get them done before that that would be good. I think that doing this is helpful because it helps you realise what you need to improve on. It’s also helpful because it will help you find out what things you have learnt.


Little Things Science Reflection


During this unit of science we learnt about specialised cells, microscopes and normal cells. Personally I enjoyed this unit, purely because we learnt about a lot of different but interesting things. I think that I did pretty well throughout this unit, but I do think that can improve on a couple things, for example I think I can practice and learn more about cells. My favourite topic over this unit was learning about cells because it was interesting to learn what each and one of them do. During this unit we also did three experiments, cheek cells, elodea an onion cells. We learnt how to prepare slides and how to use a microscope. Doing these experiments was sometimes hard and sometimes easy, because it was really hard to try and focus the objective lens on the slide. It was also very scary because you don’t want to accidentally brake the microscope but I didn’t. Honestly I really liked this unit.

Self Assessment Unit 1

Mrs MC Doherty van Zundert


My name:  Paris Da Silva  Date: 18/11/2016

The unit I have just finished is:  Introduction To MYP Science

My score in the end of unit test was: I got a 7

For the lab report I got:  B 5 and C 5

I was happy / not happy with these results because:  I was happy with these results because I improved on my lab report but of course in the future I would like to get a higher grade.

In general:

How am I doing?

I think I am doing good but there is definitely room for improvement in the future.

What I am good at?

So far I think I am good at general science for example setting up and doing an experiment, safety concerns and the equipment.

How do I know I am good at these things?

Because when we do activities involving these examples I don’t find it very hard.

I found the previous unit – Introduction to Science…….

Well I liked this unit because we learned a lot about what you can and can’t do in the lab and basic science knowledge but I hope the next unit involves a few more experiments because they are really fun to do and you learn a lot from them.

What I found difficult was……

I found the lab reports difficult because you really have to put every single piece of information you know about the experiment you did and it is hard to know when you have to change something.

What helped me when I had a problem was……

My teacher helped me a lot when I had a problem and if I didn’t understand something.

What I enjoyed in this unit was………

In this you the thing I enjoyed most was doing experiments because when you do it you learn a lot.

What I didn’t like in this unit was………

Something I disliked about this unit was that we didn’t do many experiments.

What do I need to work on?

I need to improve on lab reports because I don’t think I add enough information.

How do I know that I need to work on these things?

I know I need to work on this from my grades and just struggling whilst doing it.

How am I going to achieve these targets?

I am going to practice and study so that I can include as much as I can.

What time scale am I going to set myself to complete these targets?

I would like to achieve them by the after the christmas break.

Are completing self-assessments like this useful for your development in Science?  Why?

Yes this was helpful and useful because now when I am struggling I can look back on this assessment and see what I can do about it. For example if I am struggling with a lab report I can look back on this and find out what it is that I am doing wrong.