Sep 072015

Welcome to My Blog Sites.This is my first post on my blog.


My post is an debate about whether the structure of The periodic table should changed or if it should be kept the same.

I will debate for both sides of the question and in my conclusion I will decide what is the best


How is the periodic table organized Today?

Today, the periodic table organizes the elements in horizontal rows, or periods, by order of increasing atomic number

The elements are also organized in vertical columns, or groups, based on their similar physical characteristics and their chemical properties e.g. (atomic number,atomic mass,boiling point, and melting point)

conclusion 1:

It is a very good way too organize the periodic table,you only need one chemical property and you will find the element you are looking for


Why is the former structure of the periodic table wrong?

History is evidence That the former periodic table is structured wrong,Because new element are dicovered every few years and threaten to change the the structure of the Atomic table.

recently there has been a new element discovered by  Japan Atomic Energy Agency it’s called lawrencium

There are disputes between many sciencetists that the placement of lawrencium is placed wrong.

I think that there are many elements yet to be discovered and that the periodic table willl have to change it’s form one day



main conclusion:

I think that the periodic table is not very useful because it is just a table of the electron configuration of the elements,still,The way that the periodic table is organized now,from my point of view it is the best way known o organize it







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