In science, we did an experiment. That experiment was to test what makes nails rust. For me I thought it was nice but I am sure it will not be the most fun experiment. In this experiment, I just learned what you should have for to make iron rust. It was interesting but you could have more interesting then this. But this topic is also about something that happens everyday. I found it easy enough except some parts in the lab report. The lab report was less fun. I would prefer if the lab report was a bit more clear at some points but I am sure I will get it at some point because it is just the first one. I think that I should mostly improve the concentration because I don’t understand it and I miss a part.

I think I did improve my logic a little bit and better understanding the science. Before I did not have experiment because I was at a primary school.

about me

Hello people,

My life is very simple. I have 6 brothers and sister ( 2 half brother, 1 brother, 2 sisters, 1 half sister ). My mum is dutch, My father English, I am born in Belgium. I live in La Hulpe in Belgium and In Breda. I love acting and music ( playing and listening ) . I also love animals and fantasy.

The only dream in the middle of all these dreams the most realistic, is about to become true.