Electricity & Magnetism-Reflection


I will be reflecting on the previous unit I did. Back in unit one I think I did absolutely horrible. My report card and managebac grade was filled with nothing but two’s and three’s. But I decided at Unit 2 that with all my grades in fact to make a serious change. So yes from the last unit I have come a very far way into advancement with my grades.  I believe that now my main good areas in science are these doing well in assessments, being enthusiastic and asking questions in class, and I do believe that I have been good with my homework.

Lately I feel that I have been getting good grades and a good report from my teacher. I feel that some of the main problems that I have with are handwriting, writing in pen and forgetting about margins.The reason that I know these things because my teacher is always letting me know, even though I keep making the same mistake.

Really the main concerns that I have is that i complete my homework and tests with excellence, keep a good attitude and have good enthusiasm, to have good listening skills, and to always do my best in class. I think of course they are achievable, but I don’t think being smart or having high intellect is the main reason people or I can achieve any goal. I think that the reason that people ever achieve there goal is these two things, they work hard at what they do and they most of the time keep a good attitude.

I  suppose that there isn’t really a time line line for starting to work hard in class and have a good attitude, so I don’t think I really need one. I think yes and no, at least for me. I don’t think it’s all that useful for doing good with homework or with tests, but I do think it is good if you want to realise what you need help with.