Electricity and Magnetism || Reflection

Hey everyone,

In this unit I really enjoyed doing experiments a lot. I found the experiments quite easy because you had to make a parallel circuit and a series circuit. I found all the tests quite difficult because some questions were really hard. When I got stuck with something I asked my neighbor and ¬†they would tell me the answer, so that helped me. What I learned in this topic was that electricity is really important in life and you can find a series circuit and your daily life and lots more things. I could have made it easier by having no test but then I wouldn’t learn a lot of things either. The skills I acquired was communication, Teamwork, Listening Skills and more things. I think my teamwork skills have become much better during this unit. I think I should have worked more on magnetism and my listening skills more during this unit.

Unit 4 Science – So many questions reflection- Nicole Scholte

What did you enjoy in this unit? I enjoyed having an experiment because it was quite interesting and fun because you could see how osmosis occurred.

What did you find easy? I found the experiments quite easy to do because there wasn’t a lot of steps you had to follow.

What did you find difficult? I found the lab report difficult because you had 9 pages that you had to do and we had to draw graphs and bar charts so that was quite tricky.

What helped you when you got stuck? When I got stuck I asked the person next to me if they knew how to do it and they would help me.

What did you learn in this topic? I really learned about Osmosis because first I had no clue what Osmosis was until we did the experiment and I saw that Osmosis occurred.

How could you make this topic easier for yourself if you were to do it again? I would maybe spend more time on it because sometimes I left it to the last minute which wasn’t good.

What skills have you acquired in this topic? The skills I acquired we’re my experiment because I never knew what Osmosis was and with the experiment I found out.

What if anything do you think you have become better at doing in this topic? I think I got better at making my lab report because it was explained more clearly.

What do you think you should work more on having finished this unit? I would have worked more on my lab report because I left it to the last minute and then I had to stay up late so I could finish it.

About me

Hi my name is Nicole Scholte and I’m 10 years old, I’ve lived in Holland for almost 6 years and it’s really fun here. i’ve been going to this school for 4 years . i’m half Dutch and half Mexican i don’t really have hobbies i like playing football. I moved to the Netherlands when i was 6 so quite a long time. I have one sister called Michelle she 15 years old. I just went to MYP so it’s very exciting for me, i like pop songs i really don’t like classic songs. I have a best friend called jasmine we’ve known each other for 4 years.