My reflection of this unit (Electricity & Magnetism)


Questions to answer while reflecting on a Science Topic/ Unit

  1. What did you enjoy in this unit?

I enjoyed getting to know more about electricity and magnetism. I rally liked doing the experiments because while the lesson I didn’t get what the teacher meant but after the experiment it was more clear for me.

2. What did you find easy?

I found the experiment easy because the explanation was clear, the Parallel and Series Circuits i also found easy.

3. What did you find difficult?

I found most of this unit difficult because I never turned about electricity and magnetism, drawing the graph in the test was also a bit difficult.

4. What helped you when you got stuck?

When I got stuck I asked classmates if they could help out, if they couldn’t I would go to the teacher and ask.

5. What did you learn in this topic?

I learned that I should never put my phone charging in my room because it can set on fire, and about magnetism and Electricity.

6. How could you make this topic easier for yourself if you were to do it again?

To go slower through everything so it is clear and study more and better for my test.

7.What skills have you acquired in this topic?

I have enquired my studying skill because I tried my best to write everything down in my book and learn good for the tests.

8. What if anything do you think you have become better at doing in this topic?

I think I just got to learn more about magnetism, and electromagnets because I never heard of it but now I do know what it does and how it works.

9.What do you think you should work more on having finished this unit?

I think I should have do more work for my test to get better greats. I could also work on presenting my work.

By Cato R



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