Electricity and Magnetism Reflection

Electricity and Magnetism 

We have recently finished our unit called Electricity and Magnetism. I am here to reflect my thoughts about this entire unit. In this unit I enjoyed doing all the different experiments, for example Building and electric Circuit. I thought learning about  electricity was quite easy for me because I already knew a bit about it. The tests we had in this unit were sometimes difficult because it was not a normal test style. When I got stuck I either searched on Google or I looked in my book. In this topic I learned all about electricity and magnetism. I could have made it easier for myself if we would have no tests. The skills that I have acquired in this topic are team work, and listening skills. I think my listening skills have become much better during this unit. I think I should improve my team work skills, because sometimes it is difficult for me to get involved into what the group is doing.

About Me

Hi everybody,

I am Lilly Löffelmann I am born in germany at the 25th of July 2003. My parents are both born in germany like me and my little brother Louis. I I lived in germany for 11 years and last year in August we came to the Netherlands because of my dads job. Now I am in MYP1 secondary and my brother is in Year 2 primary. I have 2 bunnies at home their names are Pauli & Maxi. My BIGGEST hobby is horseriding! 🙂 I already do horseriding since I am 4 years old. I am doing horseriding at Manege Sintels and my favourite horse  is called Signorita. Dancing and singing are also my hobbies. My dream is to be one of the best horse riders in the world.

I think this was everything i could tell you about ME. 🙂