MYP1 reflection – So many questions

What did you enjoy in this unit?

In this unit I enjoyed doing all the experiments about osmosis because it was fun to do and also showed us how osmosis works and what it is.

What did you find easy?

I found doing the experiment easy because there was not many complicated steps you have to do.

What did you find difficult?

I found making the lab report a bit hard because some of the questions in criterion c i found hard to explain myself.

What helped you when you got stuck?

When I got stuck I always went back to look at my book because though out the unit we wrote lots of things in our books so that we could always look back if we got stuck or if we could not remember what we had done.

What did you learn in this topic?

One of the things I learnt in this unit was about osmosis. For example I learnt that osmosis is the movement of water molecules though a semi preamble membrane.

How could you make this topic easier for yourself if you were to do it again?

If I was to do this unit again I would do more experiments because it helped me to understand how a certain topic worked easier.

What skills have you acquired in this topic?

One of the skills I have acquired was how to present information in a graph easier so others would understand it.

What if anything do you think you have become better at doing in this topic?

Well I did already know how to do experiments but I did learn more about this by doing this unit.

What do you think you should work more on having finished this unit?

I think I should work more on lab reports so that I make sure I always know what to do by every part in the report.

The milky way

  1. In the topic (the milky way) i enjoyed learning about all the planets in our solar system.
  2. Though out the topic i found something very easy and it was learning the names of the planet in our solar system .
  3. Even though i enjoyed this topic very much i found something quit channeling. The difficult thing in this topic was making a graph too represent the distance from the sun for each planet.
  4. During this unit i may have got stuck at times but it was no problem because when i did got stuck, i looked back in my book to see the solution.
  5. From this topic i leaned even more about the planets in our solar system than i did before.For example i leant how far each planet is away from the sun.
  6. This unit was very fun but if i was to make it easer for me i would not make graphs about how far each planet is away from the sun, i would just write it down in my book so i can always come back to look at it.
  7. While doing this topic i leant some new skills. One for the new skills i have leant was when making a graph which ways are best to present the data.
  8. In the topic i became better at presenting information in a graph.
  9. After finishing this unit i think that i should work more on presenting data in a graph.

About me !!!

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I come from England and Ireland. I lived in England then I when to Ireland ย when I was 2 years old but moved to the Netherlands because of my dad’s job.

Things i love are minecraft , family , friends , sports and lots more.

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