MYP 1 reflection – So many questions

1.In this unit I liked testing out osmosis with the gummy bears and raisins. I liked the experiments because we didn’t do any last unit so it was nice doing them this unit. I preferred the test with the gummy bears because they felt really weird and squishy after the experiment.

2 .I found making the diagram and learning about concentration was the easiest thing in the unit.

3. I thought that learning the percentages was difficult. The lab report was also kind of difficult.

4. When I got stuck I looked in my book for answers or asked another class mate for help.

5. In this unit I learned how osmosis works and how to find the percentage difference in the weight, length, width, thickness and volume.

6. If I were to do this unit again I would maybe use more examples of osmosis so I can learn it easier and remember it.

7. I have acquired how to make a followable method and also how osmosis works. I also acquired  how osmosis effects gummy bears and raisins.

8. I think I have become better at writing a method and also at making a diagram for the lab report because at first I didn’t know how to do it but now I do.

9. We could work more on concentration and other things that are effected by osmosis. So not just raisins and gummy bears.

The Milky Way – science unit 3

  1. In this unit I liked when we learned about seasons and drew a dream vehicle to travel to space. I also liked making the brochure.

2. I found learning the planets was easy because I already knew them. 3.  I didn’t really find anything difficult.

4. When I got stuck I used google to help me or other classmates.

5. I learned about Jupiter but nothing else because I have done this topic before.

6. If I wanted to make this topic easier I would give us more time to learn things and maybe less worksheets.

7. The skills I have acquired this unit to make a brochure.

8. I think I have become better at the different seasons and knowing what is in them. Also i have become better at remembering things like the planets.

9. I think we should of worked more on the stars and other things in The Milky Way and not just the planets. We also should of learned more of black holes, the sun etc..

All about me

Hi i’m Marielle and this is about me. I’m eleven years old and from England. First I lived in England for 7 years then Australia for 2 years. Now I live here and I’v stayed for 2 years. I love to do gymnastics and dance. I do gymnastics twice a week. Sometimes I like to bake and cycle.