New Unit | Electricity

Between the video of the lemon and the egg & pickle, I believe that both are possible.

The lemon because of it’s citric liquid, which sparks up when the two electrical wires hook up. They create sparks as they touch.

The pickle and the egg because of the yolk and the liquid inside the pickle and the same method.

I believe both.

Reflection | Earth Hour

In Physics class, it was brought up to our attention that global warming is a situation that is occurring and we should create awareness. We decided to do something on March 18, Earth Hour day, in honour of Earth and how it’s climate is changing, and we created a Service as Action activity. The entire class of MYP 5 agreed to participate in this phenomenon and turn off all of our lights and share our support to the company, The World Wide Fund.

The way that I learned and applied my skills were by engaging in this global issue by showing initiative, commitment, and challenging ourselves to turn off our lights. It was challenging because we all have this instinct to light the room that we’re entering and it was hard not to do as such. It’s a global issue because climate change affects us all, wether we think so or not. We should take even more initiative to raise awareness worldwide about this global issue, because soon our world will not be as lighted as it is now.

I have learned a lot from this activity and hope to do another global activity as such soon.

Reflection | And then there was light!


In my opinion, scientists who are dedicated to their work and their research, regardless of what we think, will continue to strive to find a new particle, even more if the particle is one that moves faster than light. And I personally agree that spending time, money, and effort on making a life changing discovery would be extremely beneficial to science and the people’s work. Imagine if scientists had stopped searching for a new element for the periodic table; we would be stuck thinking that we only have 115 elements in our life, when really there’s 118, and probably more if they continued searching. My point is, even if WE do not find that looking for a particle that moves faster than light, if there is one, is not useful/helpful, scientists do. And their dedication is the inspiration for all other little scientists in the world.


I strongly believe in science and think that, at the rate that we are developing and progressing, someone will find a way to make time travel possible and it will probably work. Even though I don’t think it’ll be as useful as people expect it to be, keeping in mind of the millions of paradoxes and loopholes people will create/encounter as they travel forward/backward in time, it’s still quite amazing. Wether or not humans can do it is not in my interests, but just the fact that it’s possible is simply an amazing step forward for science and scientists world wide.

Feedback on ‘Mind Your Own Business’

Dear Bloggers,

This semester in Economics, we discussed a unit called ‘Mind Your Own Business’, which I found very clever and fun already just by reading the name. We discussed topics such as franchising, the different branches of business works (partnerships, sole traders, multinationals, etc.), and what it would take to run  business and the types of sacrifices that would have to be made.

I specifically enjoyed when we discussed what each vocabulary word meant in slides and taking notes. I believe that that was a very helpful way of learning and I would definitely love to try it again. In relation to the topics discussed, I really enjoyed doing the paper company which we did in groups as a practice before the bake sale. It helped me understand better the topic in a simpler way.

Before getting to ISB, I had no idea what economics was or how it was much more than just numbers and calculations. It’s the whole world. It’s what makes the world go round. We do economics on a daily basis without even realising. The fact that in this unit we actually learned how to, for example, run a business, was something very eye opening. We were taught how to analyse every single little detail about running it and what could go wrong if something was not done correctly. I am certainly more open to economics and see things in a different perspective now.

,Kiara MYP 5