Earth Hour

At the first I didn’t know about the idea of the Earth Hour, but when I heard about it in school I became aware and I wanted to turn the light off. I also knew that I am going to reduce the Global Warming and the Climate Change as well. I then insisted and wanted to do it and save the Earth because it is really valuable to me. It was a really good experience for me and also something very challenging because I had to stay in dark for one hour but it was really good and I felt very proud because I participated in saving the Earth.

Feedback Economics

First of all, You are a very good and good humored teacher, so there is some things that I really liked and some not in the first unit and they are that the unit was quite boring to me but not all of it as I liked so much the activities that were doing in the groups, baking sale and some other fun things but the part that I didn’t like is there is some things that I really couldn’t understand as they were so difficult and I wanted some explanation as this is the first time for me to study economics so I think you could do the upcoming unit more practical and funny as the last one so we could understand the unit easier and have a lot of fun with you too Sir, and I would like to thank you very much because of your effort that you made the previous unit and I hope that you teach us more and more information and thank you again Sir for teaching us and you are the best teacher.