Earth Hour 2k16

For Physics we were asked to raise awareness about Earth hour, Earth hour is an hour that everyone around the world turns off the lights in their house. This is done to raise awareness about global warming.

During earth Hour I was home alone and was hanging out with some friends so when the time came to turn off all the lights I turned off everything in my house and went outside with my friends and sat around a campfire. Some of my friends who saw my post on Facebook about earth hour told me they did it aswel and found it very important to do this, I raised awareness about Earth hour through my social media and asked people to join me in supporting this cause.

Earth hour was a very fun experience for me and my friends, doing this did not take a lot of effort and was fun to do something that could make awareness about a large global issue in our world right now.

Mind Your Own Buisness

I really enjoyed the last unit for Economics because we had gotten a lot of freedom on what we wanted to do and what company we wanted to pick to do this unit with. It was very fun to do research on a company of your own liking and finding out a lot of interesting things you wouldn’t usually find out by yourself. Finding out the profit loss accounts for our companies was very interesting to see and it could give us an idee on how these companies were doing and if they had lost or made money in the past year.

is being courageous set back by safety rules?

There should be a line between safety and making bad decisions in chemistry which could lead to getting hurt and putting other in danger. I think it is necessary to have these safety rules in chemistry because we are working with chemicals that can harm us and put us in danger if not used careful and with caution. I think these rules are very helpful because when we do get hurt we know what to do.