Sciences reflection || The Right Hooke || MYP 3

Science Reflection

During this unit I enjoyed being able to experiment with springs and see if Hooke’s law was correct. Some things during this experiment I found quite easy such as setting up the experiment doing it and keeping track of the results however if I am totally honest I found that there was a bigger amount of work that was difficult than the amount that was easy to do. For example when I was writing my hypothesis and when I had to show my results in a table I wasn’t sure what to use when talking about weight (newton) and mass (grams/kg). Also when I was making my graph in the beginning I couldn’t seem to get it correctly. However when I got stuck while putting my results in a table my teacher was able to help me and when I had trouble making the graph I had to show my results in, two of my classmates were kind enough to help me with that.
In this topic i’ve learned that “Forces produce change in form, movement and direction.” If I were to cover this topic in class again I would make it easier for myself by trying to improve as much as I can on my formative so that when I turn in my summative assessment I can get the highest grade possible. During the making of my lab report for this unit I have acquired some new skills one of them was learning how to make a proper diagram of my experimental setup. During this topic I have made a big improvement this time it was that I was able to turn in my lab report before the deadline and get a doable grade, for as in my formative task I was not able to turn in my lab report on time, however this was due to illness.
Next time I would like to improve my introduction because it needed to be more related to my own investigation. Also I need more discussion of the results. My evaluation could have been stronger.