The reflection of Science topic – Force

Questions to answer while reflecting on a Science Topic / Unit

1.What did you enjoy in this unit?

The knowledges that I learnt about forces and gravity was quite interesting, and it was clear enough that I can understood.

2. What did you find easy?

How we did the experiment and how we measured the extension.

3. What did you find difficult?

The transform between weight and mass.

4. What helped you when you got stuck?

The teacher, classmate and internet.

5. What did you learn in this topic?

The definition of force and how do we transform from weight to mass. I also learnt Hooke’s Law and how to created our own experiment.

6. How could you make this topic easier for yourself if you were to do it again?

I think it was already clear enough for me.

7. What skills have you acquired in this topic?

How to make my own experiment, how to use google sheet to make graph and you should record the information in a more formal way.

8. What if anything do you think you have become better at doing in this topic?

The way I record the information should be in a more formal way, also the way I draw things from the experiment.

9. What do you think you should work more on having finished this unit

More understanding of the definition, more experiment, more things to record.