The Right Hooke – Science Reflection

  1. I enjoyed doing the experiment in this unit. I enjoyed learning more about how force works.
  2. I found the worksheets easy to understand.
  3. I found the lab report difficult because I didn’t know how to explain some parts of it.
  4. The comments that I got from the first lab report helped me to improve it. The lab report that we did in the first unit also helped by reminding me of what to do for each part of the lab report.
  5. I learnt more about force and how it works. I learnt how to calculate the spring constant . I also learnt that Hooke’s law is ‘The extension is directly proportional to the stretching force.
  6. I would have made this topic more easier for myself by going over the notes I took in class occasionally.
  7. I acquired the skill to calculate the spring constant and/or the extension
  8. I have become better at taking notes because during this topics there were a lot of new things so I had to take notes to remember it.
  9. I think that I should work more on improving my lab report and putting in more detail in them.

About me

Hi, my name is Blessina Shalom and i’m 12 years old. I was born in Singapore and now I live in the Netherlands. I like to play the piano and I like to draw. my favourite subject is Science and Visual Arts. I have 2 bunnies, their names are Nuton and Novena. I have an older sister her name is Davina, a younger sister her name is Tabitha and a younger brother his name is Samuel.