Sciences Self Assessment The Right Hooke MYP 3


During this unit, I really enjoyed coming up with my own research question.It was I and different way of learning and thinking.The easiest part was to write the background information for my lab report because I made many notes true out the unit. I did have some difficulties with the graphs I had to make for my lab report. This is because I never made any graph online, but when I figured it out it went well.My classmates were nice enough to help with this part.I learned a lot about Hooke’s law  were and how to use it.

I learned to make my own research question and learned to see mistakes and correct them.I could improve by taking more time and to use more detail in my work.This unit thought me how to combine and use different elements in my work.I also learned a lot about collecting data.If I look and my first lab report than I can see that I have improved a lot.It might be because of the subject, but I think that my scientific k knowledge has improved a lot.I did not create a graph for the spring constant.I think that if I did my lab report would have been a lot better