Chemistry-Debatable question: Should the structure of the periodic table be changed?

Should the structure of the periodic table be changed? 

When looking at periodic table I can see there is a logic order in the position of the elements. Mendeleev was the first person to try to start grouping the elements in a table. He didn’t get everything right in the original table, but he got almost all known elements into the right places on the periodic table. Ever since scientists or chemical engineers have used this table which has been improved to what it looks like now. By having the periodic table these people can quickly see how many protons there are in each nucleus of each atom. This results in the atomic number. So that’s why if we would change the way the periodic table is made and would put it in the alphabetic order, it would not be able to tell users anything about the properties of the elements.

My conclusion is that I think that we should not change the structure of the periodic table because it is used all around the world in the same way.

Top five loved and hated songs!

Top five loved songs

1.One direction-You and I

As a Directioner I had to put a One direction song in my “top five loved songs” so I choose this song. I love this song so much, I specially Love Zayns high notes at the end. The Melody is very good and I also like that before Zayn sings his high notes there is a bit that someone is playing the guitar and the drums, I think that that makes the song special. Definitely my number 1!

2.Shawn Mendes-Strings

This song makes me so happy and every time I hear this song I start dancing. It’s very catchy and the beginning of the songs really gets your attention because he is singing fast.

3.Jack and Jack-Tides

This songs makes me think of summer. It’s so catchy and I always tell everyone that they have to listen to this song because I think that it’s a very good song. Unfortunately these to boys aren’t that famous so I don’t think that this song will ever appear on the radio. But I still hope that it will happen one day so I can dance in the car and sing very loud.

4.Wiz Khalifa ft. Charlie puth-see you again

The beginning of this song is so sad, it almost makes you cry but when the rapping part comes it makes you feel strong again. This song reminds me of my dad because his brother (my uncle) died three years ago. The melody is good and my favorite part of the song is when they sing: how could we not talk about family, when families is all that we got? because Wiz Khalifa sings it very fast.

5.Years & Years-King

I really like this song it’s so different then all they other songs. I think that the video clip is also very good and it really stands out. The beginning of this song is so fun and different! I like it!

I noticed that with all these five songs that I don’t really care about what the lyrics are but only the melody. I searched for the lyrics of these songs to know what they actually are about. I started to like them even more because they are about things I have gone through.

Top five hated songs

1.Mr. Probz-Nothing really matters

I hate this song so much! I never liked the song, it’s so dramatic and every time I hear this         song on the radio I get annoyed and turn the radio off. I did listen to this song when I was making this just to remember how much I hated this song. Yes, this is definitely my most hated song!

2.John legend-All of me

I actually liked this song at first, but we once we had to sing this song at school and we had to sing it over and over again. It annoyed me so much that I eventually started hating the song.

3.Pitbull ft. John Ryan-Fireball

It’s a happy song but because a friend from my old school liked it so much, she was playing this song so many times that I started hating this song. I like happy songs but this is way to happy for me. Not only because of these to reason I started hating this song but also because I don’t like Pitbull at all. The lyrics are so childish.

4.Meghan Trainor-All about the bass

Another song with a fat person singing about that it’s okay to be fat, seriously how many people already did that, I think they made their point now.

5.Yellow Claw-Love me till it hurts

The only thing I like about this song is the beginning, I think the chorus of this song is so bad. So disappointing because I  like their other songs but not this one.