How to make the school better.

In this assignment we had make a plan how to make the school better. I think it was a very good assignment because you got to think about the school and not only to complain about what you don’t like.

I thought about the study hall, in breaks not everyone is able to sit so i was thinking about getting some more tables and chairs the study hall and even some more comfortable pillows, because its unfair for the slow students or students that come from the Mencia building that have to walk from Mencia to Ithe ISB building.

This assignment was fun to do because you got to think about what you would like to change in the school and to give your opinion.

about me

Hi, my name is Usha, 14 years old and a student at ISB. I’m from the Netherlands but  I’ve lived in Dubai for some years. I can speak Dutch, English, little bit of Arabic and i study Spanish in school. I went to ISB because my Dutch just really sucked so its better for me to do everything in English.