Vengeance (The Actual Story)

My role in the making of the movie was to be camera man, which means I am in charge of recording and a small responsibility in lighting and affects. To fulfil this role, I went to the underground of Mencia to see what we can record and configure the light so you can see a reasonable amount, while still having it dark. I believe we can make this movie a success because we have a good amount of skilled people working on plot and affects, but we are taking a REALLY long time to get there. The most exciting part of this project is the fact that I went to go to the underground Mencia  for the first time, I didn’t have a lot of persuasion in the plot, but I AM the camera man, so… Our biggest worry is probably story, but for the editing team and I are trying to get the lighting i the underground just right. When I look at the picture in the document, I think that i didn’t wash my hair for a while.     IMG_9815

The MilkyWay – More than just a chocolate bar

I enjoyed this unit because it’s something i’m interested in. The SA on the comparison was my favourite because I found information I didn’t know while researching.

I found both the planet comparison and the poster on day and night easy because I already knew why we have day and night, and the planet comparison was easy to research for, because I was interested in the subject.

I found the lifetime of a star to be rather difficult to research for, because some of the information didn’t make sense to my, until i read through a third time to my self.

When i got stuck on complicated sentences or words i would read it through again a few time, ask one of my family members or find the words in the dictionary.

I learned that, mars has what appear to be dry river beds that might’ve flown with water, long ago. I also learned about the life of stars and what causes supernovae.

If I were to do this unit again, i would come to school on the day i got one of the assignments, but that couldn’t be helped this time around.

I learned that you should always more than one source for information, just in case one website or book is wrong

I think i’ve become better at organising my information, in my head, on paper and on posters

I think i should work more on my organisation, because i’m not the best with time management but i really wan’t and need to get better.