Time Travel

Who’s recording the movement of every single photon and molecule in the entire universe? So that you can go back to a specific time and see it exactly as it was? There is no reason in which a recording device could or has ever been created just in case someone wants to time travel.

Even though, Hong Kong physicists say they have proved that a single photon obeys Einstein’s theory that nothing can travel faster than the speed of light. Which concludes that time travelling is impossible. It is more of a fantasy than a reality.

Chemistry Reaction Equations Reflection

Is it worth spending a lot of money on discovering new substances:

Yes, it is. Substances are the reason that we feel better when we’re ill, that will allow us to feel less pain when our joints are hurting. Without substances, these pains would occur without any way to stop them. Therefore I view this question differently: is it more important to care about money, our your health?

Cancer is something that kills. It kills many people each year, and yes we are spending a lot of money to try to fight cancer, but the reason for this is so that we have less deaths. It may seem like a lost cause, but people out there are trying to stop something that could happen to anyone, even you.

 Therefore, we should spend money. We would not have any tablets if we weren’t allowed to spend money on substances. Many substances are discovered and they helped you a great deal without noticing. If we were to stop, then the difference would be big.

Should the use of planes be reduced?

I do not think the use of planes should be reduced. Planes are a necessity for our current modern society. In our day businesses require a lot of travelling considering the fact that majority of businesses have the intention to grow bigger and internationally. It is extremely important for planes to exist because a boat from The Netherlands to USA would take a long time, and people do not have a lot of time for this boat duration.

Also, despite the fact that planes make a lot of noise, airports always try to REDUCE the use because they’d rather have a full plane rather than an empty one. From personal knowledge I know there are three planes that go from England – Holland and I think that is reasonable.

To conclude, I am aware that airports do a lot to prevent noise and damage the environment and I trust them at that, but I think that it is important in our modern society to travel and I think it also shapes you as a person.

Maths surds and indices reflecion

1) What you enjoyed about this unit: I enjoyed learning about surds and indices and the tasks we practiced were helpful.

2) What you found easy. :I found surds and indices relatively easy.

3) What you found difficult.:Negative Fractions were kind of difficult (myimaths task). But the practice in class helped me out when I didn’t get it.

4) What helped you when you were stuck. :Myimaths helped me and the sheets we did in class.

5) What could you have done to improve – any targets? check managabac 2 weeks ahead for any tests for maths; so I am always prepared. Also my target in this unit was to work harder in class- which I achieved. So I got a good mark for my test. So that really works

6) Name at least one skill you learnt which you can use in another unit: Fractional indices makes you deal with fractions, and that is a general thing we do use in maths so it can help me..

Design Reflection

The problem I faced with this unit was that I thought I knew what I was doing but my marks were always lower than I expected. I did not understand where I went wrong though, which I would like to know so for the next time I will be happy with my result.

Also my teacher told me that I needed to improve my research skills but I would like to know hi.

History Reflection

What is the first world war?

The First World War is a war that occurred between the years 1914 and 1918. It was a war between the world greatest powers and led to changing the world in many different aspects. One being that the position of woman changing and another being the economical issues that happened.

Why is it important?

It had a great effect on the world social ties and changed the ways countries negotiated. It is also important because it was the first war where a lot of countries from the world were a part of. This war made Germany agree to some impossible stuff because they were to blame for this war.

How and why did it happen?

There are four main causes for the world war. Militarism, Imperialism, Alliances and Nationalism. These four causes contributed to the tension that led to the World War. Also, the fact that Archiduke Franz Ferdinand got assassinated, that Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia and that Germany declared war on France.

Does where and when we live change how we feel about ourselves, events and people?

It most certainly does because when you live allows you to have a specific view on something. One prime example is that if you lived in the early 1900’s, you would most likely be religious. If you were religious you would view things differently than a non-religious person. Whereas now, it is also common to have no religion. So when you live has a great impact on your views on events and people.

Where you live also has an effect because because your people of your nation may be the one to blame, but because you’re from that country. You would deny it and you would believe that it was not your country at fault.

So in conclusion, where and when you live has a great impact on your views regarding past events, people, and yourself.

Reflection Chem

I agree that being courageous is set back by all of the safety rules. But, it is extremely important to follow the safety rules to avoid casualties. Because, without safety rules there would be a 70% more chance for incidents. That is way too high. This conveys that the rules that are set are for our own good. If someone did not tie their hair, and their hair gets set on fire. We could have prevented it with the rules.

The rules may make you feel that they are being exaggerated, and are annoying to deal with. But it is for our own safety.

I think that they are there for a good reason, but it does prevent people from being courageous because they aren’t taking any risks.

Design Lessons

In design we got introduced to six criteria’s. These are the criteria’s that we will get assessed on.

This unit in Design is about Freeware’s. We have to find a educational freeware and find a way to show people how to use it.

In my brainstorm I had five different freewares, it was difficult for me to decide which one to use but then it hit me, a freeware calculator. This was a smart idea because children need access to calculators and may have money problems, so a free software would solve the problem.

I also have a paragraph about the design problem. This explains why this freeware is effective and is the ultimate option. I am still working on my guiding questions though, I am struggling with it.



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