Do I believe in time travel?

I wish I could, but I do not believe in time travel….

The reasons are because if we want to time travel, someone has to create a vehicle, such as a spacecraft. And the velocity of the vehicle must be fast as the speed of light(300000km/s), which is not existing in today’s technology.The another reason that I do not believe in time travel is because I have never heard a person came from the past or the future. Some people are believe in time travel, which means they also believe that the future is existing. However, if the future is existing right now, we will know if there is a time travel vehicle(time machine) or not, because people from the future could come to us by the time vehicle and talk about differences in the future and present. However, we have never seen or heard people come from different time.

These are my opinions that I do not believe in time travel!

Should the noise of airplanes be reduced?

In my group, we researched the Shanghai airport and the airport does device to reduce the noise pollution. I listened all the group’s presentation and all the airports they presented were doing some thing to reduce the noise level, so I would say that the noise of airplanes are reduced. This is because the airports are trying to reduce the amount of airplanes and instead of doing this, they have bigger airplanes to reach same amount of people in the airplane.

I do not get directly the effect of airplane noise but for people who living close to the airport, this will be a quite big problem for them, but I am happy that all the airports are trying to reduce the noise of airplanes.


Reflection on fractional indices and negative indices

In this unit, I enjoyed about evaluateing expressions, because I felt good after I evaluating each expressions. The thing I found easy in this unit was that simplify the fractional indices from root to nunmbers, because it looks a little bit difficul but it was actually like a multiplication. But I also found difficult thing in this unit, and that is  the use of calculator because sometimes it didn’t work so it was difficult for me to use it. While I was studying and when I stuck on questions, the examples on sheets helped me to understand and solve the problems. After the test I noticed that I made small mistakes in the test so next time I am going to look back the test and check if it’s all right. I think in this unit I learned the use of culculator because I can use this skill also to the other units.


Refletion on Design research report

It was first time to write research report in Design lesson, so it took quite long time to finish it. But I think I found an interesting educational freeware so I could write my research report smoothly. I used information from webites in the internet but I also asked my classmates as a primary source so I think I did quite well on researching. However, I still could improve other things. For example, I could use by my self few different freewares and choose a freeware which the one I thought it’s the best. Because this could count as a primary source so it could be more accurate. Next time, when I make my research report I will make much specific guiding questions, becasue I think it is really important part to write a research report.

Reflection First World War

First World War had happened in 1914-1918, mainly in Europe. It happened because of Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria, Austia declaration of war, Mobiliztion of Russia, Schlieffen Plan, and Great Britain declaration of war.  The First World War was important to resolve the territorail issues. 

There were two main rivals in the war. One side was called Triple Entente which are Great Britain, Russia and France. Other side was called Triple Alliance which are Germany, Austria-Hungary and Italy. But in the Great War, Bulgaria and Ottoman Empire joined Central Power(Germany and Austria-HUngary) in the hopes of regaining lost terriories. For other side in the Great War, Japan and Italy joined Allies(Great britain, France ans Russia). The Italian joined Allies after accusing their Central Power partnersof unjustly starting the war.


Does where and when we live change how we feel about ourselves, events and people?

Today, people can do anythings what they want to, but if they compare with war time then it changed.  So, peopel are feeling more free in this current world.


Reflection unit test Safety First! Concentrations and MAC value

I think being courageous do set back by all safety rules. For example, when dangerous thing happened durring an experiment and even the students knew the safety rules but if they were just scared and do not do anything to set back, they will get higher risks to get the problems than to do something else. So, they should be courageous. But it means not being courageous in another way. For example, they are tyring to be courageous by not wearing goggles and do an experiment. This is not courageous, this is just wrong.

About me


My name is Asuka.  I came to ISB since this summer holiday.

I’m 16years old and I’m Japanese, but I live in Holland for 9years.I can speak Japanese and English. From this school year I started learning with Dutch and French.

My hobbies are ice skating, nail art and eating. My favorite sport is ice skating because I learned before, but usually I am not good at other sports.

I miss Japan, but I like Holland as well.

I hope you enjoy my blog!


Freeware project

In the current design lesson, I am working on a project called “Freeware project”.  In this project I have to choose a freeware and make a manual of that freeware. Also I have to choose audience for this manual and make the contents to their levels.

To do this project, my first process was to do the brainstorm. From this brainstorming I came up with my rouhly ideas to make a manual.  My audiance would MYP4 or MYP5 students, because I want to show my manual to the similar ages people as me.

After choosing these main topics, I made guiding questions to myself. I would like to make the manual following by this guiding questions.