Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley was born the 8 of january 1935 at Tupelo in Mississippi and he died the 16 august 1977 in Memphis Tennessee. Elvis Presley’s father was Vernon Elvis Presley and his mother was Gladys Love Presley. Elvis Presley was a the only child of the family, because of this he became really close to his parent and especially to his mother. In  November 1958, his family and him moved in Memphis in Tennessee. In Memphis they lived in a two room apartment. Elvis Presley went to the Humes High school. Elvis Presley won the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award,Grammy Hall of Fame Award, American Music Award of Merit, NME award for favourite  Us Male singer, NME award for World Male Singer, NME Award for World Musical Personality and many others.  He started his singing career in 1953-1957. He really likes gospel, blues and country music.The main songs of Elvis Presley are Don’t be cruel,Hound Dog,Jailhouse Rock,Heartbreak hotel,Burning Love,If I can Dream,An American Trilogy, can’t help falling in Love,Are you lonesome tonight?, Good rocking tonight, Love me tender. Elvis also appear in some movies such as True Romance, Forrest Gump, Road to Graceland, Bubba ho-tep,Walk the LInes,Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story and Elvis and Nixon. The manager of Elvis Presley, Colonel Tom Parker was born in Breda, his real name is Andreas Cornelis (“Dries”) van Kuijk, he died in January 21 1997 in Las Vegas. He started to become manager in 1938 until 1954.   I like the tempo of his music, I think they have a good rhythm, however I do not really like the lyrics, the lyrics of his songs always talks about love, and he do not speak really about something else. I think that the music all sound a bit the same, and it is an old music style. To sum up, Elvis Presley is considered by being one of the best singer in the World. His music are still very present in the World of today. People are still listen to the song of Elvis Presley.



It is important to spend money to find new substances, but tot to spend to much money. You need to put a lot of money to find new substance, and there is not always a good result at the end. It is then a big challenge because you never know if at the end a substance is going to be find. However, I think it is important because it show that there are some scientific progress. It is  important to find new substance because it can have advantage on our lifestyle. It can have bad or good effects. There is still many substance that we have not discovered. Some substance can be good for medicine, it can cure some disease and at the opposite it can create new disease. If we found new substance it will probably unwires a lot of question that we still do not have the answer. The scientific need to think well at a plan  before they start to do some research to find a new substance. They need to target a certain amount of money, and not a huge amount, because there are possibilities that at the end there will have no result and it will be a wast of money. 

To sum up, I think it is important to put some money to find new substances, but not to put to much money, because after it can be a problem for the economy of the country.

Music leçon

I am going to practice the song with Julia and Nicolien. We are going to practice Fourfiveseconds  from Rihanna and Kanye West and Paul McCartney

I am going to play piano and Julia is going to play piano and sing and Nicolien is going to play the flute.



In the first lesson I am going to practice the piano, the first part of the song.

In the second lesson I will practice the second part of the song.

In the third lesson I will practice the two part of the song.

In the fourth lesson we will record.



During these last lesson I had to learn how to play the song yesterday from the beatles. I was with Anne, she was singing and I was playing the chords. Tracy was playing the melody. I practice how to play the song on the piano and Anne practice the singing part. It was a bit hard to play in the beginning because I am not really use to play piano, but after a couple of lesson, I start to figure out how to play this song. The last part was a bit hard to play. We record the video on Anne’s phone. Even if it was a bit hard to play this song on the piano, I still think that it was easier to play than the other song that we had to play before. This song was more slow and it was also repeating a lot. We most of the time practice together. The final result, is okay, but at certain moment it does not sound very good.

To sum up, it was nice to learn how to play this song, it was a slow song so it was easier, and I prefer. This was what we had to do during this last lesson.



The sixties

The beatles, The Blues Busters,The Four Seasons,The savages, The Sonic, Rare Earth, La Sonora Dinamita,The Marvelettes, The Chiffons, The chaussettes Noires are famous groups from 1960. In 1964, The Jacksons Five, Les Fleurs de Lys, The moody blues, The mother of inventions,Pink Floyds are a couple of the most famous groups that have been formed at this period.  The song of the beatles have a lot of success, follow close by the parades-hit of the Rolling stones.

In 1960, the people start to talk about “stars”, “teen idol”, “famous singers”. In 1962, Girls start to wear mini skirt, it became women’s revolution.  On the other side, boys does not want to look like adults, for this they let their hair grow up. The majority of the young people start to work at the age of  16.

Summer love is the summer of the year 1967, but it appoint more precisely the events that happened in Haight- Ashbury, in San francisco. It is a hippie summer.   Indeed, millions of young people from all over  the world meets for a new social experience. John Phillips, from the group The Mamas & the Papas, took twenty minutes to write the lyrics of the song “San Francisco”. In June 25 1967, The Beatles’s song “All you need is love” emphasize the ideals of love, peace and unit. Bob Dylan also created a song called Blowin’in the wind, which became the anti-war anthem. This summer, in the Golden Gate Park, there were free food, drogues and free love.

The beatles, is a british group from Liverpool. The group is composed by John Lennon,Paul Mccartney,George Harrison and Ringo Starr. The song of the Beatles are considered by being one of the most famous songs in the sixties. Unfortunately, the Beatles separe in 1970. Nevertheless, there is another main famous group named The Rolling Stones. The Rolling Stones, is as well an English band, formed in England in 1962. The Band is composed by Brian Jones,Ian Stewart, Mick Jagger and Keith Richards. Later on , Bill Wyman and Charlie Watts joined the band. The name of the group come from a song, The Muddy Waters, Rollin’ Stone, chose by Brian.

Woodstock, is famous festival of music in 1960 which happened in  Bethel, in the United States, sixty kilometers from Woodstock in the state of New York.  The festival was an idea of Michael Lang, a young Hippie man. Jimi Hendrix is the last singer, and there were only 30 000 peoples.

I like the “Yellow submarine”, “Lucy and the sky with diamonds”, “hold your hand”, “hey jude” and “yesterday” from the beatles. I like it because there is a nice melody. I like how the music sound. I also like “Blowin in the wind” from Bob Dylan because it is slow song. I do not like “Gimme Shelter” from the Rolling Stones because I do not like the melody, There is not too much lyrics and we can not hear clearly the voice.






reflection on the kung fu panda video

During class we had to put music on a video. The video was Kung Fu Panda, on this video there were no sound and we had to add song on this video and voices when the people on the video was talking. We had a couple of lesson to this task. I was with Anne. For this task we had to use a software wich was on macbook. We then had to do it on the macbook of the teacher. Because we were two we had to go in another room, then we could hear the music and chose the music we wanted and create the voice. it was a bit difficult to understand how a macbook works. We started to put some music on the video. After we put the voice. We had to ask a couple of time the teacher how to do things because we do not have a macbook and we do not know how to use a macbook. We have twice issues for recording the voice. The video with all the music and the voices was finish monday. I would like next time to have also a software for video because it is a problem to use a computer which is completely different, but also because if the software is on our computer we can also do some work on the video when we at home. Because of this problem, we only have the lesson hour to do the music and the voice for the video and we were running a bit out of time. If e know how to use the computer it will also go faster for us to do the music and the voice of the video than if we do not know how to use a computer. Even if we had a lot of lesson to do this task, it ill still be better to find a software that is also on  normal computer.

reflection on the composition

In class, a couple weeks ago we started to work on a the composition Pirate of the Caribbean. I had to work with Anne. We had to separate the composition. On had to do the melody and one had to the cords. I did the cords and Anne did the melody. We practice during lesson. It was difficult because I never did piano before. We were practicing every wednesday. After we had to record the composition and we did not have a macbook. The teacher had to give us the his macbook so we can record on his computer. We first started to record the composition when we were both playing. We try a couple of times but it was not giving something great. After the teacher told us that it was better that first we play the melody and after the cords. Anne record the melody and because we did not have enough time to record the cords we had to do it the next lesson. The next wednesday the cords which it was my part. When we had the two parts, the melody and the cords, the teacher told us to make it better by the help of the computer. So by the help of the computer we tried different things, different sound for the melody and differents sound for the record. The composition at the end was better, it sounded better. It was difficult to play piano, it is difficult to know which note we need to do. It was also difficult after that we record  the melody and the cords to work with a macbook. It will better if the place where we record could also be on a normal computer. Next I will prefer to have access on a place to record the music but on a computer and not only on a macbook, it will be easier to understand.


During this unit we had to work on the Pirate of Caribbean. We have a couple of lesson to practice. We had to start recording Wednesday. First we were trying to record while we were both playing and it was difficult to be at the same rhythm, we tried a couple of times but the result were never good.

After a while the teacher told us that we should first record the melody and after cords. Anne then start to play the melody, we record the melody wednesday and because we did not have enough time to play the second part we had to do it the next wednesday. The nest wednesday we record my part and after we make by the help of the computer the music in a better way. At the end we had a nice record, it was sounding good.

The monday we have to put some music on a video of Kung fu Panda, we had a couple of leson to do it. The problem is that we did not have any Macbook, so I think that doing this kind of thing should be appropriate on any computer and not only on the Macbook. Because we don’t have a Macbook, we also have difficulties to understand how it works, so on top of doing this video we had this problem. We have to finish everything before Monday.

Because we are two, we need to go in a separate room to hear what we are doing and because of the problem that we had with macbook we have to go to see the teacher a couple of time and it was not very handy. The record of Pirate of the Caribbean were also on the Macbook and it is also not very handy to do it on Macbook when you don’t really know how to use a Macbook.