Is time travel possible?

Are we able to get into a time machine and visit our great grandparents? Or meet Albert Einstein as a child? Maybe it is only possible to travel to the future, to watch the last days of the earth. Or see the sun burn up and our Milky way get destroyed.

These are questions that cannot be answered. Time travel is not possible today, but will it ever be? If we could one day travel back in time, would we go back to today? There have been no encounters recorded of people from the future, however, these could be kept hidden. Travelling back in time might never be possible, there are risks to time travel back in time that could make it impossible. A paradox could happen if we were to travel back in time and kill the younger version of yourself. I don’t believe that travelling back in time will ever be possible. Although speed could help us try to travel back in time, I think that it is ultimately not possible to physically travel back in time.

Could we travel to the future? We haven’t invented a time machine yet, but if we did, travelling to the future seems more likely than back. We could orbit a shuttle of people around a black hole, here the time passes very slowly and therefore, when they come back years later, the amount of years passed on earth is greater than they experienced. This is because of the effect gravity has on large objects. It can be done on earth, but not thing has a mass so great to really have an effect on time. Therefore, I think that it will not necessary be possible to travel to the future, but waiting in a slower time zone to later emerge and be younger can happen.

Elvis Presley Essay

Elvis Presley lived during the years of 1935-1977. Born on January 8 in Mississippi and died August 16 in because of a heart failure.

Elvis Presley grew up in a poor family, he got his first guitar as a present on his 11th birthday. When he graduated he tried to persue his musical career as well as doing many different jobs. His first record deal was with sun studios, after which Sam Phillips, a record label owner, decided to help him in his career until he could make his first break. In 1954 Elvis produced his first single “That’s All Right”.

Elvis soon realized that his fans were specifically drawn to his unique music style, hip hop dancing and looks. Colonel Tom Parker, his manager, got Elvis a record deal with RCA studios where he produced his number one hit, “Heartbreak Hotel”. He signed a contract with paramount pictures that same year and become famous for his dance moves as well as popular on television shows.

Elvis’s first film was “Love Me Tender” for which he also wrote a single. He later went on to act in tv shows, as well as talk shows. In the 1980s he made his comeback after serving in the army with a tv show which is known as his great return.

Some of Elvis’s greatest hits were, “Love me tender”, “That’s all right”, “All shook up”, “Hound dog”, “Mystery train” and “Blue suede shoes”.

His manager was born in Breda, therefore the museum is also located in Breda.

Elvis Presley was very original during his time, he managed to get a large group of fans because of his dancing and original style. Even after serving the military in Germany for one and a half year, he got his second break on a tv show. He shows many acting talents as well as being able to sing, dance and perform. I like some of his songs, like “Hound dog” and “Love me tender”, but rock ‘n’ roll isn’t really my favourite style of music. I also am not a great fan of his musical skills as I prefer different instrument. However, I think that during that time, this kind of music was original and would have been very hard to produce. His music does vary from rock ‘n’ roll and he shows his strengths with different music styles.

Overall I think that Elvis Presley made a huge change in music and dancing which is why he still is known as the king of rock ‘n’ roll.


4 5 second song refection

My group chose the song 4,5 second by Rihanna. My group was Julia, Ines and me. We chose this song because there was music for the flute and the piano and Julia could also sing along. I practised the flute at home so that I could play along with the piano part at school. However, some parts for the flute were very difficult therefore I would play along to half the song and on the parts that I didn’t play, Julia would sing along with the paino. It was initially supposed to be that Ines played the piano and Julia would sing while I played the song. But when we started to record we noticed that Julia knew the song better so she would do the recording. We tried to involve everyone in our group but found this difficult because a group member wasn’t practising as hard during the times we had so they didn’t become very good. We recorded each piece separately, the piano first, then Julia sang and finally I played the flute at the discussed parts. While recording we would listen to the recordings of the other parts and therefore were on time and in the same rhythm. The recording process went well and the song sounds very nice. The only problem is that one member of our group wasn’t very involved, therefore I think that we were missing a different strength that could have helped us improve.

The final result is good but it is not fully complete, if we had had more time then we might have been able to record the whole product. If I were to do this again, I would practice more often with the piano and with the singing, therefore the final song would fit together better. I also would take more time to record and record the whole song fully and with a better result.

Economics – the risk-taker reflection

During this unit we learned about insurance and shares. We did many presentations and our own research on the shares and different companies and people that work with the stock markets. Talking about the insurance and doing textbook questions was helpful and informative. However, doing all the research and doing so many presentations got boring over time. Having a different assignment for the formative would have been more interesting and informative. There was a lot of class time to work on the formative, but not as much for the summative. The amount of time in class should be more if we have a summative and less if we have a formative. Overall this unit was very thorough and we went into a lot of depth of each topic.

“let it be” song reflection

There was a long process between choosing which song to play and actually playing it. We started by learning how to play it on the piano, some people would learn the cords while others sang. We changed the pitch of the song and had to relearn it, each member of the group had to work with each other so that in the end we would record the song consisting of a clarinet part, a piano and two voices. One thing that hindered my group is the I forgot my mouthpiece for the clarinet and when I tried using the one from school it was difficult because it was old and didn’t work that well anymore. Once I learned my clarinet part and we got in a group together to play it, we often were missing members and could not fully practice. However, each group member participated in the making and practising of the song. We listened to audio recordings and worked on it at home, as well as helping out each other with problems that we might have or thing that we needed to fix.

When we finally were ready to complete the final recording we spend the lesson in the practice room trying to get it just right. We set up the microphone and tested if it was picking up each part. After we recorded it for the fourth time we finally had our end product. Although the recording isn’t all correct and there are some small parts that need improvement because there are mistakes. The overall song recording is good and represents the song well. Every part was harmonized with each other and there were no sounds that sounded wrong or out of place. Finally I think that this group worked well together to effectively create a good sounding song.

Discovering of new substances

Is it worth spending a lot of money discovering a new substance?

The money that is spend on finding new substances is well spend because we could discover medicines or other substances that improve our lives. One example of this is antibiotics which are constantly in need, they kill diseases and safe lives which in return improves the economy. Furthermore, materials that protect out bodies against harm, or substances which help us protect our environment are also discovered which is highly needed if we want to keep our environment and the people living there safe. Bullet proof vest have been very useful for the army whom protect our country, and vaccinations cure the sick so that the human population stays in balance. A negative side effect of spending a lot of money on discovering new substances is that if a substance such as cocaine is discovered, this has mostly only negative side effects and could actually cause lots of harm to the environment and economy. Spending lots of money on the discovery of new substances also doesn’t allow that money to be used for other things such as the cost of manufacturing, workers fees, imports, exports and many more. Arguably, the money that is used for the discovering, is used for effectively to find important and useful substances which could end up saving the economy a lot of money.

In conclusion, I think that the money spend on the discovery of new substances is well spend. This is because those substances are what keeps the economy and environment stable and protected. They prevent a lot of harm and make our daily lives easier and more effective. Substances which can help out with crisis also safe money in return. There are some negative effects such as the discovery of drugs which have caused more harm then good, but those substances are fewer than the positive substances.

Service and action day reflection

This service and action that MYP 5 did is linked to the community as it is helping students that have dropped out of school learn from other students that are around their age. We spend the day with them and during that day we did activities that they would usually do. MYP 5 learned a lot from what they taught us, patience, listening skills, kickboxing etc. But what was really important is that they could learn from us and what it is like to go to school and have education that is so hard for them because they have problems they also need to deal with.

Before even knowing what kind of service and action we wanted to do we had to research and find out what was needed. For this I also researched what students with problems needed and what we could do to help. The day of the activity I helped by being a translator for dutch and english, and by participating in the activity. I also helped with the cooking and making the salad that my team had prepared.

During this day I had hoped to gain more knowledge from other students that are around the same age as me. This was very helpful for me as it helped me see how different everyone’s life is, and what the different importances are for different people. I managed to learn way more than expected from these students and I will always remember this day and what it taught me.

I learned many new things, among those are the more obvious, kickboxing, making vegan salads, and translating. Some more useful things I learned were listening skills, cooperation, teamwork and most importantly, patience. While I learn many things from the ISB I found that kick taught me the more basic skills that I had almost lost track of during my years as an IB student. It was the days activities and the students that I met there that were really the ones who taught me these things as they did this by sharing their thoughts and what they do on a daily basis.

The skills I developed I have mostly explained, but one important one is kickboxing. It is not so much just about the boxing, but also about the people we worked with and what kind of activities we did. I was partnered up with a girl from kick, she was the only girl there. As they were teaching us different stands and punches, I got to talk to her and learn from her experiences and what she thaught of her situation.

This service and action day was definitely a challenge for me, both physically and mentally. We did lots of tiering exercises and then we had to make lunch, but also learning from those students and communicating with them was challenging because I am more shy and reserved, and those students were very active. Another challenge for me was to understand their life situations and what problems they had that caused them to drop out of school, it taught me to be more open-minded. If I did this again I would try to talk to more of them and try to be more active in the activities.

I worked with everyone from ISB and with students from kick, we did activities that required teamwork and being silent. This had a lot of collaborative work and it got me to get to know others better.

After this day I have learned more about myself too, talking to other students who have a whole different life and having to overstep boundaries taught showed me who I am as a person and how I can grow. I need to grow in my communication skills and working on learning other skills and using them. I know that I am strong in my own skills and that I am open to learn other things.

There are many questions that I now have, some are around schools and how different problems arise. I will work on staying focused and listening to others. Also I will make sure to work with others and learn from them.

Sixties essay

The 1960’s was a time when music was reborn, and many well known artists were discovered. During this time, it can be said that the idea of music was totally changed, but also life. With so many artist that were performing and making new albums that are still recognized today. There was also many songs created that were meant as a rebellion towards many past mistakes or decisions. Using music became a great way to freely express one’s opinion or rebellion.

A very important music group from back then were the Beatles. This group was created in 1960, it went on for many years to travel through the world and inspired many people. They were famous back then and are still well known today. One of their most famous albums is Abbey Road, this was created on 16 September 1969. It was not their last album to be released, but it was the last to be recorded. It was very symbolic because the cover only had a picture of the four of them on abbey road in front of their studio. Another famous band from this era were the Rolling Stones. This band was more rock and roll than the Beatles. These two different bands attracted different people, this is why there were people that loved the Beatles, and those who loved the Rolling Stones. This was an on going battle, but their fame went on, just as their music is still going around today. Not many bands today will leave such an impact on the world as those two bands did.

In 1967 a well known summer happened, the summer of love. During this summer there were many changes made in the lifestyles of many people. This included fashion changes and different hair, bright colours, more drugs were used and many other things. This went along with the music that changed during those years. A big event happened during this year, there was a big meeting of counterculture leaders and thousands of people went to that event. This was when there was peace, happiness and of course love. Too many people came to this event and stormed the grounds, it became bigger than many could image and has therefore been known as a big part in history.

The music from the sixties changed the face of music and life. As more bands and artists such as Bob Dylan, Rolling Stones and the Beatles were created, they, along with many others, brought a change to music. This happened because they managed to have more expression and be more free than they were ever allowed to be before. It changed the way that people started to think of and look at music and how it was created. It changed life because it allowed more people to change who they were and be something else, someone new.
I think that the music in the sixties was very inspirational because it was created for either rebellion or for expression. This is also the time when many music groups were created that are still very famous today. If you compare that to music groups of today, back then they had a much bigger impact. The music of the sixties actually managed to change the face of music and what it meant to people. It became a way that people expressed their opinions and believes, that is why people are still using versions of their style today. I also think that the music they made then was very inspiring as they were very original and creative, the artists were true musicians and managed to create great tunes of all music styles.

Film compostion

While I was composing the music for the kung fu panda trailer, I wanted to stay close to its origin. I decided to make the music with drums and string instruments. I didn’t want to have any hard rock music or pop music. Most of the music I used is guitar. I made sure to follow the trailer and where the music is loud I made it loud in my score, and where the music was soft, I made the music soft in my score too.

When adding the voices I wanted to make sure it doesn’t get boring with just music, whenever the mouths moved I made sure I had a voice too. I followed the script from the trailer because that is what the viewers expect when they watch the video. Also I used sound effects when those were needed,they emphasized on the importance of that part in the trailer. When creating the sound effects I made different tracks for each different voice, this made it easier to change a person’s voice.

Next time I do a composition for a trailer that has the same theme as this one, I will do the same thing with keeping the music to its origin. What I will try to improve is how the music sounds combined together and the transitions between two different music styles. I feel that with this composition some of the transitions are too sudden and unrealistic. I tried to blend them together when changing it, but I had difficulty doing so. Furthermore, I will do my best to have a more intriguing sound throughout the score, in the beginning it is important to attract the audience’s attention and at the end make them want to see more. The end of my composition was quite rushed and sounded very messy, I will try not to make this mistake again because it ruins the rest of the composition.


Sound, opinion question

Should the use of planes be reduced?

Airplanes have many positive results and some negative. Airplanes release a lot of CO2, but compared to the number of cars that would be driving, if those people had to drive instead of fly, would add up to more CO2.

The economy benefits from the tourism that planes bring and the business people that fly around the world to expand their business. Many country’s economy benefits from the tourism and business that are build there, if there weren’t as many planes, the amount of money spend would be less.

Religious groups also may need to travel to go to places where they can be safe or where the bible makes them go. The culture that planes bring with them expands the knowledge and the culture in a country. Many people from 3rd world countries try to go to 1st world countries and with the planes they can go from one country to another easily.

Furthermore, many people work in airports and would lose their job if the amount of airplanes were reduced, it might be the amount of planes flying each hour that keeps the airports up and running and if they are reduced, it might cost too much money to keep all those people working when only few planes are flying.

I think that planes are essential for the development of a country and it would be a shame if people couldn’t fly as easy anymore. Going on vacation and visiting friends is easier with planes and if those are reduced, there would be many disappointed people.