Time Travel

In physics class today we watched multiple videos about time ravel and the physics involved in it.  The question that I’m going to answer is do I believe in time travel.  Well yes but in a very limited way.  First of all I believe that it is completely and utterly impossible to travel back in time and even if it was then there would need to be many laws so that you don’t cause a paradox like going back in time and killing yourself or your dad or someone to were you couldn’t kill them because your wouldn’t be there to kill yourself.  I know it sounds confusing.  However it is theorised that you can go forward in time though.  If you were to orbit around the supermassive black hole at the centre of our universe, it could be  that you could travel in time about twice the speed so you leave in 2015 stay there for 5 years and come back in 2025.

So the answer is yes and no, yes possibly forward however no, it is impossible to travel back in time.  Even if it was possible to travel forward in time it would still be impossible to just hop in a machine and zip off to the 1950’s and then hop over to 2034.  However it would be cool to have a TARDIS (time travel device from Doctor Who) and just hop around time doing anything you wanted.

Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley lived from January eighth nineteen thirty-five to his death at the age of forty-two on August sixteenth nineteen seventy-seven.  His music career started in nineteen fifty-four when he recorded his first record with Sam Phillips at Sun Records.  Most of Elvis’ inspiration in his early years came through African-American and Gospel music.  Most of his music was made in the genre of rockabilly and he is now call the King of Rockabilly.  Elvis used film to show his music from the year nineteen fifty-six to the year of his death in nineteen seventy-seven with over thirty music videos and three tv concert specials.  Some of Elvis’ greatest hits were in his early years like his big hit “Jailhouse Rock” that quickly bought him some attention in the music world including his music video that went along with it.  However he also had some major hits in his later years like “The Trouble with Girls” and “Change of Habit”.  From Elvis’ music I like the upbeat music that he makes because it makes me feel good like the song jailhouse rock because its upbeat and I can rock to it.  I also like the songs that are easy to play the guitar to.  However, I don’t like his slow songs about finding love and stuff not because they are bad but because they aren’t as fun as they could be and it is just to slow for him.  In my opinion and I believe he did better as a young guy with the music he made then.

Some of his greatest song are in some youtube links at the bottom and these are just some of the ones that are in my opinion the greatest so understand if I don’t have your favourite there.

Jailhouse Rock By Elvis Presley

Hound Dog By Elvis Presley

Blue Suede Shoes By Elvis Presley

Heartbreak Hotel By Elvis Presley

Recording a Song

Recording a Song
– For this unit I choose to play a version of the song Swing Life Away by Rise Against that I made myself which I think makes the song sound better because it is just guitar
– In my group for this song was Rafael, Daniel(the other one) and me
– Originally we were going to use one guitar and two pianos but that changed due to lack of co-ordination between members of the group
– We used an acoustic guitar to play the song so we first had to set up a microphone and plug it into a device that puts it on the computer, then we set up a metronome on one of the pianos so that I had a beat to play to, then we I hit the record button and played the song to the best of my ability (after deleting two other recordings already) and saved the song on the computer
– The co-operation in my group was pretty good and I was pretty glad that they weren’t frustrated with me for having to stop and delete recording after recording
– What went well was that we were all able to work together to get the song to sound as good as possible even if I didn’t understand when my partners were speaking spanish
– What didn’t go well is that my partners didn’t practice so they weren’t able to play the song and it was just one instrument playing the song which didn’t sound as cool as it could have
– We could have improved the song some more by having the piano players practice and we could have had more than one instrument playing the song
– For the most part I was pretty satisfied with the outcome of the song and how I was able to play (to the best of my ability), so that the song could sound as good as it does in the original recording

Practicing and playing Yesterday by the Beatles

In this unit we had to learn and play a song by the Beatles.
We had the choice of three songs: Ob la di, Yesterday, or Let it Be.
I chose to play Yesterday because, it was a song that I already knew the lyrics and tempo to play it at.
It was pretty easy to learn because I had all of the tools that I needed in order to learn the song and I also have been playing guitar for a while. Practicing went well because it was quiet enough and I had learned it enough in order to play it right. It was also hard though to get the hang of some new chords like the Bm7 and the F#m7.
I also had a hard time with making my recording. At first I had to figure out how the recording equipment worked and then I found out that the equipment wasn’t working right. Then I went home and had to record using the microphone on my Mac and my own guitar. The final result was an nice sounding acoustic guitar and a mostly clean sounding background.

How did the sixties change music and life?

How did the sixties change music and life?

Many of the important bands in the sixties changed the ways music was written and played.  Some of these important rock bands were The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Lynyrd Skynyrd and ZZ Top.  They revolutionized how rock was Psychedelic Rock, Surf Rock, Garage Rock, Blues Rock, Roots Rock, and Progressive Rock.  Along with rock came R&B and Soul music.  Some of the artists who played this music were the Temptations, the Jackson Five, Otis Redding’s, and Sam Cooke.  Also about this time Country music started gaining popularity and growing.  Some famous artists and bands were Jimmy Reeves, Eddie Arnold, Ray Price, Patsy Cline, and Johnny Cash.  Some Branches of Country music are Rockabilly, Country Soul, and Country Rock.  There was also the “British Invasion” in which many British bands came to the United States looking for opportunities in the music industry.  At the end of nineteen sixty two the British rock scene had started with beat groups like the Beatles using a wide variety of American influences including Soul music Rhythm and Blues.  In Mid nineteen sixty two the Rolling Stones started as one of a number of increasingly showing blues influence.  British Rock broke through to mainstream popularity in the United States in the beginning of nineteen sixty four.  “I want to hold your hand” was the bands first number one hit on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and it was the song that started the breakthrough of the British Invasion.  Their first appearance on the Ed Sullivan show in February nineteen sixty four is considered a milestone for American pop culture.  An apparent seventy three million people viewed the episode at the airing time which was a record at the time.

Woodstock Music and Art Fair was a music festival, billed as “An Aquarian Exposition: 3 Days of Peace & Music”.  Woodstock was held at Max Yasgur’s six hundred acre dairy farm in the Catskills near the hamlet of White Lake in the town of Bethel, New York.  It was supposed to be held from August 15th to 17th however it ran over to the 18th.  During the partly rainy weekend thirty two acts performed outdoors to four hundred thousand people that came from all across the nation.  It ia regarded as one of the pivotal points of pop music history and Rolling Stones has it in their Fifty Moments That Changed the History of Rock and Roll.  Some of the artists that performed at the nineteen sixty nine Woodstock Festival of Music and Art are Jimmy Hendrix, The Who, Richie Havens, Mountain, Grateful Dead, Country Joe and the Fish, and the Band.

At the end of it all the sixties shaped every aspect of modern music and set the world on a new path, one that people could enjoy with their friends or by themselves or with family anywhere, anytime, and anyplace.







Should the use of airplanes be reduced?

Should the use of airplanes be reduced?  Personally I think not because, airplanes produce many opportunities for jobs and also allow people to be close to each other in such a large world.  Since airplanes are so common at the moment the economical part of this industry is growing and because it is such a popular industry they keep putting money in it.  Also say you have one-hundred people in one plane, and each of them have their own car.  Now a jet exhausts a great deal of fuel, however if the use of airplanes is reduced then each and every one of them will have to get in their cars and drive and one-hundred cars verses one airplane means that those cars spend a lot more gas than that one plane.

These are some of the reasons why I think the noise of airplanes shouldn’t have to be reduced.


For the film music unit this semester we had to do many things one of which was to learn how to play a piece of film music and then record it.  For my first idea I chose to learn and record the Lord of the Rings Main Theme Song however I later changed the song to the Godfather Main Theme Song (for technical reasons).  I started learning the Lord of the Rings Main Theme Song and once I had learned it I tried to record it and then it didn’t work so I changed it to the Godfather Main Theme Song.  I at once started to learn how to play the Godfather Main Theme Song and once I had gotten fairly good at it I started To record it.  Each time I recorded it I got a little better and each time it sounded right until I finally had a good piece of music to record and present.  Once I got the theme down I started cutting and pasting the music to make it sound right and make sure it sounds at least remotely like it.  Once I had everything done and set up I listened to it over and over again.  At last it sounded right.

What i liked about this project was that it allowed us to do more than just sit around and type a report on some random dude that we’ve been assigned.  It also allowed us to make use of the skills we already have (if you can already play an instrument) and have fun doing it.  What when well was that even with a limited amount of time for this project (my own fault) I was still able to learn the Godfather Main Theme Song and record it.  What didn’t go so well was that the computer didn’t work with the machine I was given and therefore I had to learn an entirely different dong because of it.

Kung Foo Panda Composition-Reflection

For the film music unit of this course we had to take a movie trailer with o sound and add music to it.  I decided that it would need to be a climactic thing so I needed to start out slow and build up till the end.  I also knew I needed kind of a main loop going on in the composition.  So I looked at the video a few times and then started looking for a loop to have throughout the composition.  After I found one I also knew I had to start slowly so I found a nice piece to start with.  From there I added another loop to make the start rise a little in complexity.  From there I kept adding more and more things to the composition until I had a multiple stage stage composition with all kinds of sounds but still sticking to the main theme.  After that I added the movie trailer to the composition that I had made.  After adding the movie trailer I watched the trailer and found out something.  My music had nothing to do with the movie and it didn’t work out.  So in the end I had to delete the things I had made and restart.  This time I knew what to expect and started out the same however this time I made a little bit of the music and then stopped and watched the film with the music and little by little I was starting to get the composition together.  Once I had all of the composition made I watched the film with the new composition.  After that I made a few adjustments to the composition and I was ready to turn in the composition.  What I learned from this project is that you always need to look at what you need to do before you do it.  What went well was that when that after I looked at the video I was able to effectively make a worthy composition.  What didn’t go well was that I didn’t look at the movie trailer first so I had to redo the composition.