Earth Hour 2016

This year was the first time when I “celebrated” Earth Hour on the 19th of March. I turned off the lights for one hour together with my family.

It was a challenge for me and my family because at that time we usually have dinner and we use light a lot. Therefore, we had to use candles while having dinner.

In order to raise awareness and initiative, I encouraged people to join by using social media. I wrote a message and shared a promo video to make people aware of the climate change and how we can stop that in order to save the environment.

In order to show commitment, I turned off the lights in the whole house and put candles in the most visited rooms of the house in case someone would need to g there, there would be no need to turn on the light.

It was  a nice challenge and I am excited to do it again nexEarth hour EARTH HOUR 2016 - FB POST 2t year!

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Reflection Unit Light

Should we spend a lot of money trying to discover a particle able to move faster than light? (Can anything move faster than light?)

I think that spending time and money on trying to find a particle moving faster than the speed of light is not necessary and would not bring any benefits to the human kind as there is nothing faster than the speed of light. Instead, the money could be used for different problems damaging the environment such as “Global Warming”.

Will we ever be able to travel in time and is this desirable?

I don’t think we will be ever able to travel in time because I personally think that time is the only thing that we can’t turn back. However, there would be a lot of advantages if we could time travel which could influence both the future and the present in a positive way. Some of the advantages could be:

  • preventing World wars
  • bringing advanced technology in the past

Unit – Mind your own business

What I liked:

I personally liked the unit because I accumulated new information and learnt more about how businesses work, different types of businesses, how to create the spreadsheets, etc.


However, what I didn’t like was that the unit was a bit long which didn’t make it that interesting towards the end.

Another thing that could be improved would be a more detailed explanation about the summative. It would be really helpful if we would know what is exactly expected from the 7-8 level.

What should the next unit be about?  

A topic that we could cover during the next unit is: International Economics – developed/less-developed economies, international trade (DP2 topics)

Is being courageous set by the safety rules?

In my opinion, being courageous has nothing to do with breaking the rules. Breaking the rules means endanger your own health which doesn’t’ make you brave or courageous if you do so.  Actually, I think that if you behave safely you have a bigger opportunity of showing your courage rather than breaking the rules. That’s because if you respect the safety rules in the lab, you can conclude  the experiment successfully while if you don’t follow the rules, you will end up the experiment by being injured.  

Elvis Presley Song

During this unit, we had to record a song by Elvis Presley. I worked together with Vasilena, Tracy and Dani. The song that we recorded is called “Can’t help falling in love with you”. However, the final result was not as we expected.  I had to sing with Vasilena and Dani was supposed to play the piano with Tracy. The problem was that when we had to record the final song Vasilena was not present so Dani sang with me but the teacher told us that we should all be involved in the final song and I was not present when the others recorded again. The group came up with the idea to put the 2 recorded songs together but the final result doesn’t have a really good quality.

Link to the song:

If it can’t be accessed, it can be found on Vasilena’s blog.


Elvis Presley


The very well known American singer and actor, Elvis Presley also known as “The King of Rock and Roll”, was born in Mississippi on the 8th of January 1935. When he was 13 he moved to Tennessee, the place where he decided to live the rest of his life.

Musical life and film career

He found his initial musical inspiration in an Assembly of God church attended by his parents.

His career began in 1953 when he walked in the Sun Record offices where he intended to pay few minutes in order to record two songs (“My happiness” and “That’s when your heartaches begin”) for his mum. Between 1953 and 1955, Elvis recorded regional hits for Sun. However, in 1955, Elvis had a contract with RCA Records, purchased by Colonel Tom Parker. In 1956, Presley was a regional sensation by by the end of the year he become a national and international star. His first two albums for RCA included songs like “Love me Tender”, “Don’t be cruel”, “Heartbreak hotel”. During that year he started started the movie “Love me Tender”, signed a 7 year contract with Paramount Pictures and appeared on national TV 11 times. 

In 1957, Elvis made two movies called Loving You and Jailhouse Rock and recorded the soundtracks for both movies. Jailhouse Rock was a recording industry format that became a standard feature with the advent of MTV in the early 1980 s.

His fame grew when he came back from the U.S. Army. He started to star in films like “Blue Hawaii” and “Viva Las Vegas”. Even if he was not a trained actor, he was very charismatic.

In 1969 in Tennessee, Elvis recorded at Chips Moman’s American Sound Studios where he recorded two albums which consisted of songs like “Kentucky Rain:, Don’t Cry Daddy” and “Suspicious Minds” which went platinum.

When Elvis returned to the live stage after the success of his 1968 television special and the wrap-up of his Hollywood movie contract obligations, he opened at the International Hotel in Las Vegas in the summer of 1969 for a 4-week, 57-show engagement that broke all existing Las Vegas attendance records. 

His fame and success continue to grow. We had 3 network television specials (seen by more than 1 billion people from 40 different countries) , over 1000 concerts in less than 10 years and in 1970 was named as one of the “Ten Outstanding young man of the Nation for 1970”

Greatest hits:

Few of the most greatest hits were: “I Want You, I Need You, I Love You,” “Don’t Be Cruel,” “Hound Dog,” “Love Me Tender,” “Love Me,” “All Shook Up,” “Jailhouse Rock,” “One Night,” “A Fool Such as I,” “(Marie’s the Name) His Latest Flame,” “Can’t Help Falling in Love,” “Little Sister,” “Return to Sender,” “Suspicious Minds,” 

“Top 40 hits”:

The connection between Breda and Elvis Presley:

The special connection between Presley and Breda is that one of his managers called Oud-Bredanaar Dries van Kuik comes from Breda and he was Elvis’ manager from 1955 since 1977 when Presley died.  Another connection between Breda and Presley is that in Breda was an exposition which shown some of Elvis’ personal things which were never shown before. 

Personal opinion about Presley’s music:

My favorite song written by Elvis is “Can’t help falling in love with you” because I like the lyrics but I don’t like all his songs generally because I don’t enjoy that much the background music.



Shall I be brought to school by car?

The distance between my house and the school is about 5km. So, there is no need of being brought to school by car. Apart from the use of petrol and pollution, it takes a lot of time.

Because of these reasons, I go to school by bike or by bus if the weather is bad. I think that going to school by bike it’s the best option even if it takes 20 to 30 minutes. As I said before, I can save the environment and also my parent’s time! If I would be brought to school by car, my mum should drive every day for approximately 30 minutes which is not needed.

Another reason for why I am going to school by bike is because it is really healthy. Cycling 10 km every day also improves my health.

As a conclusion, the less I am brought to school by car, the better for the environment!

Reflection Unit 3: Recording “All of me”

During this unit, we had to chose a song that we like in order to record it in a team. I was in the same team as Tracy, Sophie and Vasilena. We chose the song “All of me” because all o us like this song and we already knew the lyrics of the song as this is a very famous song.

Tracy played the piano while I, Vasilena and Sophie sang the song “All of Me”. We recorded the song separately (Tracy recorded the piano part first while I, Vasilena and Sophie recorded the voices in another room).

I think that the disadvantage in our group was that my voice was not as loud as Sophie’s voice but she came up with the idea that I should sing closer to the computer so, my voice could be heard too.

I think that we did a good job as a group because we practiced enough and we put effort in our work.

The thing that didn’t go that well was the organizing part. We had plenty of time to finish and to practice the son but we didn’t organize the time really well. We could have had a plan where we could have wrote what are we going to do in each lesson.

We improved the recording by recording multiple times(Tracy recorded the piano few times and also we recorded the voices 3 times) in order to have a good final result.

Even if the recording could be improved, we are happy with the final result.

The song was recorded and posted on YouTube by Tracy but, she didn’t give me the link yet.

Multigenre Reflection Post

For me, the Multi Genre Project was a big journey. I took me 2 weeks to decide my topic: witches and my topic remained the same during the 10 weeks project.

At the beginning, I wanted to find information about witches in general and my initial idea was to find out who or how did the idea of witches flying on brooms come from. However, because this research question was too big, I had to find a more specific one. The initial research question was too big because, when I stared the research, I saw that each country has a different perspective about witches depending on their religion. So, I changed the research question by choosing one country which was Romania. I chose Romania because there are real witches practicing witchcraft and receiving money from that. Even though, I created a more specific research question, I still had to change it a bit. As I wanted to find out the answer of my initial question, I found out a story about that written by someone interested in withes. After I saw that one person wrote the story, I observed that the concept of witches is different for each person. As a result, my final research question was: “How do Romanian people see (Romanian) witches?”

At the beginning of the project I chose the “Identities and relationships” global context as I wanted to find out more about witches but then, I think that after I have finished my project, a better global context would have been “Personal and Cultural Expression” because I changed the research question in a more specific one.

During the project, I learnt how to research a topic in different ways, how to write annotation for the sources, how to organize the annotations in MLA style (but I still need to work on that), how to create creative and informational genres and the experience of keep track of all the mini deadlines. 

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World Water Day

World Water Day

As yesterday was the World Water Day and in chemistry we are doing a unit about separation methods (which includes purifying water), Mrs. Buuron ask us to keep a process log about how much water we use every day.

-How many times did my family use water and for what?

Used water (4 persons):

->the toilet was flushed approximately 12 times (4 times each person)

->2 liters used for cooking the dinner

->drinking water: Mom: 2.5 liters, Dad: 1.5 liters, Brother: 1 liter, I: 1 liter

->showering: 20-30 minutes each person.

-> 2 liters per person for morning hygiene procedures (brushing teeth, washing hands, face)

Why would you want to save water and how can we save water?

I and my family usually use a lot of water mostly for showering. It would be a good idea if we could save more water as the environment can be helped and we could save money in the same time.

We can save water by spending less time in shower like 5-10 minutes every day instead of 20-30 minutes.