Reflection about environment ISB

In this unit, we are gonna try to make your school better. We could choose something we want to change or ameliorate. Personally I choose to change the clothes styles of the students, I am gonna make uniforms at the colors of the school.

I choose uniforms because I like fashion and I think it could be a good thing for the school so everyone will wear the same clothes and the people will maybe stop to bully people about their clothes. And the school will look like a family which wear all the same clothes.

At this stage of the unit, I just start to make research and to find our subject. I make guiding questions and we compare two pictures of the subject we choose. I also ask some questions at my classmates to know if they like my idea.

I really enjoy this unit so far I think it develop our creativity and it help us to ameliorate a product.

Reflection Sciences Unit 3 The reproduction

In this unit in science we learn the human and animals reproduction.

I learn a lots of interesting and useful stuffs, about fertilization, pregnancy and menstrual cycle of a woman. I really liked this unit in the all we did my favorite is definitely this one.

I understand all the information and the exercises was quite easy, at the beginning I just didn’t really get the menstrual cycle but now I understand.

We learn the female and male reproduction system, the different steps of the pregnancy, how the baby grow and how the DNA is makes.

It really interesting and I think later I want to became a gynecologist so that why I loved this unit.


Cultural Slam Week REFLECTION

Cultural Slam Week

Last week at the ISB we had a cultural slam.It was really fun and interesting.

Monday we went to the center by bike, in the center we make a game in group of 5, we had to discover some monuments.I liked it but I prefer if in our group we could be with a friend in our class.

The afternoon we cook french food, we make croissant and crepes. It was really fun.

Tuesday we went to Antwerp to visit the MAS museum and the city. The museum was quite fun but i didn’t lot’s of stuffs about the history of the city.  The city tour was nice, I learn a lot about the city, the monuments and the buildings.

Wednesday it was the service and action day, we went to the farm. We help the benevoles to make a fence and a path, we also play with the animals.When we came back to school we right the reflection about the morning at the farm.

Thursday  we went to the theater in Breda. We watch Billy Elliot, it was a really nice movie.When we cale back at school we could choose an activity. I choose the hand puppets this activity was nice and fun with my friends we really like it.

Friday we did a kind of city tour of Breda. We went to 3 differents shop who were reflects craft arts. The shop was really interesting and i learn more on Breda.                   The afternoon we went to a show in the mencia, people were playing drums.                   The show was really nice and entertaining.

I really enjoy this week thank you.


Next Year I wish we could learn more about different culture of the world like an Culture World week. I think it can be interesting and fun for everyone.

Everyone of a different country can make a group of the same country and they could invented a activity related of his country or language.


Sciences: Breaking the sound barrier “Reflection”

Science Reflection

In this unit in science we learn lot’s of different and interesting stuff, friction, gravity, the pressure, the forces and the movements and the “dad silly triangle” and also the speed.

I really enjoy to make the experiences and the graphs.  I was actually good at the graphs exercises I know I am good a this because lot’s of exercises I did was right.  But for it was quite difficult to make the exercises with the friction and the gravity because i don’t really get the lesson.  When I get stuck or if I don’t really get the lesson I just read the paper where the lesson is and if I read it lot’s of time at the end I just understand.  I think I need to still look at the friction and the gravity.


Reflection Music work with Otje, Hedda, Vasilena and Hedda

The unit of the assessment was to record a song of your choice in groups of 3 or 4 or 5. We choose the song ‘ i see fire ‘ of Ed Sheeran. I was in group with Vasilena, Hedda, Isa and Otje. We divide the work in parts, Isa, Vasilena and me were singing, Otje was supposedly play piano but at the end he didn’t do it so he make the movie and his laptop. Hedda was playing guitar. At the beginning it was a little bit tricky because we were all laughing and we can be concentrate. But at the end we were really serious. First we practice the song with Vasilena and Isa. After we record the song with Otje.

When the song was finish Otje make a movie with a picture of us. This project was really fun, we had a really great time.

This is our song on youtube !

Music Shakira

Shakira By Eva !

Shakira is a Colombian singer-songwriter, dancer, record producer, choreographer, and model.

She is born inFebruary 2, 1977 in Barranquilla a city of Colombia, so she is now 37 years old.

She started her singer carrier in 1990 when she was only 13 years old but her first album did not meet the expected success.

So she started to play in series like EL OASIS.

In 1995 she maked a second album but it’s with her third  album  Pies descalzos she became famous in Latin America and in Spain.

It’s in 2002 that’s when she became really famous in the world with her first English album ‘Laundry Service’ and with her single ‘Whenever Wherever’.

Her style of music is a mixt of pop, rock and world music.

In 2010 she sang ‘Waka Waka’ the official title of the Soccer World Cup.

She sale 5 millions of this one.

Her others singles are ‘Loca’, ‘She wolf’, ‘La tortura feat Alanjodran Sanz ’  and ‘Hips don’t lie feat Wyclef Jean’.

She also sang a song with Rihanna ‘Can’t remember to forget you’.

Shakira sale 50 millions of disks in the world, she is the most famous Colombian artist.

Shakira is also really famous for her belly dance. 😉

Recognized for her humanitarian work, Shakira make in 1995 the association ‘Pies Descalzos’ who help the disadvantaged children.

In 2013 (saison 4)  Shakira it’s a coach in the emission The voice USA.

During 10 years Shakira was in couple with Antonio de la Rua the son of the last Argentine president. (2000 to 2010)

Since the soccer World cup she is in couple with Gerard de Piqué a spanish soccer player.

The couple have a little boy called Milan born in January 2013 in Barcelona.

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Shakira is now pregnant of a  second little boy who will born in January 2015.


Reflection DESIGN

Reflection DESIGN

In design we first make an investigation. But first what’s an investigation ? An investigations is the act or process of investigating; a careful search or examination in order to discover facts. An investigation can help me to understand the subject or the matter we see in class. In this investigations we did lot’s of research, guiding questions and analyse, analyse of the digital story or the analyse of the target audience. In the research part we research with editing movie i will choose or where i will find my picture? I also ask this same questions at my friends to compare if we have the same answer or the same way to do this work. In this work for me the most difficult thinks was to research ideas.

Eva 😉


Music Lyrics


1….What if theres no more difference out in this world, what if theres no more rich and poor. What about happiness takes over the pain, we’ve created to divide.


2….all together why don’t we create one world, cause all together we are much stronger than alone.

all together why don’t we create one world, cause all together we are much stronger.

3…cause what if theres no more difference out in this world say what if theres no more rich and poor what about happiness takes over this world we’re not made to separate.

4…. all together why we don’t we create a new world, cuz all together we are much stronger and better.

Music Reflection !!



In this unit we learn ‘Can music solve poverty and hunger?’

To answer in this question we first write a reflection on a song. I has the song strange fruit by Billie Holiday.

And we also write a song who speak about poverty and hunger of groups of 3.

I really like this units because we learn lot’s of differents stuffs, we learn how created you own song and how use garageband and to work in team.

In this units i thinks the hardest things was to write the song.

But i really like to do the text on billie holiday because i learn lot’s of things I didn’t know for example.


For us it was really hard to make the song because one of the tree people was hill so it was really difficult but we make lyrics and piano but unfortunately we can not post this song on the blog.

We did a good work team it was very fun.

My friends and I really want to do this song but sometimes we can do what we want.

I’m sorry you can see our job.