Top five loved and hated songs! – My Opinion

Top 5 favourite songs:

  • See You Again – Wiz Khalifa ft Charlie Puth

I love this song because it is mainly singing but then it does have a little bit of rap in it. Another reason why I like this song is because it is mine and my best friend’s song and whenever I visit her we always listen to this song.

  • One Last Time – Ariana Grande

I don’t really like any of Ariana Grande’s songs but I do like this one because it’s not really a fast or slow song and it is fun to dance to.

  • Dear Future Husband – Meghan Trainor

I like this song because it tells a story about what her future husband should know and it is really catchy but sometimes that can be a bad thing.

  • Somebody – Natalie La Rose

I like this song because it makes me in a happy mode.

  • Lean On – Major Lazer & Dj Snake ft M0

I like this song because it makes me feel like its summer.


Top 5 worst songs:

  • Shake It Off – Taylor Swift

I don’t like this song because I have heard it too many times so now it is annoying.

  • Uptown Funk – Mark Ronson ft Bruno Mars

Even though I have a dance routine to this it is still boring because the lyrics don’t really make sense because to me I just think the song is about dancing in town and I know that’s not right.

  • Happy – Pharrell Williams

When I first heard the song it made me happy but now the song is just boring and all the lyrics  really say are because i’m happy.

  • What Makes You Beautiful – One Direction

The main reason why I don’t like this song is because I don’t like One Direction but out of all of their songs I know this is the one I hate the most. This is mainly because I have heard it so many times it just gets annoying

  • Baby – Justin Bieber

I hate this song because all it says is baby baby (hence the title).


ISB Environment Reflection

For this unit we had to decide what thing we wanted to change in the school. The first thing we did was pick 5 things that we wanted to change and then we one of them 5. The thing that I am changing is the school canteen because I don’t like sharing the same canteen as Mencia students. After that I made a survey for a few people asking what they want to change about the cantan and the answers I got back were really useful.


Comptine d’Un Autre Été – Amelie unit

The unit that we have just finished is Comptine d’Un Autre Été – Amelie. I think that this unit went ok. I do think it could have gone better than it did. I think for me the best part was learning the chords because I found that the easiest part. The bit I think went bad was recording because we had to do it over and over again. At the start of the unit it was just be and Pleun but then towards the end of the unit we started working with Oliver as well. So it was quite confusing. At the start of recording we found it really difficult but towards the end we had improved our recording by doing it step by step. I think the end results are fine but I do think they could have gone better because I think one of the bits went really wrong but we did ok for the time that we had to do it.

Reproduction reflection

For this unit we learnt about reproduction in the human body. Do did lots of things like; the female reproductive system, the male reproductive system, menstrual cycle, pregnancy and learning how the baby develops in the uterus. We did do a little bit about animals but that was only a tiny bit at the start. I had never really done about reproduction before so I didn’t really know much of scientific terms. I found this topic quite interesting but a bit horrible at the same time. If we had to pick between biology, chemistry and physics, I would pick biology. I think that I have learnt a lot from this topic and I understand reproduction more clearly.

Culture slam week

A few weeks ago we had culture slam week and we had lots of different activities to do  like; treasure hunts, cooking, a city tour of Antwerp, museum visit at Antwerp, helping a farm, workshop and a Instawalk. Monday we did a treasure hunt and then later that day we did  some cooking. Tuesday we visited Antwerp museum and we did a city tour. Wednesday we helped out a farm in Breda. Thursday we went to a film festival and then we did some workshops. Friday we did an instawalk. I was only at school for Monday and Tuesday but I still learnt lots of different things on Tuesday about Antwerp and its history while walking round the museum and doing the city tour. I like  doing the treasure hunt on Monday even though the weather wasn’t that great. For the treasure hunt we went in groups and went round the city of Breda finding different cause on the way.I didn’t really like the city tour because I found it too long and I got really tired but I did find out lots of new things.

Next year I would like to maybe do less walking especially in this weather because I found it way too much.I would like to add next year possibly a amusement park or something with lots of fun things to do.

Unit 2- How to become a popstar?

For this project we had to work in groups and choose, perform and record a song of our choice.  Our group consisted of Pleun, Miguel, Annalies, Jonah and myself. The first thing we did was to work out which song we were going to do. Picking out our song took us quite a long time. We tried a few different songs such as Blame by Calvin Harris and Counting Stars by One Republic but found that the drumming part and the piano notes were too hard for us so we had to change our choice of song. We talked about  lots of songs and eventually decided to do the song Pompeii, originally by the artist Bastille.

We knew straight away that Pleun could play the drums as she had already had some drumming lessons. It was decided that Jonah would play the piano for us, Annalies and I would sing the vocals and Miguel would do the editing. We had a few lessons to practise the song together at school and we had to practise at home individually as much as we could.

When we were ready we had to record each part one by one. First we recorded Jonah on the piano, then Pleun playing the drums and finally Annalies and I doing the singing. None of us got it right the first time so we had to keep re recording each part until we were happy with it. Annalies and I felt quite nervous having to sing in front of the others. It took our group a bit longer to finish our song than everyone else but we still managed to finish in time. I think that in the end our song turned out really well and it was overall a good experience working and performing together.


Ellie Goulding

Elena Jane Goulding (Ellie Goulding)

Ellie Goulding’s career began when she was in the University Of Kent and thats when she met record producers starsmith and Frankmusik. Then Ellie  was later spotted by Jamie Lillywhite at the university talent contest. Then after he became her manager.


Ellie was born on the 30th  December 1986, raised in a small village near Kington, Herefordshire in Lyonshall. The first performance was the Wizard of OZ, as the scarecrow. she started songwriting at the age of 15. While she was in college she entered a singing competition and won. She then spent two years at the university of Kent and thats when she got spotted. The first song she wrote was Under the Sheets

Her music didn’t really change the world but loads of people do like her all of her songs.


July 2009, Ellie released her debut extended play, introduction to Ellie Goulding, later that year.


Top 5 Ellie Goulding hits!


2. Burn

3.Figure 8

4.Anything could happen

5.My blood

My favorite 10

How long will I love you

Starry eyed

I need your love


Goodness gracious

Beating heart


Figure 8


Anything could happen



I don’t dislike any of Ellie Goulding’s songs, I like all of them. They are just some of my favorite songs.


What instruments does Ellie Goulding play?

  • Vocals
  • guitar
  • mandolin
  • keyboards
  • bass
  • clarinet

My Reflection On My Investigation

I think that my investigation went quite well, but there would be a few things I would change as I haven’t done this topic before and I think for next time I would change some bits. The first thing I would change would be that I would ask more people my questions and maybe make the questions more easier to understand as some people didn’t answer every single question. The investigation helped me because now I know more what other people think and with the answers that I gathered it woulld be easier for next time.

Reflection unit one

In this unit we have learnt about the middle ages and renaissiance. I have also learnt how to study better because at my old school we didn’t really study that much so now I know lots of different ways how to study better so I can improve my grades. This unit was mostly about Martin Luther, the renaissiance and the middle ages. I liked learning the different ways of studying also finding out what might suit me best and how other people study. I found at first studying all of the pages because I would read the pages about 3 times and the next day I would forget all of the things learnt.

Unit 1 Can Music Solve Hunger and Poverty?

First thing we did in our music was that we had to practise playing certain chords on the piano and after that we had to make up some lyrics to do with hunger and poverty but also it had to go with those chords. I am working in a group with Annalies and Hedda. We have decided that Annalies and I are going to be doing the vocals, with me singing the 1st verse and Annalies singing the 2nd verse. Then we are both going to be singing the chorus together. While we are doing that Hedda is playing the piano.

We have just finished recording Hedda playing the piano and now we are about to record us two singing the song which I find it quite hard because if you make one mistake then you have to start again. Even harder than this was making up our own tune because we realized that the tune we came up with didn’t go with the chords that we had to use. Finally we made up our own melody that did go with the music we already had. So soon our song should be all recorded with the piano and singing all together.