Reflection Chemistry Inquiry Questions

• How can molecules be described with the symbols of the elements?

• What is the pattern in the periodic table?
In the periodic table there are a few patterns. Atomic size decreases from left to right across a period of elements. This is because, within a period or family of elements, all electrons are on to the same shell. That would be a good example of a pattern.

• Should the structure of the periodic table be changed?
It should only if there are too many elements added to the periodic table, that would be a good time for the structure to change. The other possibility of the periodic table changing its structure would be if elements would change.

Essay-My top 5 loved and hated songs


My favorite top favorite songs are:


I like this song a lot because it is a really nice song ,it sound really nice, the voice is really good and the instruments are good.The style of the song is pretty nice I like it but the atmosphere of this is sad because it was a man on the street who was drank, so the atmosphere is not really happy,but it is a really nice song and I really like it.

4:Rain over me-Pitbull

I included this into my top 5 favourite songs,because this style of music is my style of music, I really like summer songs like these or party music.The atmosphere of this song is really intense because it is a fun song for summer,I also like this song because of the instruments that are used.

3:All eyez on me-Tupac

This song is in my top 5 favourite songs  because it is a really nice rap song , it has a really nice style , the other reason that I really like this song is because of the singer , the singer is really good and makes this song really nice,with a good rhythm.

2:Firestone-Conrad Sewell(Kygo)

In my opinion this is a really nice song because,first of all it sounds really good , the instruments are nice,especially because they are made on computer.This song has a nice atmosphere.I also like this song because this song is made to relax.

1:Laugh till you cry-Faydee

This song is my favorite song , in my opinion this is the best song , not only because it sounds gorgeous and also because of the style , the song is old and  is a little bit sad it’s about a couple breaking up or something like that, the sad songs are not always my kind of songs,but this one is really different,I really love this song.

My top 5 of hated songs are:

5.My humps-The black eyed

I don’t like this song because the style is really weird, the voices are really bad and the song has a really bad begging as well.

4: 009 Sound System with a spirit

I don’t like this song,probably the same as other milion people who listened to this song,because when you listen to this song you will get a really weird sensation in your head, this song literally goes into your brain, probably causing you a headache.

3:Drowning Pool Bodies

I really really hate this song because it is really really loud and gives the listener a headache,because the begging is quiet and then it sounds like a hard rock explosion.

2:Sound System-Dreamscape

I really do not like this song because it sounds really really strange and feelings that you get from this song are probably really strange,if you know the song you will know what I mean.

1:Rebbeca Black-Friday

I really hate this song because the voice is absolutely horrible,it sounds really bad and the feeling that you get it’s really weird , because probably after you will listen to this song you will feel bad.This song was also in a top of ‘’Most hated songs ever’’.



Reflection-ISB enviroment

The research went okay but not really good because I needed to change it a bit, I did fine but not really good because I didn’t really understand it.

If I would do it again I would try to do it better.

I didn’t like this unit because I do not understand the point of the project and what we needed to do.

Summative Science

This unit was the worst , I didn’t enjoy it at all, it was difficult because at the summative the questions were hard to understand .

In this unit I have learnt about the human’s reproduction.

I could make this easier by maybe learning more or by paying more attention in the class.

Essay-Reflection Music(December 12)

In this unit we had to do a chose a famous song that we liked and to redo it again by piano , guitar or voice.

We did the song “Call me maybe” by Carly Rae Jepsen  , we did it by piano it sounds ok.

I’ve learnt a bit how to play the piano with some rhythm.I learnt how to improve my piano skills and this unit helped us to have a better piano playing.

In this unit we needed to work in groups. I worked with Laurent , sometimes we argued to each other , but at list we worked good , we didn’t do a brilliant job but we did okay.I think that working with others was good because it developed our teamwork spirit.

I spent my time on repeating the song , I exercised the piano, I’ve worked with Laurent by repeating our song , we’ve recorded it and I think that it will sound good.

Ideas for preparing a performance are to exercise and repeat your work , and like you can reach or have a great performance.

I think our performance was not excellent but at least, I think that we did a pretty good job referring to the song.

At music , at playing the piano I developed my skills because I exercised a lot and we did a lot of piano work , and we did a few piano songs as well.

I think that the music type that I am listening to influenced me in a good way because it gave me ideas for rhythm.

For the next time my improvements can be to exercise more at playing the piano and to repeat the work again and again to get a nicer sound and if I do that , hopefully the song will sound more better and the grade will higher , and for the next time I might align my practicing with my goals.

In my opinion this unit helped me at my piano skills because we needed to choose a song and then play it by piano which it is not very easy and in my opinion , since the beginning of the school year I developed my piano skills and I have learnt how to be a better piano player.

Essay-Popstar-50 CENT

50 CENT ,  I think he is a star because he is a  very good rapper , entrepreneur , singer , actor and he is very famous , he is very good in what is he doing .
He became a very famous singer because he had a good team as a band   and he was singing very well  and the people knew that 50 CENT sang nice .

Known as ‘’50 CENT’’  his real name is Curtis James Jackson III (born July 6, 1975) , he was borned in South Jamaica .

I think ‘’50 CENT’’ is an unique rapper because he has a different style than other rappers , he has an original style because , in his videos he is wearing a lot of jewels , sunglasses and he is driving a sport car , these things are not very original at all but ‘’50 cent’’ has a really good  voice , and his music sounds very very good because in some videos he is talking not singing , but he is talking with rhythm and like that  , when talking the music is very good just with some original  ‘’STYLE’’ !!

 I don’t  the greatest ‘’hit’’of ‘’50 CENT’’ because he has a lot of songs and each song has hundreds of millions of views and you never know , he had brilliant songs , and the crazy fans would buy immediately an album , ‘’50 CENT’’ gets millions of views at every song  but I can give some nice examples of his songs : ‘’In Da Club’’ , ‘’Candy Shop’’, etc ;

My favourite song of ‘’50 CENT’’ is ‘’Window Shopper’’  because it sounds really nice and it’s a pretty funny video in Monaco because there were walking in Monaco’s streets and they were watching  all kinds of prices of Monaco like a pair of shoes , ‘’7000 $$$” , a diamond , ‘’1 million $$$” ,  hamburger ‘’400$$’’ and a milkshake , ‘’75$$” , they bought some of these things , stupid guys  🙂 🙂 !!! >. They used electronic instruments .

To be honest I don’t any songs that I don’t like from him , I listened a lot of songs from his music , and the songs were very good , good , ok , and some songs were not very good at all but ok because they don’t make sense sometimes .

‘’50 CENT’’  is a good rapper , and I like his songs .

Reflecting on the Investigation


This helped me because , I didn’t do these kind of things  , and now I know how to do an ok Investigation .

If I would change I would be more careful at reading and at the work , and I would listen or obey the teacher’s ideas or laws and I like I can have a better investigation.

I also learn how to do a better research plan by teacher’s help and ideas .


History Reflection unit 1

I learned something interesting OPVL , can be very helpful .

The unit was about The Reformation .

I liked in the lessons when we watched videos of history and liked OPVL , as well .

The think I didn’t like was that we need to learn a lot .

The difficult thing was learning too much because are a lot of pages and different things .



In the music lessons we did a lot of new things for me:

  • I learn to play a bit of piano;
  • I really like music , and we did so far;

At the beginning we had a hunger and poverty task , where we needed to research a poverty and hunger song , the teacher gave us the songs .

After the poverty and hunger , we did our own song at piano and voice , (Me and Laurent) .

We worked together a lot lessons we argued to each other (Me and Laurent) , but we finish and I think it will be ok.

It was pretty exciting because I never make my own song .

I think music can solve poverty and hunger , at every caritabil song people donate money for the poor people, so like that music can solve poverty and hunger.

So far , we did a lot of interesting things , the teacher explained us what we need to do , for me these things are new for me because in my last school we didn’t do things like these . I learned something in lesson , so I like music.

(((“”***The End”****))) The song: