Unit 2: Electricity and Magnetism

In science, we just finished our second unit called “Electricity and Magnetism”. As you can tell from the title, this unit was all about electricity and magnetism. We learned a lot of new things like the forms of energy, how magnetism works, how to make and electric circuit,different kinds of circuits,…

I think that I did pretty well in this unit. I understood everything miss was talking about and I thought it was interesting as well. Because of this, I got good grades which I am proud of. The thing I was good at the most in this unit was making circuits, It was really easy to make them and also a lot of fun. It was like playing a mind challenging game. I was also pretty good at all the other experiments we did like the ones with iron fillings and a magnet,… The reason I know that I am good at these things is that I would follow the instruction and everything would go as planed. There were no problems and things that went wrong so I think that is proof that that was probably my best part in this unit. But besides all of the things I am good at, I also have things I was not so good at. I was not great at drawing the diagrams. In the part where we had to draw diagrams about a circuit, every part of the circuit like a bulb, battery, cell,… had a specific drawing. I knew what the all were but it was just annoying and I would forget how to draw them. I would also forget to use a ruler so the diagram would be a little sloppy.

I don’t have any specific targets that I need to set myself but one thing I really want to do is that I want to be able to do is improve the quality and presentation of my diagrams. As I said before, they can turn out quite sloppy and the only solution to this is to use a ruler. I guarantee that by the next end of unit reflection, I will start to make my diagrams better.
This was all I had to reflect on this unit. See you next time at the end of the next unit! 🙂

Unit 1: Safety

Our first unit this year is about safety and the whole point was to stay safe and make a video about safety rules in a lab. I think making the video was the best part of this whole unit and i really like it because it was like making a little movie. I also think that making the video was pretty easy and also because we already learned most of the safety rules last year. I don’t think I found anything difficult besides the part when we had to publish the video on youtube and wouldn’t work with me. Everything else was quite fun and easy. I didn’t really get stuck doing anything either so that was okay.

I learned in this unit that being safe in a lab is the most important thing and I also refreshed my memory on all the safety rules. I also learned what to do in case of an emergency.        I don’t think there is anything to change about this topic because it is good as it is.

I think I should work on my lab report skills and editing skills so that next time we have something like this then I can do everything perfectly and easily without any trouble at all

This is my video I made with Miriam on being safe in a lab:

[youtube 1aVZIhCLsyI]

Science reflection

What I enjoyed in this unit was doing the experiment of leaving the gummy bear overnight. I like it because it was fun and miss would give us a gummy bear and also because it was fun measuring it and weighing it…I think I was good at making the drawings and diagram on the laptop.I know I was good at these things was because the drawings and the diagrams didn’t look bad so i think I did well.I think doing the lab report was quite difficult because first of all we changed the way of doing them but that wasn’t soo bad but writing about osmosis was complicated.The thing that helped me was asking the teacher helped me because I would tell what’s i’m not understanding and then she explain me.I think my “writing a lab report” skills got better then the last time. I think I did pretty good in this unit

So that’s all I had to say about this unit 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Cartoons and Music

So in this essay, i’m gong to be talking about cartoons with their music. As we all know, the impact on human being while watching a cartoon without music is way more different then watching a cartoon with coordinating music. Most people understand the cartoon more with music than without.

If you have noticed, the older cartoons seem better then the new ones because of the music. The olden music is more attractive like for example in “Tom and Jerrry”. Whenever something bad happens, there is this dark music and when someone is lazy or sleepy, there is a lullaby or lazy music… The way the cartoons connect with the music is hard to discribe.

Another example of a famous cartoon which is better in the older version is “Mickey Mouse”. The characters in this cartoon are: Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Donald Duck and Pluto. In this cartoon, all of the characters are very lively and happy except for Donald (Sometime) so the music is usually very happy.

So what i’m trying to say is that a cartoon without music is very boring and harder to understand and a cartoon with music is fun and has more impact on yourself.

Our band in music

In Music, we have a band. Sam,Tessa,Anabelle,Simran and Me. Sam is playing the guitar, Tessa is playing the piano, I’m playing the drums and Anabelle and Simran are singing. When we are playing, it sounds like we a re in a concert. We are playing the song “Take me to church”.

We chose this song because it is a really nice song and also because it has all the instruments that we could play so that’s why we chose that song. We recorded our song and it was a nice process. We made it like a real recording studio with all the devices… The corporation in our group was really good just that I had to go to Portugal so I couldn’t record. But My team members didn’t mind. Everything went really well just the part when we mess up…but it was really funny at the same time.

I improved My druming skills. Actually I don’t know how to drum at all but I tried and it worked so everyone toled me that I should play the drums. If I wouldn’t then the song wouldn’t  sound as good so they made me play the drums. As I told you, sam was playing the guitar. She plays so well. Because of her, our song sounds sooo good. In my opinion, the end result is pretty good. At least I like it. Just the part that we forgot to mute the videos soo it sounds really funny but besides that, it sounds and looks really good. By the way, Simon was the one who made the whole edit and the recording…

I really liked this experience, it makes you feel like real band people 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

[youtube 7Dkmrb_02uk]

Horror story

Currently, in Drama, we are making a horror movie. We made the story our selfs and it is amazing. To organize this movie , everyone has their own role during this process. There are directors, make up artists, hairstylist,… I’m the director, with Simon though (i’m not alone,…Phew). I’m not in control of everyone or anything, i’m there to give opinions and ideas. I’m also there to solve problems and help my co-workers with anything.

I think this movie is going to be a success because everyone works together with collaboration, communication, ideas,… I probably think the most exciting thing about this project is the filming, it’s going to be really fun. My best Idea for this movie is the basic story (help of Frida with the story).

The biggest challenge we are going to face is the collaboration in the group because if we don’t have collaboration then this whole movie will be a mess.My personal challenge is being director, because i’m not sure i’ll do a really good job 🙁 we are also struggling with a title for our movie

I’m really excited for this movie and I don’t want to be a fail. This should be a success

So the basic outline of this horror story is: Some students have pranked the teacher and decided to play a game….. The Ouija board game! The game tells those students that if they want the teacher back then the have to obey the game. What they don’t understand is that the teacher just got pranked, nothing else… When they don’t find the teacher, they decide to play the game and obey. At some point, the game tells them to go in a school underground and then things go wrong, very wrong… Some people die, some go crazy…


To get used to the effects for the movie and other things like that, we started practising for all of those things….. We even had a photoshoot

Displaying IMG_9822.JPG

this is how I looked…

so basically what we did for the shoot was we had to figure out a pose that looked quite scary and then our teacher (Ms.Veberne) takes a picture.

I really want this movie to be a success because we are really working hard for this to work 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Exibition: My room is my world

In drama, we were doing this unit called shapes. In this unit, we had to draw our favourite room.



I drew my favourite room. It is the guest room of my house. It is green and it is plain, not messy… We were also suppose to draw some symbols that represent yourself. I drew a smiley face, a musical note and a badminton raquet. The smiley face represent that I am always happy and I am smiling. The musical note is for the part that I love music and that it helps me calm down and also,I like to play musical instruments. The badminton raquet is for the part that I love to play badminton and it also represent my dad. He is the one who actually helped me to learn how to play badminton. I also drew it because I love to play badminton with my dad, especially the part where I can tell him his stupid mistakes… 🙂

I learned in this unit that no one is bad at anything, just different. I got so much of inspiration from Young and Simon’s work. Their drawings were amazing and also the way they explained them… 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

dream house project research report reflection

We recently started a new unit in design. It is about eco-friendly dream houses. So we had to do a research report (like always). This was a formative at first and then it turned into a summative. I kind of liked doing this research report because the new unit is about something fun. In the research report, we had to make our guiding questions and then answer them. We had to look for two actual images of eco-friendly dream houses and then compare them. Which one would we rather build and which one do we prefer more… I think that was the best part of the whole research report. The worst part was answering the guided questions.

Im liking this unit a lot and i’m really impatient to build a model of it 🙂 🙂


recording Rather be + reflection

In music, we have been working on the piano a lot. Recently, we have learned how to play the song Rather be by the clean bandits. I really like that song and I was happy that we were learning it. It is actually not that hard to learn it. It is pretty easy. We had to play it in pairs and then record it. I was with a girl in my class named simran. It was kinda hard to learn the chords, unfortunetly I  had to learn them but then I got the hang of it and I actually liked it. The worst part of all of this was recording because the song wouldn’t sound good and it would be out of place and all of that.We edited all of it and put it together by editing. Luckily we finished everything and it sounded pretty good. Now I want to play the guitar and learn other songs on that. And I really want to play the drums as well sooo…

Here is the song and I hope you guys like it

[youtube https://youtu.be/oa46NE2K87A]

Cultural Slam Week

The cultural Slam Week is a week we don’t have our normal schedule and lessons, but instead we do fun things and we learn at the same time.

On Monday we had a treasure hunt in the morning and cooking in the afternoon, We had to look for museums and thins like that and for the cooking, we made crêpe and croissants. To tell the truth, I didn’t really like the hunt because it was freezing and also we weren’t looking for treasure but boring things. I would have liked it better if we would look for like chocolate and all…

On Tuesday we went to Antwerp to the Mas museum, It was really fun, it was one the best one.

On Wednesday we did service and action, we made bday cards and we are going to sell them and the money goes to charity. it was soon fun, I loved it. It was the best activity of the week…

On Thursday we went to the cinema to watch a movie, we watched Billy Elliot. We also did workshops and I chose the arm knitting one which was really fun.

On Friday we had an instawalk and the Athletics challenge. We had to take pictures of all the architecture on the walk and then post them on instagram.


So that was it….