Electricity and Magnetism

In this refection I will be reflecting on my previous unit, which was named Electricity and Magnetism. This unit was about electricity and magnetism, of course :p. We learned about electricity, how it works, about the circuits, different things about electricity and how we used it daily life. For magnetism we learned about what magnets are in general, about the magnetic field lines, electro magnets and also how we use it in daily life.

I think I had a good performance in this unit, I participated in class and I did everything I was told to do. For this unit I think I did well in drawing diagrams and writing. Writing because we had a lot more to write than we write in the other units. I know that my diagrams are good because I have gotten good comments from my teacher. Although I could work on getting less distracted in class. I know this because I have been told by my teacher a few times. 

I would want to set a target for my self for the next end of the unit. My target is that I want to get a bit higher grades. I did get good grades, but if I get even higher grades it would be more satisfying. Overall I think that this unit was a very fun unit and it was a good learning experience. 🙂 


Cartoons and music

This essay is basically, going to be about cartoons. But not the new cartoons, the old cartoons. And how the music works. I will also be talking about my favourite cartoon and the music of that cartoon.

To be honest I think the old cartoons are better because they are more fun, the music is better. A century ago mickey mouse was the best cartoon, in mickey mouse they didn’t talk that made it more funny. The old mickey mouse was for adult and kids. In the new mickey mouse the music is worst than the old mickey mouse and they talk so that doesn’t make it funny at all. People say things improve when they make something new, well mickey mouse did not improve at all. So the point is the old cartoons are better then the new ones, the music and the stories. 🙂


Well now coming on to my favourite cartoon, my favourite cartoon is Tom & Jerry. The music in tom & jerry is the best. The characters are also really good.  So starting with the music, it has the music that you would expect from them. It also like a small musical because the also sing in the cartoon as well. So like if he sleep the have a sound of snoring and also the movements. When the dog is running after tom they make a sound in the background. The music is really good, i would give the music a 10/10! 🙂

Now coming on the characters. The made the characters really god. They have a lot of characters, And they are Tom, Jerry, diffrent cats, the dog, the women,…. They  create a lot of character and they match with the music and story.


Thank you for reading this essay 🙂




Recording our Song – Take me to church

In this reflection I will talk about how we recorded the song,…


First of all we had to record a song and play the instruments, sing,…

So first we choose we the song ‘ Take me to Church’. Playing this song was really fun. We had to do this assignment in groups so I was with Sam, Anabelle, Tessa and Diya. So including me we were with five people. Sam was playing the Guitar, Tessa was playing the Piano, Diya was playing the drums and me and Anabelle were singing. To be honest I am not the best singer but I am also not the worst. Well this recording did take a while, it took us 4 weeks so like a month. We first practices a lot and then we recorded it. Well actually we didn’t record it but Simon did so yaaa. He helped us a lot so that was nice. He literally made a recording studio. It was fun though. He called every one once at a time and they had to play their instrument or sing. It was actually really fun. We recorded it in garage band. So we record every one and then made it like song. The easy thing was that we didn’t have notes for the drums so Diya just played the drums on the beat, so that was really easy. Sam had practiced the guitar before so it was easy for her, Tessa played the piano really well so that was also really easy 🙂 Anabelle new the lyrics by heart and she sings also really well and I knew the lyrics as well so yaaa that was easy. The things that were a bit difficult was singing loud and singing the the line “Take me to the church” on time was a bit hard for me and Anabelle. What we could have different was choosing an other song. We realised after words that we should have chosen the song “Rolling the deep”. But after all this was really fun!! 🙂

The haunted school

In this tiny tiny essay I will say what my role is in drama in our horror movie, what we are doing, how the progress is,…

So first of all we are making a small horror movie and we have to divide the roles, write the story, direct, make up girl, planner,… So we first made a planning where we divide the roles and my role is a organiser and the organiser for the props. But for the props I am working with Sam. So to be a organiser I have to plan everything and I am responsible for everything to be right on time,… For the props me and sam have to take care of the props. I think our horror unit is going to be success full  because we all are working together and we have the best directors, special effects, make up artist, writers, clothes,… we kind of the best things and the people so yaaa. My biggest challenge in this assignment is to make sure every thing goes right and every thing is on time. Frida and Diya come up with the story but now the writers have to make the story perfect.

Phileas and Fogg drama workshop

We had a drama workshop and there we act and speak in front of everyone.

It was fun but it wasn’t the best thing but ti wasn’t also the worst thing. It wasn’t fun because they were screaming really loud. And also other reasons but I don’t know how to explain. We played some games and my favourite one was where we had find a partner and one had to be the garage and the gas and the other one had to be a car. And  the car had to hold their breath and walk around when they can’t take it anymore they had to come back to the garage and the gas had to give them fuel. Then we had to be in groups and they give us a word and i me had to make a commercial with that word and a jingle song so our word was “SPARKLE” so we did that we had a lolly pop that never runs out flavour. That was the best thing i think. There was more but that wasn’t so fun.

The Milky way is just more than a chocolate bar

In this tiny essay I will write a reflection of the unit that we just finished ‘ The milky is just more than a chocolate bar’. I will say why i enjoyed this unit, what was difficult,…

I have always wondered what is outside the earth, how the universe looks, how do the planets orbit around the sun, …  This unit has answered all of questions.  What I enjoyed most about this unit was knowing facts about all of the planets making the poster.  I had to make a poster about our solar system.  So I took a silver poster and made the orbit rings and made the planets in 3D and then I wrote some facts about those planets next to them.  What I found easy was making the poster.  I did not find anything really difficult but we had to write this essay about how stars are formed and that was not the easiest thing I did in this unit. When I was stuck Mrs. Doherty who is my science teacher helped me and of course the internet :P. I learned this topic about stars, the universe, the milky way, different galaxies, our solar system, day and night, the 4 seasons and of course the planets.  I couldn’t really make this topic easier because this was easy unit.  I got better at making a 3D poster. I think I need to work on my essays a bit. But after all this unit was really fun!!



Exhibition – My room

In this paragraph I will write what we did in the exhibition of our rooms.

Well we had to draw our room in 3d shapes. But we had to choose one specific room a room where we feel save. So i choose my room. I feel save in my room because i can be my self in my room. So I drew my room in 3d shapes It was hard to draw my room. We also had to draw symbols in the drawing that tells other who i am but then in a small symbol. My symbols were a pallet and a paint brush that tells that i am very creative and i have decorated my room by posters that i made my self, so that was the first symbol. The second symbol was a big smiley face. That tells that i am very happy in my world and that world is my room.


Reflection – Dream house – unit 2

In this reflection I will telling you guys what we did in this unit.

This unit is all about building eco friendly houses. So for building a house you definitely  need to do research. So that whats we did. We started our research report by writing a small paragraph. E.g. for who did I make this dream house for,… What i didn’t like was making the guiding question and answering them. I did not like it because we had to research about them I am not a research person. But most fun part was comparing 2 pictures and writing who the winner is. (BTW by the winner i mean who has the most eco friendly house.) Like always we had to write a design brief. I sometimes don’t get why we have to write reflection, I mean seriously. But this really fun. Now I am just impatient for making the dream house. But for next time I think i can improve my research skills and creativity skills. But I think I did well till now.

Thank you 🙂

Reflection – Math – Third unit

In this reflection I will be reflecting on my third unit in Math.

This unit was about Fractions, Percentages and Probability. This unit was difficult but at the same time also very easy. Fractions was really easy for me. Percentages was a bit difficult. In probability I was a bit confused and I still am. At the end of this unit we had to write a self assessment. This self assessment really helped me focus and make targets, and know how I am doing. I had lot a fun while this unit and looking froward to the next unit.

Thank you 😉


Reflection – Rather be

In this reflection I will writing a reflection what we did in this project.

First of all our project was playing rather be on the piano and record in garage band. We had to make a pair of two people. One plays the chords and one plays the melody. I was working together with Diya. In my case I was playing the melody and she was playing the chords. It wasn’t that hard to record it on garage band. I think we did pretty well on playing on  the piano. Playing rather be wasn’t hard at all. But we only played the first 2 lines. Then  we had to make an iMovie of it and post it on youtube. To be honest i cant make really good iMovies. I really don’t get how to make them. So then I did with Diya and then posted it on youtube. After posting it on  youtube i posted on my blog. I think it was really fun and i had fun playing the piano and i learned a lot. I hope you enjoyed reading this reflection.

Thank you 😉