Unit 3: Electricity & Magnetism


Electricity & Magnetism

This unit was about Electricityand Magnetism. We basically experimented how does electricity work like the two different circuits. With magnets we took some magnets and iron fillings and the iron gets attracted to the magnet, but we put the magnet inside a plastic bag because if it sticks to the magnet it is hard to take it out and like that it was easier.We also learned the magnetic fields.


What did we learned:

The first thing that we learned was the 10 forms of energy.The 10 forms of energy are:

  • Electrical
  • Thermal (heat)
  • Kinetic energy (movement)
  • Gravitational potential
  • Potential
  • Chemical (stored)
  • Sound
  • Light
  • Nuclear
  • Magnetic

The we learned the two types of circuits, that are: Parallel and Series circuit. We also learned how to measure the current and voltage.

This is a summary of the part of Electricity.

The second part is Magnetism.

We learned the two poles north and south, the magnetic field and how does an electric bell work and the electromagnets that are magnets that can be turned on or off and they have electricity.This is a picture of the electromagnet.

What did I enjoyed:

In this unit I enjoyed basically everything because I thought it was a really interesting unit to learn about and the best part was when we went to the lab and we did the experiment with magnets.

What could have been improved:

I think I did really good so I don’t think there is nothing to improve and I am proud of myself.

What I was good at:

I got good grades for this whole unit so I think it was good. The magnet experiment I did it well .For an activity that was making your own circuit I was doing it alone and it went pretty good.

I thought this unit was an interesting topic to learn about because without electricity there is a lot of things that would stop working or at night, we won’t have light so we would have to use candles to have light.

The experiments that we did they were useful because sometimes the things are clearer if you see them with your eyes then if you learn it because maybe you learn everything but you don’t know what you are talking about.

I enjoyed this unit a lot and I had a lot of fun.

Science reflection: Unit 3: Electricity & Magnetism.

Teacher: Miss MC Doherty

By: Miriam Brillaxis ūüôā


Science Reflection- Unit 1: Safety

Our first unit of this year was about Safety in a lab. So we had to do an experiment, then a lab report about the experiment and the las thing that we did is a basic safety rules in a lab that then we will show it to MYP1.

What did I enjoy in this unit:

In this unit what I enjoyed was to make the video because I am really good with imovie but I saw my partner that I did the video with how was she doing it and I learned new things. I think that our video is pretty good and we did a good work.

What did I think was easy:

Actually there was nothing that easy everything was fine.

What did I found difficult:

What I found difficult was the lab report, because I had some stuggle with the Dependant variable and the Independent variable.

What helped me when I got stuck:

When I got stcuk what helped me is that I looked to the lab reports that I did last year and then I thought what could the dependant variable in this lab report.

What did I learned in this topic:

In this topic I learned how to make a safety video, a new experiment and how to make a good lab report.

What skills did I used:

The skills that I used are: my vocabulary, my skills of imovie.

What do I tihnk I should work more :

I think I should work more in my skills doing a lab report.

I hope you like my reflection.



The Haunted School (Vengeance : The actual story)

In this unit we are making a horror movie and the horror movie is going to be about a Haunted school and many things happens.The name of the horror movie it would be Vengeance. My job in the horror movie is the Costume designer with Simran so what I do is create the clothes. What we are going to make is a mini movie and then from the movie we will make a trailer.I believe that our horror movie is going to be a success because it would be amazing with the effects and lightning also I think that the hole class we will make a really good movie. The most exited thing about this project is that we are going to act and to make a movie  .My best idea was how to make the blood letters in the movie. The biggest challenge we have to face is that for the people they get amazing by watching this movie.My personal challenge is that I make my part well so that everyone gets terrified. I think in this unit we are going to have so much fun making a horror movie.

This unit is a little bit hard because you need to organize everything like which story are you making and also the tilte of the story because it needs to go with the story.When I look in the picture what I can see is that I am sad and scared.

IMG_9825 (1)




My Hero project

In this unit we are talking about heroes. Now we are making a project about Me taking action by…

What I chose for this unit is to take action by saving the environment. In this unit we also learn that everyone can be a hero, not only  famous people. In this project my family and I are involved to save the environment. I hope that my project makes you also save the environment after seeing it.

What you can do to save the environment is to Re-use, Reduce and  3 R are really important becasue you can save the environment by using them. If you help the environment you can help plenty of humans, plants and animals.

 You can save the earth with a good action. Join me and take action.


The milky way -Its more than just a chocolate bar-Reflection

What I enjoyed in this unit is that we were studing about everything that goes with the space and I like to learn all about space .What I find really easy is the solar system because I already did it last year in my old ¬†school .What I found a little bit hard is the seasons about why do we have seasons, so before I didn’t get it but then when we had to make a poster I had to do the 4 seasons and after that poster I understood all about why do we have seasons.

When I got stuck what helped me is that when I didn’t know something I asked the teacher to help me because I don’t get something .In this topic what we learned is all about the space:the solar system,life cycle of a star, 4 seasons, day and night and the galaxy .

If we were doing this topic again what I will do to make this topic easier it would be to make a a game with cards like quizlet that in one side is the name and in the other side there is the explanation in the other sida and a picture to make it easier .The skills that I acquired in this topic are that now I am better at doing posters.I think what I should work more is on the life cycle of a star.



My room is my inspiration Reflection

In this unit was about that we had to make a drawing of your favourite room form your house and my favourite room in my house is my bedroom.


I draw my room and as you can see in the picture a have a wardrobe and I color it with the spanish flag because we had to put symbols about you so that is why I color it of the spanish flag.Then I have like two doors and that are the doors of my closet.I also have a bureau with the french falg because I am half spanish and half french and it is color like that because is another symbol.Then I have a mini sofa bed ¬†and in the cuchions there are other two symbols that are peace because I like everything calm and relax and the wings of and angel because my family they always say that I am sweet and kind.Also I have a poof ¬†so sit down and a picture of my friends form Spain.I also have a picture of my place where I have my neckclaces.My room I shared it with my sister but I like my room because I can do whatever I want to do.I have a colum and in the colum they are birds saying one thing in spanish that is “Sonrie que la vida vuela”. So this is what was the unit about.

Reflection my dream house

In this unit we had to make a research report about our dream house.

The first thing that we had to make is the identification of the problem. In the identification of the problem what you had to do is to answer some questions,like who is your audience?Then it comes the guiding questions that is to make your own questions.Then  the research that what you need to do is to try to find in the internet the answer to your guiding questions and talk about what is in the source.Then the annotated bibliography and that part it was a little bit hard that you had to say like if the sources where you search the answer for the guiding questions.Then the Analysis of existing environmental friendly buildings that you take two pictures from the internet of eco-friendly houses and you need to compare them.After that it goes the design brief hat you need to make a summary about your research report.In the research report it went well and I think I did it pretty well.

Thank you

Reflection about Fractions,percentages and probability

In this unit we did fractions,percentages and probability.The unit some parts was harder than other parts.In the fractions it was easy but then the percentages it was a little bit hard but not too much.The probability is easy and in some parts is harder than other parts.What I am good at is at doing fractions and  some probability.I know I am good at this because I see my grades and also becasue the teaher tells me that I am good at this.I think I need to work more in percentages and in using patterns. I had fun in this unit in the part of probability becasue you had to throw a dice so that was fun.



My room is my inspiration

My room’s shape is a rectangle.Now what I am going to do is to say all the things that I have in my room with shapes.I share my room with my sister.My room has different shapes.I have bureau of the shape of a rectangle.I have a wardrobe that is a rectangle.I have a sofa-bed and the shape is a rectangle.I have bed-side table that is a rectangle.My sister’s bed-side table is also a rectangle.My bed and my sister’s bed is a rectangle.The window is a rectangle.I have two puff that are a circles.I have two other wardrobes that is a rectangle. That is all my room how it looks putting everything in shapes.

Design:Criterion B:Developing Ideas and Criterion C:Create the solution

In developing ideas we had to tell all the things that our bill was going to have like for example the color of the bill,the numbers that you are going to put,also the materials like if you need cardboard to make your bill or if you need markers to make the numbers or the signature. After that you had to write in developing ideas the things that your bill is going to have, like the watermark.As you are going to make two models you have to explain both of them and call it the first one Design 1 Key Feautures and the second one Design 2 Key Feautures. Then you have to write in developing ideas step by step how are you going to make the bill.Ad then you finished your ¬†Developing ideas document. In create the solution you had to make a google sheet and start to write the things that you are going to make the three days that we have to create our bill so you start writing the all the things that you are going to make and when you finish you to write the days that you have to make the bill and then start putting wich day you have to do each thing so it is a planning of the things you are going to make. After that when you finish doing your bill you have to write the things ¬†if you followed the instructions or not of the planning and say why you didn’t follow the planning Then when you finished doing the planning and saying if follow the planning or not and why you finished doing Create the solution.