Electricity and Magnetism Sam De Leeuw

In science we did a unit called electricity, and magnetism. I really like this unit. I think that I did well this unit because I enjoyed learning about it, and I understood electricity, and magnetism as well. In this unit I think I was good at remembering these things because when we did the test I remembered everything, and I knew a to of things too. I was also good at remembering the 10 form of energy, and some of the electric symbols. I also thought that I was well organized, and I knew my were my papers were,a and stuff like that. I know that I am good a these things because I checked myself, and people gave me some comments that I did a good a these things.

I think that I need to work on things like my spelling, and grammar. I know that I need help with these things because I tend to notice myself, and when I check my work I see that there are a lot of mistakes. I also need help with studying sometimes because I tend to underestimate things. Some of the targets that I want to set myself are to do better at the things that I need help on, and I wasn’t to be able to get better grades because my grades are good, but I want to get them better for my report card, and I want to stop getting distracted in class because I tend to do this. I am going to achieve these targets because I want to do better, and I am also going to be a better listener. I will try harder too. All in all I think that I did a good job in this unit. Some of my favorite things that we did are:

I really liked when we did some experiments with light bulbs, and all the circuits. I liked this because I learned a lot about electricity, and It was really fun to do these experiments. I also liked it when we did a little experiment on magnetism I liked this because we got to meet a new guy, and we learned how you can use a magnet in real life. This was cool and interesting because I did not know that you can do so many cool things with a magnet, and with electricity.


By: Sam De Leeuw



March 14, 2016

Its all about Health

In science we did a new unit called its all about health. I really liked this unit because I got to learn a lot about my body, and how to keep it healthy. We started off with learning about the digestive system, the mouth, the esophagus, the stomach, the liver, the small intestine, large intestine, the anus, and more. I like doing this because we did a presentation about it . We had to follow a grain of rise through the digestive system which was pretty cool. Next we did a service as action project. We shut down the vending machine, and instead we sold fresh fruits and vegetables. It was like we had our own business. We made over 90 euros. After this we learned about the dangers of alcohol, and drugs. We learned about some illegal drugs like cocaine, meth, and ecstasy, and we learned about some legal drugs like medicine, alcohol, red bull, nicotine, and more. I really did not know how dangerous drugs could be to the body, and how it can affect our community. All in all we learned a lot in this unit, andI really enjoyed it.


by: Sam De Leeuw


In science we did a really cool unit on safety. We also did some really fun activities like making our own video. We did this together with a partner. My partner was Luana Stocker. Together we made a really cool video about safety for the MYP 1 students. We also did an experiment on the rusting of a nail. This was really cool because I learned about how rust occurs. I found doing the experiment easy, because I followed the steps carefully, and I asked a teacher if I was not sure what to do. I found the Lab report difficult because I had some trouble with writing my data, and I did not get a very good grade for the Formative. The thing that helped me when I got stuck was the Teacher, and I read over my Lab Report to see what I could do to fix my problem.


I learned many things in this unit because I payed attention, and I new what to do. I could make the Lab Report easier if I did it again by being very organized, and focusing. The skills that I have learned in this unit is how to be more organized, and I learned how to Make my Methods better by practicing. I have become better at science, and I got better at Organizing. I think that I could make my lab reports better if we had more time in this unit. All in all I really enjoyed this unit, and I am looking forward to more Science lessons!







Science Reflection

The thing that I enjoyed most this unit is probably doing different types of experiments, like the Gummy Bear experiment. I think that I was good at Recording my results, and I think that I was good at drawing diagrams. I know that I was good at this because when I looked at my results and diagram I thought that I did a good job.  The thing that I found difficult is probably writing Lab report, and getting everything correct, and how I want it to be.  I also thought that writing the Method was difficult because I had some trouble with it. The thing that helped me with these problems was the criteria sheet,  it helped because I looked at it when I was stuck. It also helped to read what I wrote. I learned a lot about Osmosis. I learned that Osmosis is a movement of water from a low concentration to a region high concentration. I need to work on my Lab Reports. I know that I have to work on these things because I can see that I kneed to work on this, and that I struggle with these things. I will achieve these targets, by practicing, and going over my work.

Music Essay Cartoons

I think that cartoon music is very cool and important, I think this because if you were making a cartoon and something happens like the character falls. It would help to express that action with sound effects, and music. This gets the watcher really engaged in the cartoon. For example if you are watching Tom and Jerry, a classic animated show you might remember tom getting hit by a baseball bat and then you hear the sound affects a BIONK or BANG so that tells the audience what is going on. In most cartoons the characters don’t talk that much and they actions are expressed in body language thats is one of the reasons that we have sound affects, and why they are so important. Didyu know that cartoon music used to be very popular for expressing your feeling like love and hate. There are so many cartoons in the work and each of them have their own sound. My favorite cartoon is Tom and Jerry because I love the sound affects and when I was small I used to watch it a lot. Even though in Tom and jerry they don’t speak a lot all of that is filled with cartoon music which makes this cartoon really cool and funny. I also like Tom and Jerry because of their mischievous acts which I love. All in All I like cartoons and I think that it is very impressive how we can animate such good stories, and such good music, and I hope that we will keep on making new cartoons so that we can have many laughs.

The Reflection

In this Unit we are making a really cool Horror Movie. So far I am the person responsible for props. This means that I make suer that we have the correct props, and I bring the crops. I believe that the horror movie is going to be a success because we have a good story, and that we have a good location for shooting. The most exiting thing in this project is probably everything I am exited about shooting the movie, having cool props, and more. My best idea for the Horror Movie was the idea of the chalk board crossing out. The biggest challenge we have to face is shooting the movie, and having everything finishes in time. My personal challenge is playing my part well. I look at my picture in this document, and I think that it was cool, but also a bit funny. IMG_9841

Our Band

In this unit we are doing something really fun. We got to make bands, and we got choose the song that we wanted. In our band we only had girls, and in the other band there we’re only boys. We chose the song Take Me To Church because we thought that it was a good song. I played the guitar, Diya played the Drums, Tessa played the piano, Anabelle sung, and Simran also sang. I think that we did a good job. My favorite part of this was probably practicing with the girls, because it was really fun, and every time that we practiced it got better. My least favorite part was probably nothing I liked everything.

We also recorded the song we did this by separately recording each other, Simon recorded us. I thought that the cooperation was really well because we helped each other get better, and when there was something wrong we talked about it. I thought that everything went well. My opinion of the result is pretty well. I really liked my group because we are all friends which was fun. The cool thing in the band was probably that the singers had microphones so it felt like a real concert. Later we are going to make an iMovie witch should be super cool, because we will have our own song, and band in an iMovie that we can all watch.


Diya also took forms of us while we we’re recording, and we are going to put that in our iMovie as well. All in all I loads of fun making a video, band, and song, and this was my favourite unit so far. The song Take me to church is also a very powerful and strong song, and I am glad that we chose it. I hope that you liked my reflection, and thank you for reading. 🙂 🙂




Phileas Fogg Drama Workshop

Last week in Drama two people from England did a Drama Workshop with us. The names of these two people were Peter, and Jen. The Drama workshop was called Phileas Fog. I really liked it because I learned from it, and I like Drama anyway. My goal for the Phileas Fog workshop was not to be shy, to be confident in front of others, and to work together. The Drama Workshop could help me in school by not being shy so I could make new friends, and also it could help me with presentations for an assignment. My favorite thing that we did was probably when we got to run around like crazy pretending to be busy cars. I also liked the trust challenge because the person next to you had to close their eyes while the other person guided them safely around. My least favorite part was nothing I really liked everything. All in all I liked everything, and I learned a lot from the Drama Workshop.

The Milky Way its more than just a chocolate bar

I really liked this unit so far. We learned a lot about our galaxy the Milky Way. Some of the things that I learned is that there are eight planets in the solar system. These planets are Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune. I also learned that Pluto is now a dwarf planet. My favorite part of this unit was probably making a poster about the Solar System, I liked this because we got to make the posters creative, and we had to research about the Solar System which I learned from. My least favorite part of this unit was probably when we had to write a 500 word essay about the birth of a star and the death of the star. I thought that this was pretty challenging.

The thing that helped me when I was stuck was probably researching more.The thing that I would do to make my topic easier if I would of done it again would probably be looking at my work better, and looking at my information. The skills that I have used for this topic is researching, and writing. I think that I have become better in writing and researching. I think that I need to work on my spelling, and Organizing.

My Room is my Stage

This Unit was really fun. I learned a lot. We had to draw our rooms, my room had a red floor because I really like the color red, because it is calm. I drew my bed colorful because I believe that life has a different colors for emotion. For example blue for sadness, yellow for happiness, and orange for mixed feelings. I also didn’t draw a lot in my room, because I like my room to be calm, and peaceful. My room is my safe place because nobody is there, and I am not afraid to do anything.

sam with her drawung