Unit 3 – Electricity & Magnetism

In this unit I think I did well even though I didn’t ask many questions. Although I studied a lot for the science test but my grades weren’t that good when we did the first test. I had expected to do a normal test and not fill in the blank so which was maybe why my grade was low. In this unit I was good at drawing diagrams, paying attention to the teacher and also handing in homework on time. I knew I was good at this because it seemed really easy and I am usually always good at these types of things. I think that I need to work on participating in group discussion more because I don’t seem  to talk much during the conversation. I also need to work more on asking questions even though I try to ask some here and there. I also need to work on remembering to draw margins in my book because I keep forgetting too. i know I need to work on these things because all the teachers keep saying this but they’ve been saying this ever since I started school. Some targets that I would like to set myself are the following things: I need to participate more in group discussions and ask more questions because I tend to be quiet in class. Another target I would like to set myself is to use more scientific words during science class and not just words that you would say to friends. I am going to achieve these targets by working my best. The things that I liked in this unit was that we got to experiment with circuits and magnets. I thought it was really fun and I enjoyed it. I have previously made a circuit before in Year 6 but I had forgotten everything that I learnt. I also really liked to play with the magnets because I just think that they are very interesting and so cool. Some things that I didn’t like about this unit was doing the tests because I really hate tests. To complete these targets, I am going to give myself by the end of the next unit to comlete these. I am not quite sure if completing and setting these goals are useful for me because I keep on setting the same goals and I never actaully complete them.Overall I thought this unit was fun and I’d like to do it again.

Unit 2 – It all about health reflection

In this unit, we talked about being healthy, how to be healthy, what could happen when your not healthy and also drugs. I found this unit very interesting because I have learnt a lot of things that I havn’t learnt before like the respiratory system and the journey of the air going in and out of your body. I also really liked this unit because we did some fun things like keeping  food diary for a week and our service as action problem. In our service as action, we shut down the vending machine for 2 days and instead of selling candy and unhealthy things, we sold healthy fruits and vegetables as an alternative. One thing that I didn’t like about this unit was the end of the unit test because there was a lot to study. We had to study everything we had learnt in this unit because all the things we learnt were going to be in the test. It wasn’t very fun at all. If I had the chance to do this unit again, I wouldn’t be so sure because I liked but I just thought there was so much information and things to know in it. Although It wasn’t that bad so maybe I would. One thing I would change though is the test. I would have one test for the digestive system and another one for the respiratory system. What I found easy was some of the worksheets we had to complete and what I found diffacult wasn’t really much

Science Reflection for Safety

In this unit I learn’t a lot about safety and I had fun learning about it. I enjoyed making the “Safety Rules in the Lab” video because I thought it was really fun. I also enjoyed doing the rusty nails experiment because I never did it before so it was interesting. Also because I really like to make videos so this was pretty cool. I found most of the things easy because I had already known most of the rules because I had already learnt these things last year. There wasn’t anything really that I found difficult except for uploading the safety video to youtube and some things in my lab report about rusty nails. When I got stuck, I usually just helped myself or I asked one of my friends to help me. In this unit, I learnt how to be safe in the lab and how nails rust. If I was to do this topic again, to make it easier for myself I would skip the lab report and write a reflection about the experiment because I really hate lab reports and because some of the things are very confusing to write in it. The skill I have acquired in this unit are my editing skills for iMovie because I was the one who edited our saftey video and I think that I have gotten much better at it.

My Favorite Cartoon Charecter: Jerry from Tom and Jerry

Jerry is my favorite because I think he is really cute and he’s such a little daredevil. I always used to watch that show when I was little and I still do sometimes. Jerry is a little mouse that is always fighting the Tom which is a cat because their enimies. I think he is also really funny as well. I don’t like Tom very much because hes not as funny, cool or interesting as Jerry is.

The creator of Tom and Jerry is Joseph Barbra and William Hanna. It was first created in 1940 and became very popular in the United States. After watching it on television in the united states, it had aalso started to become famous in other countrys such as China, United Kingdom, Argentina, India, Brazil and everywhere else in the world. It had became so popular that it had also won awards for the best cartoon show.

A reason why I chose this charecter is because he is the most cartoon charecter I know and the one that I love the most. Also because Jerry always won against Tom which is unfair for Tom except in one episode Tom and his little nephew Tuffy traped him.

The music they use in it is played by real instruments such as piano, violen, holmess bass and more. It was played in an orchestra and the music sound would go up and down.

Although jerry is my favorite, I really like Mordecai and Rigby from the Regular show. Mordecai is a blue jay and Rigby is a racoon. I find them really funny. They are groundskeepers at a park and a gumball machine, Benson is their mean boss. Its a really good show and its on cartoon netwrok.


here is what Jerry looks like…And here is what Tom looks like..

Take Me To Church Music Reflection

For this assignment, me, Sam, Tessa, Simran and Diya had to play Take Me to Church by Hozier because Sam knew how to play it on the guitar. Sam played guitar, Simran and me sang, Tessa played the piano and Diya played the drums. Singing wasn’t that difficult but it was really hard for me to sing loud. When we recorded it, it was fun.  It wasn’t hard to record it but was harder to practise it. We coaporated very well in our group and we got along very good. We agreed on most of the stuff. What didn’t go well was that sometimes it was hard to practise because I couldn’t sing very high or we mixed up. Also Diya wan’t there for 2 lessons so she had some catching up to do.To record it, we went into a another room and set it up so it actually looked like an actual studio and we hooked up the microphones so we could record everything and you can hear it better. The microphone was connected to the scarlett 2i2 and hooked up to garage band. In the background, you could hear the original song so you wouldnt get mixed up. We improved by singing better and working together. I think the ending result sounds very good and I think it’s awesome. It was really fun working with them and I thought that it was cool.




The Haunted School (Vengeance: The actual story)

My role in the process of making the horror movie is a script writer. As a script writer, I am responsible for writing the script for everyone with Tessa and Ronan. I believe our horror movie is going to become a sucsess because we all have been coaporating together very good and we all have been agreeing as the same thing. Also because we havn’t been folling around and we have been listening to one anothers ideas and giving out ideas and things we could do in the movie. The most exciting thing about this project is that were going to make a movie and I really like making movies and acting etc. Another thing I’m exciting about is that we can all work together and it’s really fun to write the script, get ready for the next scene and have group discussions about the movie. The biggest challenge we have to face is making sure everything fits together (so the script and the story line fits together) we don’t make the lines too long, and the lighting isn’t too light or too dark. My personal challenge is to make sure the script is very good and that evryone is in it and they at least have something to say. I look at my picture in this document and I think that I look more lonley than scary.

Displaying IMG_9830.JPG

Phileas Fogg Drama Workshop

I liked it and thought it was fun because I really like drama and the people were really funny. Also because I got to know a lot more about others like their birthdays and how old they are etc. I thought that speaking in front of others was a bit scary but once a did it, I felt confident and it was actually really fun. Speaking in front of others can really help you to become a more confident and become better at presenting something. Using body language shows how your feeling and the emotions your feeling. Working together is great so you get to know people more and you can coaporate with others. This could help me in school because for example I need to present a poster to the whole class, I would need to be confident and get used to speak in front of a big group.


The Milky Way…Its more than just a chocolate bar-Science Reflection

This unit was very fun. I really enjoyed learning about the milky way. The most thing I enjoyed in this unit was writing the essay about comparing two planets because I thought it was really fun and interesting to learn more about other planets. ( I choose Earth and Saturn)

What I found easy was writing the facts about planets in the beginning of the unit because it was really easy to just write down facts and learn about all the planets in the solar system. Also I found fun was making the poster about the 4 seasons because I thought that was really cool and fun.

What I found difficult was writing about the life cycle of a star because it was a bit hard to find and understand the information about a star.

When I got stuck or I didn’t know something, I usually would ask someone to help me or look it up although I never really got stuck.

In this unit I learnt about the solar system, all our planets, the galaxy, stars and the sun, the milky way, a light year even though we didn’t talk much about it, 4 seasons, day and night and the tilt of the Earth.

If I was to do this unit again, I would make it easier by each day we learn about one thing about the topic for example a light year and then at the end of the lesson write a little summary of what you have learnt or what it is about to remember everything. Before a test, you could look back and revise the papers.

The skills I have acquired and became better at were researching because I did a lot of researching to find out information about what is a light year and the life cycle of a star and more things. I don’t think I really need to work more on anything.

In all, I thought this was a very fun unit and I would like to do it again.

Drama Unit 2 ‘Shapes’ Exhibition

This unit was really fun and I enjoyed it a lot. We had to draw a picture of our favorite room in our house and draw symbols representing us. Then we had to show our drawings in an exhibition. To me, my room is my mini house. I learnt a lot from others and about them and about how to present things. To me, my room describes most of me but now that I have changed my room, it looks different and it represents me a lot more than it used to. My room was mostly white (because it is) and everything the way it should be. My three symbols I used were a purple peace sign because I bring peace and purple is one of my favorite color. My second symbol was a smiley face because I’m always happy except for when I fight with my brother. (then I get really mad) The last symbol I chose was a blue music note. I chose that because I listen to music all the time and when I’m listening to music, it really shows my emotions. The type of music I love to listen to is Pop and country. The other reason why I drew it blue is because it’s such a nice color and it’s relaxed color as well.


Dream House Project

The Research Report:

In this project, everybody works individual and we have to create and design our eco-friendly dream house. For the first part, we had to do a research report. It wasn’t easy or hard so it’s right in the middle. My favorite part was when we had to compare two eco-friendly houses because I thought it was fun. For a formative, we had to do all the steps for the research report and then the teacher gave us comments to correct our work so we can use the comments to improve. My least favorite part of the research report was the Annotated Bibliography because I thought that part wasn’t fun and it was boring. Also it was a bit confusing but then I got it in the end.