Electricity and Magnetism

In this previous unit we just finished, we learned about electricity and magnetism. It was very interesting to learn about this topic since we learn how some things work.

In this last unit I believe that I have worked hard enough to get myself some good grades, the last grade I got being a 7 out of 8. I think the majority of this reason is because it interested me and it was nice to learn about it. I studied really hard for the tests too which is another reason i think I did very well in this unit. Apart from all the assessments, I also think I did well in the class with the electricity board and that kind of stuff. Although sometimes I would have a hard time participating in the lesson, It went pretty well.

In this specific unit we had to draw a lot of diagrams. Diagrams of circuits. We had to draw these circuit diagrams with specific symbols and specific types of diagrams. I had learned these diagrams well and knew exactly how each was supposed to look which, is why I think I am good at drawing the circuit. I also learned all the symbols that went with the circuit diagram like the lightbulb, the amps, the volts…etc. Remembering and learning these things were easier then I expected although i’m not saying it was all easy. I do think I got good enough marks on my assessments and with the homework I did get some good comments and feedback from my teacher.


Something I definitevly need to work on is my attention to what we’re learning. With the slideshow I sometimes started daydreaming which has been a bad habit of mine since I was younger. Its getting better but sometimes I can’t help it which is why i’ve been trying to focus more lately. But Even with sometimes daydreaming a little I managed to get down all the notes and I reread them later just to make sure I wasn’t missing anything. I also think I should work more on my participation skills since I never asked any questions during a lesson. Luckily I did hand in my homework in time. I know I have to work on these things since I catch myself doing it and so do the people around me. People have also told me about this too and I’ve noticed it used to happen when I was younger too.


One of my targets is to improve my presentation skill in my book. To be able to present it in a nicer way although i’ve already been working on this lately. Another target of mine is to take an active part in the lesson. To be able to participate in a lesson is important since I think you remember more of it if you say it out loud and I’ve never really participated actively in Sience.

Achieving these targets is going to be hard since to achieve these I have to improve my attention in lesson which might take a while but as soon as I’ve got that it should be easy to achieve these targets.
I wouldn’t say that these kind of self assessments are going to help me in developing my science skills but it does make me realize what I should focus more on, so in that case it does help a little.


Osmosis reflection

 In this unit I enjoyed doing the experiment with the gummy bear. I like it because we worked with  a gummy bear although I wanted to eat it. I also liked finding out more about osmosis.

I think I was good at making the graphs and the diagrams on the laptop. I think I was good at this because although I spend a long time doing it, it came out pretty good and I did my best at it.

I found difficult understanding osmosis. I understand it now, but it was hard for me.

What helped me was looking back at other lab reports. It helped me because sometimes I didnt know what to write and looking at old lab reports brought back an idea to write.

This essay is going to be about one of my favourite cartoons and the role of music it plays.

One of my favourite cartoon tv show is Mickey Mouse. Not the new one, but the old one. Mickey Mouse is really famous. It is about a mouse and his friends, who are, Donald duck, minnie mouse, goofy and pluto, and every episode has a different story to it. There are a lot of other movies and shows also about Mickey mouse, and so they made stories of his adventures on comic books and even video games.

It is known for many reasons and one of those is the music they use. It uses music that fits with every scene. When there is a scene where he has to sneak around, there is a mysterious kind of music. Or when there is a happy scene there is a catchy music piece witch gets you humming along. The music is sometimes also used as a special effect. For example when he runs there is a really fast music piece playing.

Mickey mouse (the modern one) is in colour but the old one is in black and white, as you can see in the picture.

Recording song reflection

In this unit we did a lot of fun stuff. We formed two bands. Me, diya, Sam, Simran and Anabelle. And Young, Simon, and Ashley were in one team. We did ‘Take me to church’. Diya played the drums, Sam the guitar, I played the piano and Anabelle and Simran sang the song.

When we practiced enough we recorded it on garage band. We recorded it separately, and we had the song in the background so we wouldn’t lose the beat, and had the timing right and not all wrong although we did practice once or twice before recording it.

We went really good and worked hard as group and if we needed more practice we would help each other and give each other tips. What didn’t go too well was the practicing because sometimes the microphone wouldn’t work or they sang to low or i forgot what I had to play and the timing was also really bad. But we did learn something from it which is good. We did improve our skills with music which is also really good.

The result of our song is pretty good I think. I am not sure what the others think about it but i am sure they like it too, just like I do. We did our best and practiced as much as we could, we learned some things that might come in useful later.

I hope the next unit we do is just as fun, can’t wait :p



Drama Reflection

In this unit we are making a really cool horror movie of about 5 to 10 mins. I am the script writer with Anabelle and Ronan is helping us. As a script writer I have to make sure everyone gets lines, memoriezes them and does the right action with them. I also have to make up the story a bit more detailed, luckily I have help.

I think our horror movie is going to succeed because we are all well prepared and are really doing our best. The most exiting thing about this project is how the movie is going to turn out.                                                                                                                                 The best idea I had were some lines for the script, we are making it realistic and normal. And some of the lines really fit with the person.

The biggest challenge we have to face is class work, cooperation. We always talk over each other and sometimes we are mean to each other which is a challenge to make this. We are getting better though. My personal challenge is the writing part, it is hard to think of a line that will go with the person and when is the right time to say it, and of course what to say.

We took pictures last lesson, scary ones. When I looked at mine I could see I could have done better, but I do look scary which is an achievement and I am happy with the result.



Thank you for reading 🙂

Phileas Fogg Drama Workshop

Last week on a Thursday after lunch we went into a class room with MYP2 and MYP3. Two people were standing there, Jen and Peter. They were from England and were here to give us a Drama workshop. They already went to a few schools. They explained us what we were going to do. We were going to learn how to present in a confident way, but first we played some trust games. Like something with a blindfold and you had to let someone else guide you. Then we had to stand in order from the tallest to the shortest. Then from the from the birth dates (without counting the year) and then we had to do from biggest house number to smallest house number.                                                                     After all of this we got put into groups and then we got a random name and we had to make a commercial of an invented product with the name we were given.

It was really, really fun to do this. I learned a lot about how to perform and stand confident. I also trust people a bit more. I also think I am better at Drama now, more confident.

Reflection on science Unit: The milky way- More then just a Chocolate bar

This unit was fun, I enjoyed learning about the planets, stars, galaxies and the milky way it self.  Some facts where mind blowing, some of them I didn’t know and I really thought, wow.                                                                                                                                    I found it easy to remember the things I learned because it was something I really looked forward to, learning about the planets..etc.

I didn’t find anything difficult really. Maybe its because I have had a unit like this before where I learned the same.  I didn’t get stuck much but in the summative I did sometimes. I thought about what would make sense and thought back about what I had learned in this unit.

In this unit I learned a lot. About Galaxies, The milky way, lots of stars, why we have day and night and the four seasons. I also learned about the planets and all those things about space like, supernova’s, how other planets are known as, I even learned a mnemonic of how to remember the order of the planets.

If I were to make this topic easier for myself I would have made a mind map about what I already know, and then learning more new things, this would make it easier to learn new things. To make it easier to remember things I would watch videos of the planets or the stars and take as much notes as possible and read them over and over again.

I think I am better at remembering things now and what I should do if I get stuck. I am probably better at decorating and writing on posters now, because I know what to do if something goes wrong.

I think I should work on studying a bit more because I barely studied for the test. And I should also work on finding good information I could use for in posters because it took me really long to find some.



What I drew represents…


This unit was called Shapes. We learned all different things. We drew our favourite room but I drew a small part of it.  Then we had to draw signs of what made us who we are. I drew a peace sign, because I am peaceful mostly. I drew a smiley face on the table because I am mostly happy. I also drew a scorpion because it is my star sign. It is also pretty strong and I am too, it is full of confidence and I stay with my own decisions with confidence mostly. These signs make who I am.


Reflection: Dream house research report

This is a reflection on the Dream house research report. It is the first step of this unit because we are not even close to the end of this unit!!!!  In this research report we basically made a plan of what we were going to do. First we had to answer some questions, then we had to make questions our own called guiding questions. After we made the guiding questions we had to research the questions and find a good source that answers your question. After all of this you get two pictures of one house that is as eco friendly as possible or at least look eco friendly. First you have to compare them and then you have to choose one of them and write why you choose that house. Now you have to write the design brief which you have to answer the questions of the five W’s. This is what we have been doing these last few weeks and it has been fun till now, can’t wait to ge to the next part!!!!!

Reflection on Rather Be

These last few weeks we have been recording a song on the piano in pairs. I was with Anabelle a.k.a Smella. We recorded a lot but then we found out it was all wrong so we had to record it all over again and we didn’t get much done this time unfortunately. But the good thing is we had a lot of team work going on and it was fun to do although we got distracted a lot. We worked together because we decided who was going to do what but we also helped each other and gave each other some small tips. We changed the parts pretty much but it was ok because we made sure we both agreed on everything. The final result is not the best because of all the trouble we had recording and how we got distracted so much. We did do our best on this to get it done but then everything was wrong and that made us really panic and maybe thats another reason we didn’t get much done.