Should the structure of the periodic table be changed?

The periodic table is structured in a particluar and smart way. This is why I don’t think that the periodic table should be changed.

It is very smart that there are groups and it makes the periodic table organised. Although, you do have to learn how to read it otherwise you would not know the pattern. Also in each group the the reactivity of the elements are listed from up to down or down to up. This makes it easier to read the periodic table and to memorise the order. For example, you have to learn about it in school, or at work. Each element in the periodic table also has it’s own atomic number, it’s own symbol and it’s own atomic mass, because of his you can recognise it easier and better. Another subject is that already lots of people know about the periodic table how it is now and if somebody were to change it, then everybody would be confused and have to learn it again. It also helps study’s and therefor it would to be handy to change the order of it.



Top five loved and hated songs? reflection

The five song I absolutely love are:

1: Counting Stars by One Republic – I like this song because I like the voices of the people who are singing and the instruments. Also it gives me a good and energetic feeling.


2: Rosana by Wax – I like this song because of the rapping and the melody of the song. The lyrics of the song are funny and catchy. It also gives me an energetic feeling and I feel like dancing along.



3: Changes (Radio edit) by Faul & Wad Ad & Pnau – I like this song because it uses the DJ set and I like the trumpet that is being used. It also gives me an energetic felling and I feel like dancing along.


4: Stolen Dance by Milky Chance – I like this song because of the melody and the lyrics are catchy. It gives me a good feeling and I like the voices of the people singing.

5: Same Love by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis – I like this because the lyrics are important and people can learn to accept it. It addresses me because I like girls and it gives me a good felling. I think the lyrics are also catchy an it is easy to sing.

The five songs that I absolutely hate are: 

1: I hate the songs of Taylor Swift because it gives me the feeling that i’m 1o years old. I also don’t like the atmosphere of her songs and the melody.


2: I hate the songs of Selena Gomez because the most of her songs are about love and there all playing it safe . There not really catchy and the melody isn’t nice.

3: I hate the songs of Justin Bieber because the lyrics are stupid and don’t really make sense. The melody’s of the songs are never nice.

4: I hate the songs of One Direction because there always about love or girly stuff and the atmosphere’s of the songs are too slow.


5: I hate the songs of AC/DC because it’s hard rock and I think hard rock it too much and I hate the atmosphere of har rock.

The Big History unit Reflection

The Big History unit

The unit was called The Big History unit. Some subjects in this unit I enjoyed and some I didn’t. I liked learning about the earth. To be specific, the four main layers of the earth. I also liked the learning about the natural selection. I knew I was was good at these subjects because I understood these well and didn’t need help much. What I didn’t like is learning about the DNA because I thought it was kind of confusing. When I got stuck I looked it up on the internet to see if I could find the answer or explanation. If I could not find it on the internet I asked other students or the teacher. In this unit I learnt how to make a scientific essay. I also learnt organising and understanding. Although I learnt some understanding, I do think I could work more on it because I don’t always understand  everything that well. Just a bit. I can achieve this target by practicing it and writing the information that we get down.

Recording a Song “Young, wild & Free”

In this unit we had to record a song that we liked and play some of the instruments in the song. We chose the song “Young, wild and Free” from “Snoop dog feat. Bruno Mars” because I really like the rapping in it and it is not electric. The song is just singing and instruments and not DJ stuff.  I like the rhythm, the beat of the song and the melody as well. In my group were three people including me. Their names were Jonah, Miguel and of course me. While rehearsing we had to play instruments of course. Miguel was doing the piano, Jonah was the computer man (So, he was recording the instruments we playing on GarageBand)  and I was playing the drums. Though we also sang the rapping and the main verse. We did not sing all of the rapping because it was a lot but we did do most of it. While the recordings we started with the singing. We sang only the main verse. After we began to record the piano that Miguel was playing. Finally we did the rapping, we did it as last because that was the hardest. I think the recording went quite well because we were cooperating well and we had fun making it. Though sometimes we did get distracted. I thought that recording the song and making the song on Garageband went well because we were concentrated and calm. I thought that the practicing didn’t go that well because we were distracted. To improve the project I think we should not be making jokes and be distracted when we are practicing or recording. I think that the results we have now on the song is good because you can recognise its the song “Young, Wild and Free” and I like the melody of it.

The link of the song we made is here:



Reflection environment ISB

This unit we had to do choose a object that we wanted to change. I chose the lockers because I wanted them to look a bit nicer and to look less boring.

This unit went very well so far because I thought it was easy and understandable. If I needed help I asked other students or the teacher.

I really liked the category “Develop a design specification” because here we were allowed to choose all the specifications that we wanted the locker to be like and how the locker was going to be designed. 

What I didn’t really like was the category “Annotated bibliography” because sometimes it was quite hard to find some sources that suited the subject.

The things we had to do were very interesting. I thought that this helped me with developing creativity.

Summative Amelie song recording

This unit we had to  perform the song from Amelie. I worked Jessica and Oliver. Jessica and me would do the background sound and Oliver would do the main part. When we were playing the background music we choose to play it n the same keyboard and at the same time. Oliver just did his own part. We recorded it at the end and I think it came out well. It came out well because the tempo of everybody was in sync and it sounded good.

We all practiced individually on the keyboard. We practiced a few times before we could do it. After that we started recording.

We improved the recording by making sure that the tempo everybody had was in sync and that the whole song sounded fabulous.

Although the recording didn’t go quite well because we had to work on the tempo very long so that everybody had the same tempo.

It went really well with practicing because we worked well, while having fun in doing it.

Human reproduction

This unit was called “Human reproduction.” We learnt about the male reproduction system and the female reproduction system. We also kind of learnt how to read and make a graph.

Normally I  like to learn about new topics and subject but this unit was not really appealing to me because I thought it was quite disgusting. Although the graphs I didn’t really mind because they were quite fun to make and the were interesting.

What I did not always understand was what happened in the process when the sperm went to the egg and what happened after that. Sometimes I was confused with that subject. Although at the end I could understand it.

I did understand all of the information. I didn’t really like it but it was quite easy.

When I got stuck while making something I just looked back into my book. If that really didn’t help then I just asked the teacher and she helped me very well.

In this unit I learned how to name all of the important words and how to name the objects that were shown.


Cultural slam week Reflection

Cultural slam week!

Monday: This day we did a cooking clinic, where we made crepes and croissants. After cooking we had a treasure hunt in Breda city and we had to walk a lot. We had to find specific monuments and answer a question about it.

Tuesday: We went to Antwerpen to visit a Museum. After that we had a city tour but we did have to walk a lot.

Wednesday:  Wednesday was the Service and Action day where we went to an animal farm and helped them with everything.

Thursday: We went to he Chasse film festival and we watched Billy Elliot. Later on in the afternoon we did workshops.

Friday: We went to a church in Breda city and visited shops. The people in the shops told us interesting thins about the shop. We took photos of them and put them on Instagram.

The subject I learnt about the most was Antwerpen because the museum was full of history and the the city tour was told a lot about Belgium and Antwerpen.

I liked the Chasse film festival because the movie was touching and interesting. After that we had the workshops and that I really like because it was fun and amusing.

What I didn’t like was the Antwerp’s museum and the city tour because it was quite boring and we had to walk a lot.

Next year I would like to do less walking. I wouldn’t know what I like to change next year because the things I did not like are actually important.


Unit 2: Breaking the sound barrier.

This unit’s name was “Breaking the sound barrier.” We learnt about different types of triangles, for example: “Dad’s silly triangle.” We also learnt quite a lot about graphs, with a content speed, acceleration or declaration. As last we also learnt about forces.

In this unit I enjoyed working with the triangles. We mostly had to work out the speed of an object. I also liked working together, because in some of the tasks we had to work together and I really enjoyed that.

I was quite good at the forces and the boat that was accelerating, decelerating or moving in a constant speed. Also I was good at the graphs. I knew I was good at this because when the teacher explained it in the class I understood it well and I didn’t have a lot of questions.

Sometimes when I was doing the calculations of the triangles (Dad’s silly triangle) I thought it was quite difficult because I didn’t understand it and I was a bit muddled up.

When I got stuck on a question or calculation my notebook helped me because I wrote everything down in my notebook. Also if I did’t understand it I sometimes just asked the teacher or the other students that did understand it.

In this unit I learned the skills of working together. We did this very often. I also learned a little sentences to help me remember the things we learned.

I think that I could look back at the triangles because sometimes I didn’t get it. I didn’t think this was very hard but a little.

Reflection: How to become a popstar

Hello blog readers,

In Unit 2 we had to perform a song that already existed. We chose a song from “Bastille.” We had to make this song in groups. My group consisted out of Annalies, Jessica, Miguel, Jonah and of course Pleun (me). The song we performed was: “Pompeii by Bastille.” Annalies and Jessica did the singing of the song, Jonah did the piano part, I did the drums part and Miguel was the computer technician guy.

I thought it went quite well and everything was truly good because we didn’t have any trouble and we didn’t have any hurdles. Although I did think that when we did the recording, it didn’t go well, because some people in our group were messing around.

I thought the communication in our group was better than I thought because I thought that everybody would be messing around and chatting the whole time. But the communication in our group was nice because we are all friends and we didn’t have any complications with working together.

In this unit I learnt how to make a good song by filling the instruments in by students and not just listening to the real instruments.

Normally I listen to this song on spotify but because we performed this song with our own twist I like it even better now.

In the time we got for recording and just practicing nearly te whole group did there work. We practicing a few times a day but when we had Music.

When we were recording it, it went good because we didn’t have to do it lots of times after each other and we didn’t have to think about making mistakes.

If I had to change it and do it again I wouldn’t do anything differently because it all was fantastic. The only thing I could think of is changing the song and maybe do the song with another group, but for the rest I would not know.

Our group chose for this song “Pompeii from Bastille” by reason of that “Pompeii is a really catchy song and the song is a touching subject. I think “Pompeii” is supposed to be a sad song but aswell quite compassionate.

The link to my song is: