Earth Hour Reflection

Last Saturday I participated in the global Earth Hour. This was where we turned off the lights for an hour and got as many people on different social medias to contribute to this cause. Earth Hour was an event started by the World Nature Fund to promote and raise awareness for global warming and climate change. On its Facebook page it even gives examples of different ways to contribute to this event. I demonstrated initiative in this project because I chose to share and post different things on my social media pages to attract others to it. It also showed global value as climate change is a widespread, global issue and people from across the planet should reach out to help and support the organisation. It was a challenge for me particularly because my parents kept trying to turn the lights on when they were going to other rooms. It was also me who remembered to turn the lights off while we they were watching television. This showed my commitment to the cause and also my understanding of raising awareness, both online and in reality with my family members.

Physics, Light Unit Questions


I think that money should be spent on trying to discover a particle able to move faster than light. Firstly, the universe is expanding. Using our understanding of light, the spectrum, wavelengths and light rays there is a general possibility to figure this out. So there must be one person on this planet that can be able to actually make this potential discovery. Ironically, it just takes time. It’s evident that the technology of our modern world is constantly and ceaselessly advancing which means that the impossible can be possible in the future. Of course, to be realistic, if too much money is spent and if the research is rushed than we’ll get nowhere. I believe that if existent and beneficial steps are being made in this discovery, than yes, money should be spent on it. If this discovery can benefit us more than just scientifically, I support the funding and the measures made to reveal this future possibility.

“Galaxies aren’t moving through space and away from each other but with space—like raisins in a rising loaf of bread.” – Sarah Fecht



I think that time travel will be existent sometime in the future. Whether that is in a century or in a decade, I believe that it will be existent. Maybe, time travel is not something that scientists strive to uncover, it could be related to the scientific elements of it, such as the speed of light (as stated in the video of Stephen Hawkins). With all the movies that have been made about time travel it’s difficult to perceive it as a serious, potential future possibility. Based on the movies, I don’t really think that it is desirable to discover how to travel in time. As time is a precious and fragile thing, I think that ‘if it went into the wrong hands’ it would go to waste. I do think that the possibilities are limitless and so it’s hardly fair to ignore the reality that time travel has been so talked and possible. If someone would take it more seriously than just a cinematic dream, it could work. Truthfully, I wouldn’t want to be there to stick around as the prime source of conflict in those movies is always time.

“See you in the future. Or the past. Or anywhere! Time travel has no rules (yet).” – Trace William Cowen

Economics Reflection

Mind your Own Business

I personally think that this unit was quite beneficial for my economical knowledge and understanding. I learnt a great deal of new terms and vocabulary which I hadn’t known before and for me, I felt like understanding the formulas of things like the revenue (etc.) and planting this in a chart (on Excel) is very significant in the subject. To be more specific, I think that the bake sale was a lot to handle in the first few weeks of the unit and the fact that the available time was limited put a lot of pressure on my team and I. However, I do think that it tested our skills in different areas (the ATL skills) and that we had the ability to demonstrate them properly to acquire our highest potential grade.

I enjoyed making the report for the Nike finances because it enabled me to look closer into the millions and billions of a company I am interested in. Hence, it let me both investigate economically into a company and also look deeper into the different types of finance strategies. Something I am also very fascinated by, which we briefly covered, was marketing and advertising. This is something I would want to learn more about in the following units. From the three options I also would like to grow my understanding of international economics or marketing and advertising. These are topics that I find fascinating and might want to pursue in the future. Thus, I’d like to get a larger perspective on them in order to make clear and logical decisions.

Inquiry Questions – Safety First Unit 1

Is being courageous set back by all safety rules?

Safety rules are there to protect us from any dangerous situations and to guide us. I do understand that these rules are there for a reason and that we should all follow them because they are there to help us but I do think that they can limit us from acting out and helping others. If another person is in danger and they are hurting themselves while still trying to follow the rules they should stop. Thus, I don’t think that we need to strictly follow them, even though safety is necessary in the sciences. I think that we, as students, should adapt to them and adjust them depending on the situations we are in. I am not suggesting for people to not follow the safety rules because they are significantly important and should be acknowledged under any circumstances.

Should I be brought to school by car?

I bike two times per (school week) and on the remaining three days I travel by car. When I bike to school, commonly on Tuesdays and Thursdays, it takes around 45 minutes to cover  the 9 km. This means that I would bike around 12 km/h, which is quite slow. When I travel to school by car we cover the 9 km in approximately 15 minutes, which makes my average speed in the car 36 km/h.

I travel by car because we live quite far away from school and I often still need to do some stuff in the morning and biking limits my time because we need to leave early. I sometimes, twice a week, travel by bike because my mom forces me too.

The advantages of biking are that it is exercise and healthy and it limits pollution. It also gives me more freedom, for example, when I want to go to the city after school I can and not have to worry about car transport and my mom not being available. The disadvantages of biking is that after 45 minutes of biking, prior to even starting school, I am already tired and my ‘enthusiasm’ for school is not exceedingly high. The advantages of going by car is that it is more efficient and quicker, while it also gives me more time in the morning to have some time for myself. Still, going by a car means polluting the air with unhealthy car emissions and there is still a risk of getting into an accident.

MultiGenre Reflection

I think that I’ve come really far. Looking back at my inspiration and idea posts I think that I have properly developed my idea in the way that I wanted it to. I can’t say that I’m now a completely different person as a result of this project, but I can say that I have figured out things about myself that I wasn’t aware of which do have a significant influence in me as a person.

The global context that I selected, prior to starting my first genre, was identities and relationships. I chose this global context because I thought that loneliness heavily influenced the aspects listed under this global context.

Identities and RelationshipsIdentity, beliefs and values; personal, physical, mental, social and spiritual health; human relationships including families, friends, communities and cultures; what it means to be human etc. 

Now that I look back at my project I don’t think that the global context had an impact on my decisions throughout this project. I perhaps obliviously interpreted it in a genre but it was not something that I thought about when making my genres. Thus, it didn’t guide or shape my project development and maybe that’s how I wanted it to be. If I had chosen a global context that wasn’t suitable for my project I would have struggled to blend it into my project. I think I thought of my global context as more of a sub-topic that I already merged into my topic.

My original goal when starting this project was truthfully rather indefinite. I simply aspired to learn about loneliness, and thinking about it now I probably did have a hidden goal that I didn’t mention. I wanted to figure out these odd suspicions that I had about what exactly I was feeling. I consider myself quite lucky that my assumptions were right because then the project might have been very different. Therefore, I did meet my goal and I also met a few personal goals.

I believe that the main ATL skills that I have developed throughout this project were self-management and thinking. I’m proud of the fact that I did finish the project and that I was actually satisfied with the result. I’m commonly not exceedingly pleased with my final product or the final draft because I want it to be perfect. Maybe because this project was more personal or because it was a project where we could choose our topic. Throughout this project I think that I have been open-minded and a thinker. I have tried to search for more perspectives in my project through Tumblr and I do think that I have been a thinker through the way that I researched and produced my genres.

I really enjoyed making the project but I am quite glad that it is over! I’m genuinely satisfied with my final product/project and that means a lot to me. 

World Water Day

How many times did you use water + for what?
I used water around 10 times in one day. The primary uses were for flushing a toilet and drinking water. Other smaller and more inconsistent uses were for washing my hands, face, brushing my teeth and taking a shower.
How can I save water?
I can save water by not improving my ‘lifestyle’ or water use but pointing out the faults in my family’s water use. I know that some of my family members shower for a long time and I know that a lot of water is used to wash the cars and water the plants. Therefore, our family’s water can be reduced if we started being more sufficient with these activities. For example, not using the hose when washing the car, not showering for over 10 minutes. However, we do have a water tank that collects the rain so we do not need to worry about wasting water on the plants.
Why would you want to save water?
Saving water can benefit everyone. If I save water, even if it is such a small scale change, I can help save money and sustain our water supply so that we can have it for more years.

Service and Action Reflection

In this service and action activity MYP4 succeeded in sorting the food at the food bank. We had to first separate the expired food from the non-expired food, and then separate those into specific categories. I learned some more useful team work skills, mainly based around cooperation. I also gained knowledge on checking labels, filling boxes and separating products. I thought that we spent our time productively and I think that what we did really helped out the food bank because it was a time-consuming activity. MYP4 worked well together and I think that even though this was much like a last option, it was a good activity and it was suitable for today’s circumstances.

Context Blog Post : MG Project

My research question is : What is loneliness? This question has a few sub-questions which I will be focussing on. These questions surround the existence of loneliness, the psychological aspects. My curiosity is split between the psychological side of my topic and the more intimidate and emotional side of loneliness. The global context I have chosen is identities and relationships. I chose this because I know that this global context is about questioning things such as someone’s beliefs, identity, values and personal relationships. I think that there is an inevitable connection between this global context and my topic considering that loneliness makes someone question who they are.

“You can’t savor all the… little emotions. In… you see, in their last moments, people show you who they really are. So in a way, I know your friends better than you ever did.”– The Joker

I know that this might be a little inappropriate for a quote, considering the negativity laced through this character’s speech, but I think that loneliness and identity is a lot like this. In a person’s final moments before death their identity, through desperation, is revealed. When someone realises how loneliness they are, they question their identity. I think a lot of things can make a person question their identity. I’d like to research more into the connection between loneliness and identity.

“Loneliness can negatively encourage people to ask themselves who they are. It can cause people to lose their sense of identity.” – Me

I think that my vision for this project will change. Nevertheless, at this moment I think that  my vision for this project is that I want it to be touching and maybe moving, yet not too personal or too intruding. I want to focus on writing and maybe the use of an artistic element. I hope to develop my vision throughout the project.


Multigenre Projects Inspiration

“The Rose”, by Ellen Conrad

This was a multigenre product surrounding someone’s feelings and thoughts towards their passed away grandmother. The theme is directed towards love and loss but there is also a medical component to it. The project holds a lot of poems and pieces of text related to this woman’s grandmother. There are medical definitions of the grandmother’s sickness and even extracts from the Bible. I really liked how the poems were presented in the project. Some of them had little text but expressed the author’s feelings vividly. The piece of text, I think it was called ‘Lucy’, that described a person in only a limited amount of words was very inspiring. It was like a compacted poem. I could use that when maybe describing a specific aspect of my topic. A strategy used in this project was the use of the word ‘she’. It was constantly repeated in every genre and I thought that was really nice, considering that the project was about the grandma. It felt like the entire project was a remembrance piece which is partly saddening but immensely moving and inspiring.

“Cross Dressing and Disney” 

This project was based on gender barriers and cross-dressing in Disney. The project held poems, a recipe, an informative text on cross-dressing and more interactive pages. What really stood out was how interactive it all was. Everywhere you clicked something would move. I think this would be nice to try: researching websites that allow you to make interesting interactive pages. I might try that for one of my informative genres. The format was maybe a bit confusing, but the introductory letter was mildly helpful and it did show a table with contents.


I really liked this project. The theme and topic might have been very downcast and miserable, the interpretation of art was something I really liked. The project has poems, drawings, letters, informative texts (I think it was an essay), an application, a website that described how to achieve death and much more. The project was clearly very personal and it somehow felt as if I was somehow intruding. I don’t want to make my project too personal that people that read feel as if they are intruding or feel uncomfortable because I want it to be an open project. By this I mean that I want others to feel like they can gain knowledge from my project but also interpret their own opinions and thoughts into my subject (if they want to). I liked the idea of the drawings with a little bit of text, I thought it was very expressive and artistic.