Earth Hour 2016

IMG_0843 IMG_0844On March 18th, 2016, I participated in Earth Hour. From 8:30 to 9:30 PM, I shut off all the lights in my house and promoted this with the use of Snapchat. It was an hour of appreciating the environment and recognising the impact of global warming and climate change on the world. I think Earth Hour is under-appreciated by the majority of people; it  should be something that entire school’s participate in as a community. I demonstrated Global Value by demonstrating my involvement with Earth Hour and the commitment I had when shutting off all the lights for 60 minutes. This event has taught me to appreciate the environment more and reduce on forms of energy that are un-necessary.

I showed initiative through social media encouragement by publicly sharing images on Snapchat and Facebook during the Earth Hour. It demonstrates my awareness because I acknowledged the issues of global warming through my contribution.

Comment on Videos: True or False? 

I believe that the lemon video is false. A lemon isn’t a source of energy and would need contributing factors like zinc or copper to get an actual reaction. The other video, with the pickle, is true because the source of energy is emitted directly from the electricity outlet. Regardless of the substance it is connected to, the exposed wires within the chord will always have electricity transmitted through them when plugged into an outlet.

Debatable Chemistry Question

Is being courageous set back by all safety rules?

Safety rules are there to be acknowledged and valued. Being courageous doesn’t require breaking any rules, there are limits, however taking risks can be done safely. Nobody wants to risk their own safety to simply be seen as a risk taker. Safety is necessary, especially in an environment where experimenting can be dangerous.

Pros of safety rules are the clear descriptions of materials in a laboratory environment. Students can always turn to the safety rules to understand the actions that need to be made to preserve the welfare of all students.

Cons of the safety rules are the un-fufilling of the IB Learner profile, which requires students to be risk takers. The students can be risk takers but with certain restrictions.

However, personally I believe students should always abide by the safety rules to maintain a safe environment and avoid accidents.

Speed Up – Unit Reflection

Reflection Unit Speed Up

One useful aspect during this unit was the practice sheets that offered a lot of examples for the preparation of the test. Even though I do believe I can improve my grades, these sheets provide assistance and information regarding the unit test. The sheets did help me a lot, it would have been better if I knew the correct answers instead of assuming that mine were correct and reliable. The sheets were both helpful and unhelpful because I continued to lose them, perhaps that is just a personal mishap. But thankfully they were all uploaded onto Managebac so I didn’t have to worry about their absence. I’m not entirely sure what I missed during this unit because I have never before studied speed in such a broad sense. One strength was the calculating of either Speed, Distance or Time with the easy examples. It is quite an effortless act to remember the triangle that calculates these three important factors. My weakness is my lack of understanding for converting the units. A simple conversion is doable but I had a complete mind blank during the test and panicked. Another weakness would be how I rarely am able to look into a question. For example, the question with Suzanne and Robert was difficult for me because I had never previously viewed questions like that. So I was more or less unprepared for it. To improve this weakness, I should’ve looked into an elaborate explanation of questions that incorporate speed, instead of the basics.

All the factual questions concerning speed have been answered, I do understand the overall concept of the unit. I never knew how to measure speed, distance or time with the simple use of a triangle. Nor did I know anything about acceleration and velocity. We can decelerate by the use of car brakes. Along with the fact that our feet aren’t roller skates, our bodies can stop when running whenever we like. Whilst when roller skating it is much harder, that is when gravity and ground friction becomes involved. I do think I need more information about the deceleration of an object. I mean we just learned about speed, we might as well acquire knowledge of the opposite force. Perhaps there is an alternate triangle to gather the information of slowing down.

I do believe that I was a ‘thinker‘ during this unit. I’ve had to analyse worksheets and use knowledge of previous studies to complete them. It requires logical thinking as a learner profile. We were also inquirers, because we had to question the assignments. Overall, I believe that this unit was very useful and will in all likelihood benefit me in the future. Speed is a foundation to future units.

Debatable Question

My ride to school varies, on longer days I take the car, which is on Monday and Wednesday. That also includes rainy days or snow days. Then on the other days I bike to school. By bike it takes me 45 minutes, while by car it takes 17 minutes. My bike route is 9 kilometres, which means 18 kilometres everyday and 1 and a half hour of biking. While by car the distance is 10 kilometres. The speed of my bicycle on my ride to school is 12 kilometres per hour. By car the speed is around 35 kilometres per hour as it covers more distance in a shorter period of time. I take the car on the long days because when I bike, I have little time left in the afternoon to do work and the long days are very tiring. However, on the other days, my mom forces me to bike and I don’t have a choice but to bike. The advantages of going by car is that it requires much less energy and it is a lot faster than by bike. The disadvantage is that the car fuels global warming and it isn’t a positive contribution to the environment. The advantages of biking is that I get a form of exercise without actually going to the gym. As well as helping the environment, biking doesn’t use gas nor pollute the environment. The disadvantage of biking is that I put a lot of energy into biking and it tires me out before school. When it is warm, you can get really sweaty and when it is cold, it is absolutely freezing. My mom always encourages me to bike more because it is better for my body and for the environment.

Multigenre Reflection

Multigenre project. An extensive research project that requires pure curiosity and creativity. It was a thorough investigation assignment that I’d never previously completed. It was definitely overwhelming to hold the responsibility of selecting your own topic without any guidance or suggestions. Primarily because this project relied on your personal curiosity, not someone else’s. Whilst I was brainstorming to think of creative ideas that would exhibit my personality and what I’m interested in, I discovered the concept of fame. What really is it? A group of allegedly gifted individuals that exist in an exclusive community? Perhaps my liking of One Direction is what encouraged me to choose this topic, Fame. It struck me that fame hasn’t been identical to what it was previously. Therefore, the decision to choose Orientation in Space & Time was an easy decision. I grew up listening to ABBA and Guns N’ Roses, a rather odd combination yet it reflects my childhood. I quickly realised that the knowledge of ‘celebrities‘ lies on someone’s childhood and background. Thus, why I was thrilled to quiz several of my classmates regarding their understanding of 51 different celebrities. I branched all my other genres off that quiz, emphasising on the significance of the global context.

My initial goal was to discover fame in its timeless sense. To explore the difference of its altered and adjusted definition. I think that I did meet this goal and have established an understanding of what it is like to live in the 21st century and aspire to become famous. As I’ve stated in my dear reader letter, fame is a label and goal. Which it shouldn’t be. During my research on the media source of Tumblr, I learned that multiple individuals believed that fame wasn’t something that they wished for. Their statements offered a different perspective to what I was seeking. I came to realise that if I do want to become famous, I want to be a positive influence and remain myself even with the media’s attention.

I truly believe that this project has provided research experience that will become useful in future assignments. I don’t believe that I would change anything that I did, because this project was an experience that I required to undergo to prepare myself for the personal project. Another comprehensive research project that demands pure curiosity and interest, something I’m incredibly anxious about. During the multi genre project I found myself losing interest in the topic, however when it came to a close, I discovered that it was the time that made my curiosity falter. The project is quite long, for that reason, I’m rather afraid of the personal project and how I’m going to choose a topic that I’m endlessly interested in.  probably should’ve re-read all my rationales and genres, however this is my first multi-genre project and I’ve learned how to format both an MLA bibliography and rationale document. So I feel successful in that specific area of research.

My range of approach to learning has definitely expanded. I’ve learned to produce research that has successfully inspires seven different genres. I thought creatively when producing these pieces and criticising them along the way. I also discovered that I have somehow been influenced by my sister’s perfectionism and feel necessitated to criticise my own work until I don’t like it anymore.  Overall, I believe that this project was incredibly interesting and offered me a perspective into what the personal project will be like. I feel grateful for this experience and I’ve enjoyed researching fame and the people that fall under its category. I hope that whoever reads my project feels encouraged and involved with the genres.  

World Water Day – Water Log

Blog Post – Water Use

I woke up at 7:30 in the morning and used the toilet, flushing it once and washing my hands. My mother had already run the dishwasher. Then I washed my hands subsequent to petting my dog. I continued to wash my hands after cuddling with my dogs once after the first time. Then I went to the toilet after lunch and drank one glass of water. I washed my hands before dinner and drank one glass of water. I had a seven minute shower. We then had tea, which also requires water. Then I brushed my teeth and went to bed. I believe that my family could save water by lessening the time period of shower and decrease it to solely five minutes. I think we are already successful in helping the environment because we have solar panels which provide energy for our electricity. On the subject of saving water, my family should generally focus on the lessening of showering, tap water and unnecessary plant watering. We also own a water tank which collects rain water and is a much more natural resource than tap water. This rain water is primarily used to water the plants and save the tap water. We also place tap water in bottles in the fridge to cool it and have cold water, so we don’t have to purchase water bottles from the store. I want to save water because it will benefit the environment. The welfare of the environment is essential to the survival of humans, without clean water, the environment is more at risk of pollution. I wish to encourage everyone to decrease on water and genuinely think of the world without water.

Reflection l Service & Action Foodbank

On Wednesday, 28th of January we, as the MYP 4 class, went to the food bank to help out. I learned to work cooperatively as a team to give us an advantage in sorting the food. It went much faster as a team which we discovered while passing around soup cans, spaghetti packages and coffee. I think that our class worked very well together both in the preparation and the actual sorting of the food supplies.I learned that organizing food doesn’t go as fast ad we presumed. However with the fast moving rice, everything went much faster than we all expected. Overall, I thought it wasn’t all that bad and we had fun, despite the cold. We had accomplished a lot of organizing in only 3-4 hours, I personally think it went great. I do think our pre-organization could’ve been better but it wasn’t our fault because we continued getting dismissed.

Global Context l Final Research Question MGP

My chosen Global Context is Orientation in time and Space, which is a context that isn’t specifically related to my initial topic of fame. However, after exploring it in a broader range, I discovered the amount of smaller fragments that can be taken from one Global Context. I remain skeptical on the idea of leaving Identities and Relationships because that is a significant aspect of my project. It will remain important to my Multi-Genre project but I will only incorporate minor facets of this context to show a variety of Global Contexts. My final research question is: What is it to be famous? Despite that final decision, I wish to focus on the smaller features and questions behind it. Several questions that relate back to Orientation in time and Space are: How has the concept of fame changed over the years? How have those who were famous in the past changed to those who are famous now? This question is very vague, it means that in the past, those who were famous had done a great deed that was publicly recognised. Nowadays, all someone has to do is release a provocative video online with a somewhat popular individual and they are considered famous. This refers back to Kim Kardashian, she wasn’t recognised for her talent and she remains to maintain a high social status by befriending people who do have talent and are famous for their gift. I want to know if this was the same in the past, was it easy to become famous?

It must’ve been a lot harder to make a name for oneself, primarily due to the lack of social media which truly benefits the concept of being famous. It’s a way of interacting with fans, which someone needs to become famous. I wish to also use One Direction as my primary example and their relationship with their fans. This will include scientific research regarding the reason why girls like them so much and is it comparable with previous famous ‘boy bands’. They have, incorrectly, been compared to the Beatles which I personally find wrong and incorrect because it was an entirely alternate time period. I could explore that area and discover why people have the tendency to relate two different bands to each other on account of their fame and the attention they obtain from people around the world.

Overall, I have numerous ideas such as an interview that address ‘famous’ people over the years and whether my classmates know them or not. It will give me a vague visualisation of how they were brought up because if they don’t know who John Lennon is then there must not be a strong music influence in their family. I think I’ll really enjoy creating this project and discovering the true definition behind fame. This will finally explain my curiosity.


Example MG Projects

I examined three Multi-Genre products to analyse and become aware of the alternate choices to one project. The first project I viewed was ‘Suicide‘. It was a random decision as I was interested what could possibly work around suicide and death. There were many illustrations with images cut out from magazines, as clearly seen. The drawings were rather difficult to take apart and I suppose a brief rationale would have explained the meaning behind it. There was a Haiku (poem) on a post card expressing that the physical existence of human’s is forgotten. There was scientific research shown on a leaflet explaining the reasons behind suicide and the technical aspects of it. There were newspaper articles and obituaries. I could incorporate a quantity of fragments of this multi-genre project especially with the elaborate scientific research.

The second multi-genre project that I examined was called ‘Princess Perfection‘, it included a letter from the editor, a surgeon’s cosmetic drawing board, the top ten reasons to become a Disney Princess and more. It interested me it sounded exceedingly girly and the idea of Disney is quite interesting. There was scientific research included on cosmetic surgery that linked to the concept of perfection. There was an interview with a model and a quiz about yourself. It looked like a very professional project that produced relevant information. There were alternate drawings of disney princesses with cosmetic adjustments; this seems like a very interesting idea that I want to incorporate into my own project. I like the drawings that this person made because they are unique and fascinating. The combination of plastic surgery and disney princesses is very strange but rather interesting, therefore I wish to take this as an example.

The third and final multi-genre product that I analysed was called ‘Women and the Military‘. It was a very straightforward product that included an invitation, Past and Present analysis, Diary of Young Lieutenant and an informative flyer. It was a much shorter project than the previous ones however contained multiple lengthy genres. This project wasn’t very colourful nor captivating, hence why I wasn’t intrigued to read what the genres held. I would like to use the facts that this project primarily focused on because it shows that research has been done and the information is serious. I like the idea of separating my project under titles or label them with specific words that have a deeper meaning than what they truly define. Overall, the three projects are very extensive and different from each other. I have acknowledged how my project should somewhat look like and I have obtained several ideas for the assignment.

Curiosity l Thinking

I chose three closely related yet distinct topics that I am both curious about and fond of. The first one being the concept of fame and being famous. How does one become famous and what is it truly to be famous? I held a lot of links to my second topic of Social Media because these days the two are associated with one another. My interest in this topic was initially founded by my liking for One Direction and I once viewed an interview of the band talking about fame. They addressed their disliking to the label of being famous because it comes in a package with no privacy and constant attention. It occurred to me that fame is always something everyone thinks they want, it has its flaws. If this were my topic I would wish to research the influence of social media in the topic of fame and whether it is a positive or negative thing. Perhaps the question of what does make someone famous and are there different kinds of famous?

I wanted to elaborate on my second topic of social media, the great impact it has made on society. It bothers me that social media is a large source for people to gain an opinion on a certain topic. They have created alternate vocabulary and divided people into categories. Then there is also the question of: Does having an extensive amount of followers on social media make someone famous? And how this has impacted the society of today. Social media is a very broad topic and it can be linked to a large quantity of alternate discussion, therefore it is a very interesting topic to choose.

I’m also very curious and interested about books and the concept of reading. When someone reads a novel, they become entirely focused on this one story line; it’s truly like entering a different world. I find this baffling and also very mysterious. I could potentially research how human brains allow people to move into a different world just by reading a well written book. I’m amazed by this alleged idea and it would also be interesting to research how reading has changed over the years. Because I know for a fact that much less children read due to the large source that is social media and the internet. All three topics interest me, therefore I have no clue which one I want to choose.