Top Music Songs Essay

My favourite songs (5) –

  • Bad Blood by Taylor Swift
  • Lean on by Major lazor
  • Somebody by Natalie La Rose
  • Don’t wait by Joey Graceffa
  • Reflection by Fifth Harmony
  • Bad Blood – I like the song Bad Blood by Taylor swift since I love the lyrics and the tune. I like the fact that the lyrics make you feel a little bit more confident and makes to think more about your life. It also makes my bow shooting more accurate since I feel my adrenaline pumping, since I listen to this song when I do Archery.
  • Lean on – I like the tune of Lean on since it is a fun party like song which makes you want to dance and the lyrics help that and they go well with the tune.
  • Somebody – I like the lyrics to this song and the music tune makes me lose up and have more fun.
  • Don’t wait – Don’t wait makes me think about the good things more that the bad things and makes me think about what I want to do in my life. The lyrics are good with the song which is also why I choose it.
  • Reflection – I like the lyrics to this song and the way the music tune is set out. I like this song to just play it when I relax in my room.

My most hated songs (5) –

  • Happy by Pharrell Williams
  • Baby by Justin Bieber
  • What makes you beautiful by One Direction
  • Friday by Rebecca Black
  • Happy – I used to like this song but because of the lyrics and hearing it over and over again I now hate this song.
  • Baby – No one likes Justin Bieber or his songs since they are just plain annoying.
  • What makes you beautiful – This song is just plain stupid. The lyrics are really bad like they are written by a 6 year old. The tune is really bad and feels like you are listening to a nursery rhyme
  • Friday – This title of the song explains it already. The song has extremely bad lyrics. The person singing it has a bad voice and the tune of the song is terrible.

Science Evolution Reflection

During this unit we learned about Evolution and how Charles Darwin discovered it. We also learned about Big History and how the universe was created and what happened after. We did this unit before the easter holidays and for two weeks after them. I have learned lots of new information about how the universe was formed and how life came to live on this planet. I have learned about how animals and humans have adapted to the enviourment as this planet expands with life. I now know lots about Charles Darwin and how his theory has changed the world of science and many other things. I really enjoyed this unit and can not wait for the next one. I feel like I could have work more harder but I have givin it my all. I found that being givin a lot of information to learn was a bit challenging but the stuff we learned was useful for the summative that we did

Thank You, Ma’am

The Story is called Thank you, Ma’am and it is about a boy called Roger tries to rob a women for her pocketbook so that he could buy some new socks. The women, Mrs. Jones catches him trying to rob her and drags him to her home to give him food and clean him up and to show him what is right.

The little boy reminds me of little kids causing trouble like the two kinds in “The War of the Wall”, when they try to destroy the wall, this little boy tries to rob a women but gets caught.


Reflection on Our song

My group chose to do Take me to Church which is a pretty easy song to play on any instrument that we used. I was in a group with Elina and Jess so we were a group of three. In our song Jess played Piano, Elina played guitar and I was singing since I could not play an instrument. We first had to learn the chords (guitar), lyrics (singing) and the notes (piano) and then we recorded each one separately after we had done enough practice.
My group didn’t really argue about anything since we all got along and we all knew what we had to do and when to do it to get it done. Practicing the song went well since we didn’t need to record it or if we messed up it didn’t matter but recording it did not go so well as we might have wanted since we were all messing up or laughing at some point and had to start again. I think our song could have been better but we did what we could.

ISB Environment Reflection

So far in Design we have been doing the ISB Environment unit where we get to improve something in the school. I have choose the lockers. I started with thinking why I would want to upgrade the lockers and what I might want to do with them. I then made my guiding questions and did my research to find out more so I would know what to do.

I then needed other students opinions since the lockers weren’t just for me, I needed  more than one opinion. I could then compare the information for the students answers and figure out how to put it all in one locker for lots of the students wanted different things. I can now know what my target audience is and the conclusion to my design of the new lockers and what the students wanted.

I then needed something to start from so I looked up school lockers and saw what other schools had to be able to make up what size and length I wanted my lockers as well as what colour they would be. I could then make my design brief and i had the perfect locker designed and planned and all of the students had what they manly wanted in their new lockers into one product.


Amile Song Reflection

During this unit we had to play a song on the keyboard/piano. We first got to listen to the song several times and we then got the sheet’s of paper telling us the notes. We got to got in groups to record the song on the keyboard/piano so I went with Jonah. Jonah was ill a lot during our music lessons so mostly I got to record my part of the song and when Jonah is back and healthy again we will record his part of the song. Editing it together was the hardest since we had to get it in the right position to make sure that the song went together. I really enjoyed this unit and getting to know the tune of the song and I really liked how it sounded on the playback.

Science Reflection

In the unit we did Reproduction in the human body. We learned about the Male Reproductive system and the Female Reproduction system. We also did a little about the types of Reproduction in animals but not much. We also later learned about the Menstrual cycle and what happens when females get pregnant and what happens to their body. Which was very interesting to know and find out. We also learned about what happens to the baby while it is inside the uterus and how a baby is formed. We learned about the different parts of the Female and Male Reproduction system. We learned what happens to the baby if the mother smokes or drinks. We learned how the body temperature affects the Male Reproductive system and all of the different types of body systems like the circulation and immune system but only the names and what they do, but not in depth. This unit was a bit gross but really good because I feel like I have learned a lot and Reproduction in Humans.

Culture Slam Reflection

Reflection,Culture Slam Week 2015

During the school week we had lots of different activities for each day. On monday we did French cooking and a Treasure Hunt in the shopping centre of Breda. On tuesday we went to Antwerp museum and got a city tour. ON Wednesday we went to a animal farm for our Service and Action project. On Thursday they went to a film festival and workshops and one Friday they did the instawalk.

I learned a lot about Antwerp and it’s history and the myth of it’s name. I learned how to cook French food and how to navigate around the city with only a map. I learned about the hard work they have to do on the animal farm and about what they have to do and how they do it. I was not here on Thursday and Friday so I didn’t learn anything.

I mainly liked working on the animal farm which was fun and I liked the hard work we had to do and it was very rewarding to know we had helped them. I also liked the cooking on Monday.

I didn’t really like the treasure hunt since it was wet,cold and raining when we went on it and we were all miserable. I also didn’t really like the tour around Antwerp since again it was cold so we were all freezing when we had to walk around the city.

I would like to have a full day of just cooking different foods from different cultures and maybe more workshops of different crafts or jobs to see what it would be like.

Sound Reflection

This unit we did about sound and how it works. I enjoyed learning about how sound, distance and time all affect each other and why sound is so important. I think that I was ok at the unit I know that I did not do too well but I did my best and enjoyed it. I found learning all of the different ways to measure time a bit difficult to understand. I just looked at the test sheets that we where given and looking back in my book where I would have written it down.  I learned how to measure time, speed and distance. I still need to look at how to measure time and how speed is faster than something or not.

Popstar Reflection + Song

The song took a long time and was very fun to make. Practicing and recording the song was lots of fun to make. It took some time to record the song but in the end we recorded it and it sounded weird since we had never done anything like this before. I think that we could have done a lot better but since we didn’t have lots of time to make it I think we have done the best that we can. If I could improve it I would give us a lot more time to work on it so that we can get it exactly right and make it sound good. Overall the project was lots of fun to do and I really enjoyed myself.

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