Is it possible to time travel?

wormholespaceshipTime travel might sound so interesting and cool. However, have you ever think about it for a second. Ask yourself these questions.. What is time? Can we feel/see time? How can we go backwards or forwards in our lives? how!? Now the truth is there is no such thing called Time! I mean we cannot see or feel time. We, humans, invented this word but it was never there, because it is just a motion not a time. For sure we are time travellers already, nevertheless, our normal daily life is much more faster than “time” itself. I think no one could be able to time travel, because no one ever have done it before and there is no way to do so. It is impossible because we do not have that supernatural speed to travel through time. So, as a conclusion, time travel is a irrational idea that has no basis in reality and have never been done by anyone. Therefore, we should not even think about it too much because it is definitely impossible! 🙂

Should the use of planes be reduced?

For this summative task we had to make a research about noise pollution and should the use of planes be reduced? I son’t think the use of airplanes should be reduced, because planes are important and necessity for our advanced world. Many people travel form different countries to another, and they need planes. I mean it is not possible to travel by car from The Netherlands to USA, because it will take too much time.

The solution for this is to build airports away form the residential areas. In case if it is not possible to build airports like The Netherlands, the good way is to use sound isolation glass for windows at home, that would reduce it a lot.


Math Unit

For this unit I enjoyed learning new things and ways of solving indices & surds. I found the final test very easy, although it had few challenging questions. The negative indices were a bit difficult for me. However, Myimaths lessons, the home works and the videos that our teacher shared with us, were very helpful when I was stuck on something. In addition, I learnt how to solve any questions that have square root or a number to the power of negative number (Negative Indices) without using the calculator. 🙂



Design Reflection

For the summative task of this unit we had to choose a freeware program and make a tutorial video on the program that was chosen. We also had to make a research report which included design problem, guided questions and research. ( Basically all the 4 stages in the design cycle). This task was very interesting but it needed too much work. I missed a few details in my work due to misunderstanding. However, I caught up with the rest. On the other hand, I think I could of done better if I payed more attention to the cafeterias and understand what was expected from me and look through my report several times.   🙂  🙂


Freeware Project

So for our first unit we are doing a freeware manual project and we had to choose a freeware program (not a game) to create a manual tutorial about it. So I started brainstorming and I chose to make a video tutorial about a freeware photo editing program called BeFunky. It’s a very easy and funny program to edit the photos. Then I created my design problem. And now, I’m almost done with my guiding questions, so I started my research and I found a program called Screencast, it’s a digital recording of computer screen output, also known as a video screen capture, often containing audio narration. I think this program will help me a lot because it’s better to record my tutorial. I still need to find a video editing program to edit my video. I’m so excited to finish this project because it’s so helpful for my video editing skills. 🙂