Does the Periodic Table need to be changed?

In my opinion the periodic table could be changed. I think the periodic table could change because it was created a lot of years ago. Some time ago a lot of elements were not discovered and mendeleev still made the periodic table.  In my opinion if a scientist decided to make a new periodic table with all the elements we have discovered until today and the elements we think that exist, the periodic table will look much better than it looks now. I also think the periodic table shouldn’t be changed at the same time I think it could be changed. I think it shouldn’t be changed because we’ve used this periodic table since the periodic table was made, we have been adding some elements to it and we changed the group of the elements. If we change the periodic table it will take a long time for everyone to discover how it works.

Song list


Songs I like


5:Grande Amore- Il Volo: I never like classic songs and I don’t usually like italian songs either and I still don’t know why I like this song because it has both of the things I don’t like, I like the rhythm of the song and I also like the lyrics, I can understand everything from the song but because Italian is a little bit similar to Spanish I can understand some parts of the song and I really like it.



4:Play Hard – David Guetta: I like this song and its not on my top 1 because I listened to it a lot of times and I know it for a long time, but even though I know it for so long I still like it a lot, David Guetta is one of my favourite artists because mostly all of his songs are really nice and his style is also really good (in my opinion)

3: Laugh until you cry – Faydee: I like this song because I like the style of it and I also like the lyrics are one of my favourites in all the songs, but I feel like the song is not my favourite song in the world.

2: El perdon- Nicky Jam and Enrique Iglesias : This song is one of the songs that I love the most, first because I love spanish but usually spanish songs are not really good, but this song is really nice because the lyrics are sad and really happy at the same time, it’s about a boy that wants to get a girl but he can’t because of her parents but he tried everything to get her. This is one of the most famous songs actually songs in spain. I don’t like the main singer “Nicky Minaj” but this song is at least good.


1: She doesn’t mind- Sean Paul: This song was my favourite since it came out in 2012, I love this song because this is the type of songs, maybe at the moment it’s not my favourite song, but it was always my favourite and I still listen to it after listening to it for almost 4 years. I like this song because in my opinion its just perfect and I don’t get tired of it, normally I get tired of songs easily, but this one I just don’t get tired of it

  Songs I hate


5- Let it go – Idina Menzel: I hate this song because the doesn’t doesn’t make sense and its really catchy, it was really famous last year and I hated it when people sang it the whole time (including me).

4: El Taxi- Osmani Garcia: I hate this song because this song has a really bad style that a lot of people hate in Spain (including me), and like let it go its really catchy and everyone sings it but this time I don’t


3: Travesuras- Nicky Jam: I already said before that I hated all this songs from this artists, so I don’t need anymore explanations.

2: Barcelona Anthem. I hate it because I hate that football team and also the song is really bad

1: Baby- Justin Bieber: I believe everyone hates that song because its catchy and really bad



Music Reflection

We chose the song: Young, wild and free because we though that the song that we chose before (follow rivers) didn’t sound great and we wanted to make it better/improve it. We also think that its a really nice song to play and its not that difficult.

My group was formed by: Pleun, Jonah and me (Miguel)

We used a piano and a battery.

First we did the piano because it was a really easy part and I already knew it, then we practiced the battery because Pleun needed a bit more time, one or two lessons later Pleun told Jonah and me that she was ready. At the start we wanted to record it with a type of machine but it was to complicated and we just recorded it from the piano. Then we though we were done and we sang the main part and we recorded the rap parts. Then the teacher came and told us that we should sing the rap and record it instead of just getting it from the internet, I didn’t want to sing but Jonah and Pleun decided to do it together.

I think it was really good and we didn’t have any problems to chose the roles etc.

The recording went well but we had problems choosing the song and also at singing the rap, because I was not sure about singing it and I really didn’t want to but at the end we decided that Jonah and Pleun will sing the rap, and they ended up really well.

I think that the song went really well and even though we had small fights at deciding the song we ended up doing it really well. All of us three had some work to do and we all did it correctly, in my opinion I was the one with the less work to do but no one had any problems with that

Link for our song:

Unit 3 Reproduction

In this unit we learned about the reproduction in the humans and also the animals.

In this unit I liked learning about a lot of things that I have never learned before, it was little bit weird for me because I didn’t know and somethings about the body that really surprised me because I didn’t know how complex the body was.

I think I did really good at the test because I didn’t really get this unit and when I was studying I felt really confused and I thought that I will luckily get a 3-4 but at the end I got a 6 and that is really good.

Studying the test was difficult for me because I have never been good at science and its really complicated for me because I am not that interested in science because I think that you don’t really need to know this for you future except if you are a scientist, profession that I am not interested in. But I actually found this unit interesting because I didn’t know how interesting our bodies were.

What helped me when I was studying is to remember everything that we have talked about in class and the things that I wrote on my notebook.

I didn’t learn any skills this unit but I improved some of them like listening skills and I think that studying skills were also improved.

I still need to improve my studying skills and also the writing skills because my notes were worst than some of my classmates, but I think they were good enough to get a good mark in this test.

Reflection Unit 2

This unit was called, Breaking the sound Barrier. This unit was about the speed, distance, time. It was also with mass, etc.

In this unit I enjoyed a lot the experiments, one example is the one in which we needed to measure the speed of a toy car. I like a lot that kind of things.

I think that at the test I was pretty good because at least for me, the unit was really difficult because I have never learned about speed, distance etc… , I know I was good at the exam for the grade, I think I could have done it even better but a 6/8 is a really good grade for this unit.

For me it was really difficult to study the exam, I didn’t really get the text but at the end at the test I remembered what we did in class and I could complete a lot of questions.

What helped me when I was stuck studying was remembering that we did in class time and looking at what I wrote on my laptop/notebook.

The skills that I learned at this unit were: The skills at working as a group, at working at my own, making lab reports and studying (the studying was not learned it was improved)

I think I still need to look at my study skill, I get really distracted when I want to start studying. I also need to improve my listening skills, sometimes in class I start to talk with a classmate by accident forgetting that we are in class time.

How to become a Popstar

I learned about some popstars, Dutch Djs and more people in the music world, after we choose a song in groups, my group choose Popmeii/Bastille, our group was formed of: Annalies, Jessica, Pleun, Jonah and me. I learned some information about musicians/Djs. After I learned how to edit a song and how to record it. Our group worked as a team except one lesson that one person from the group separated from us but the next lesson he/she came back and we could continue. We put our time on singing. I thing I was doing good at giving. The assessment was done good and everyone did their parts without any problem. The only thing that I did is editing and the computer part and also I uploaded the video on youtube so everyone could upload the video on their blog. The music that I listen didn’t influence my task at all. I think I never had an interesting music experience.




Reflection Unit 1

What Have I learned? In this Unit we learned a lot of things about the Renaissance, we also learned about the changes on the Christianity. We learned about some people like Martin Luther etc…

What the Unit was about? This unit like I said on the last question, was about the Renaissance, hundred years war, important people on the Renaissance, how was life during the Renaissance, new science and technology…etc

What did I like/didn’t like? I liked that we had a website with a book of the whole unit because last year was different, we needed to print every paper and a lot of times we lost them. I didn’t like that we needed to make a summary every time we read a page or two.

What was Difficult? I think that the making a summary almost every day was really difficult. A lot of parts of the book that they gave to us was difficult to understand for me. Why? The making of the summary every day was difficult because my other problem was that a lot of parts of the book were difficult for me, and if I didn’t get the part of the book the summary will be really difficult.


Design 29 september 2014

In this unit we are doing a digital storytelling, I am going to make my own movie with videos and using different programs to create the story.

At this unit we started doing a mindmap about what we are going to need on our digital storytelling. After we needed to make the Research Plan and we already did the Design Problem, the Guiding Questions and now we are doing the Research Report.

Public Enemy – Fight The Power

Public Enemy is an American hip hop group that started on the 1982-1986.

They used the guitar drums and a microphone

The group it’s formed by Chuck D, Flavor Flav, Dj Lord, The S1W and Professor Griff.


In Public Enemy’s Fight the Power, rapper Chuck D makes a point of starting the song by putting it in the context of this date, even as he tries to pass it off as just another summer.

In the context of the history of race relations, 1989 was indeed another year in a long struggle for equality for African Americans, but it was also worthy of note. To some, America seemed to be neglecting the problems brewing in decaying inner city neighborhoods.

Figures like Reverend Jesse Jackson sought to lead a new generation of African Americans that hadn’t grown up with the Civil Rights Movement.

One of the most important leaders of this movement would be Public Enemy.

Public Enemy could siphon their views into their songs, at the same time rapping about how being black made you a public enemy. As Public Enemy pioneered political rap, more and more journalists, fans, and African American leaders began to view Chuck D as a potential leader for the new generation.

Chuck D was saying that African Americans, and hip-hop culture more specifically, should be political. This is perhaps the most important message of Fight the Power.

About Me

Hello, my name is Miguel I am 13 years old and I am from Spain. I live here in Breda and I study in the International School of Breda. My hobbies are Bodyboard, tennis and football. I came here (hollland) because my father works here and it’s an important work and he needed to come. I like it here, but I prefer Spain because you can do more things and I have more friends. This summer I went to Spain to visit my friends, it was really fun!