The Right Hooke Reflection

Questions to answer while reflecting on a Science Topic / Unit

  1. What did you enjoy in this unit?

I enjoyed doing the experiments during this unit and learning about the physics of springs.

2. What did you find easy?

I found drawing the diagrams and doing the experiment itself easy for my lab report.

3. What did you find difficult?

I didn’t really have difficulty in this unit as it was clearly explained and I understood what to do.

4. What helped you when you got stuck?

When I got stuck, I asked my peers to help me with a few things as I wasn’t sure if I was doing something right or I was checking if I was doing something right or not.

5. What did you learn in this topic?

I learnt about the forces with the push and pull of objects.

6. How could you make this topic easier for yourself if you were to do it again?

I would probably note more things when explained so I could have much more information to use in my lab report.

7. What skills have you acquired in this topic?

I have improved on making my lab report as I usually struggle doing them but I managed to finish it and understand what to do.

8. What, if anything, do you think you have become better at doing in this topic?

I have been paying attention more in classes as I can get easily distracted. This helped me a lot during this unit as I understood a lot more than in my past units.

9. What do you think you should work more on having finished this unit?

I think next time, I should take more notes as it could help me a lot better if I had a lot of information


Science Reflection

  1. What did you enjoy about this unit?

I really enjoyed seeing Mr. Will explaining us CPR has he showed us a doll that he would explain us what you would do when someone has a heart attack.

What topics did you cover in this unit?

We covered how respiration works and the experiments we could make to show how respiration works. Furthermore, we also learnt a bit about CPR and what to do when someone has a heart attack.

What were you good at?  How do you know you were good at this?

I think that I was good at the CPR because Mr. Will said that I am strong enough to push 5-6 centimeters in depth to make someone breathe which I had no difficulties in doing.

What did you find difficult?

What I found difficult was when we were learning about blood and what happens in the heart and how it pumps or any accidents if you cut yourself which I found quite hard to listen to because I imagine all the possible ways of cutting yourself and how you would die so that kind of frightened me to stay with the subject when talking about it. Sometimes I would just imagine blood as water to make me feel better.

What helped you when you got stuck? (Do not say “Ask Mrs Doherty” or “I tried to figure it out myself”)

When I was stuck on something that I didn’t know I would look back at my notes in my books, if not I would either ask the person sitting next to me or the teacher.

What skills did you learn in this unit?

The skill I learnt was CPR as I have never done that before so when Mr. Will came in her showed us how to do CPR.

What are you proud of in this unit?

I am proud of knowing how CPR works because if someone does have a heart attack, then I still have a chance to save him/her because I know what to do.

What do you think you may be able to improve on for next time?

I think next time I need to improve on my fear of seeing/imagining  blood because later in my life I will have to do much more about blood.

What do you know now that you didn’t know at the start of this unit?

I now know what respiration is and the difference between breathing and respiration and how to do CPR.

Maths Reflection


I’m doing fine at the moment because I think the unit was interesting but we didn’t really look at the mathematical side of geometry although we did say what kind of geometry did artist use but I think this was more of an art assignment that we did.

I think that I was good at presenting because I have definitely improved on looking at the audience and interacting with them.

I think that I was good at presenting because our teacher said that our group communicated really well with interacting with the audience.

I should improve on applying my presentations to the subject I am talking about as I mainly talked about the artist itself even though I also described

I know that I need to focus more on the subject than something else as the teacher has gave me a comment that I need to focus more on the subject than anything else because I tend to explain more about the artist than how she uses geometric shapes in her artwork.

There are many targets that I need to achieve but one of my main targets is to focus more on the subject I am talking about then finding some information that I do not need.

I think I will read the questions and tasks to know exactly what I’m supposed to do and what I’m not supposed to do. The time schedule I think I will set myself to complete this target is around the whole unit as I will have to be focusing on what the subject and task I’m supposed to do.Completing self-assessments can be useful for my development because if I don’t set myself some boundaries or anything I could improve on then  won’t learn anything that I have done wrong or right.

Reflection Music

In this unit, we chose Earned it because everyone in our class seemed to like the song and we already had some ideas of who would do what like I would play the piano, Daniel would play the drums, James would play the guitar and Britt would edit. We also thought that me Ella and Pippa would sing but we last minute decided that I would just stick to the piano and they would sing.

I played the piano so I took a few piano lessons with my piano teacher to learn the song a bit quicker than I would usually take because I had to do it for school so then I only had about 2-3 weeks to learn the song of by heart.

When I recorded the piano I tried to record in small parts because sometimes, I make some small mistakes so I have to do the whole song again so I tried in small parts but it didn’t really work out because it sounnded confusing so I recorded the whole song. Even though I recorded the whole song there are still some small mistakes in the recording of the piano.

However, there were a few problems like some class mates would get distracted or impatient to record so therefore, we didn’t use most of our time effieciently. Apart from the small arguments, everyone cooperated well and got along with each other and shared their ideas to one another.

What went well was when we got to play all the instruments at once and it acctually sounded really nice although we didn’t really have time to record the drums or the guitar.

What didn’t go so well was our timing of when we are going to record and things like that but also when I recorded my part of the piano I didn’t have the background music playing so I didn’t know what tempo I was ment to play so I was playing quite fast without me noticing but what was a challenge was that the piano I had to record with didn’t have any pedal and only two or three octives for me to play in so I had to switch to a higher then lower octives when I was playing.

I definatley improved on my piano playing so now I know most of the symbols that represent if I have to play soft or loud. I have also improved my fingering in playing the piano so now when I play it is easier to not make mistakes.

My oppinion on the result is that overall the song is ok but if we had more time or used our time efficinetly, we could of recorded the song but what was also a problem was the day we needed to record our editor wasn’t there so we had to record on my laptop which I didn’t really know how to edit so I trried my best to just put the things we recorded which was the piano and singing.

The Giver, my perspective

My perspective on the Giver


If I was Jonas, I would be confused in the situation he’s in but frustrated because the community has such controlling rules that people have to follow so all the memories and information Jonas knows, he is not able to tell anyone because no one will understand.

The risks of this community is that if you don’t follow the rules and break 3 rules you will get released. Basically the word release in The Giver means to be injected with something that will make you fall asleep and never wake up. For me this decision of the Elders to make this isn’t the best ideal choice to do but I think they should only do a release on someone if they are really really sick and the sickness is incurable then they could release the sick person. However, the sick person should have the right to decide if they want a release or not.

I think at the end of the book, Jonas will make changes to the community in a good way so things can be different. I think in life its ok to be different because if there is no difference, there will be no uniqueness in us and there would be no music, no colour, no feelings etc.


Reflection unit 4- Ebola



This unit I enjoyed learning about Ebola and making the presentations because I definatley improved my presenting skills although I do still read off the board.

What I found easy was crerating the presentation because I like to edit and create my own presentation andput pictures, animations and videos in it.

I found it difficult to watch the Ebola patients dying because I am not really used to watching the news about murders, death and I hate horror movies so watching the victims in pain and dying was quite frightening but now that I have seen it I don’t think its that scary to watch but it is an interesting subject to learn about.

I wasn’t really stuck on things but if I had a small problem I would just ask the partner next to me or I would practice my presentation with someone to see what I can improve on.

I learnt a lot of things about Ebola but I really didn’t know what Ebola was and where did it come from or what does it actually do but then I learnt about it and now I understand fully what Ebola is.

I would definatley use my time efficiently than doing the task last minute because I tend t do not much in the beginning of my task and leaving the work until last minute when it is due for the next day.

I have aquired my presenting skills a lot more because I used to be really quiet and struggling at speaking infront of an audience but now I practice more to speak infront of an audience by speaking infront of my friends or family when practicing my presentation.

I think I have been more openminded about Ebola and that I have changed my mind on the way I thought about Ebola and I thought that the virus Ebola was just a normal virus that lots of people can catch anywhere but now Ebola is just mostly spread in West Africa and that we should donate to them to try and save their lives.

I should of worked more on my organisation because I was not really that organised because I would do my work last minute.

Music Reflection

In music, I learnt how to write a song but we had to stick to some piano notes that we had to use so my song that I wrote with my team mates was hard because we didn’t have such a big opportunity to decide on what type of music we wanted. Me, Pippa and Ella all sang to our song and it went quite well although our voices weren’t the best.  However, we did collabourate well during the weeks that we did this. I was playing the piano for this and singing too so I handled two things at a time which I think went also well. When I was stuck with something I didn’t really have the chance to ask the teacher because he was helping someone else and then I ask him and he encourages me that I know what to do and that its simple to do. I could improve on practicing singing more often becuase I am very insecure about singing so I never take it seriously when singing. Maybe next time I should take some singing lessons!

Maths Reflection

In this unit I had a few doubts and positives during this unit. At first, when I heard that we were doing maths I was really doubting in this unit because last year when I did tis unit I really struggled and spend some of my time on algebra during the summer. Furthermore, when we first started on this unit, I was really good at it and answered all of the questions in a few minutes. However, at the end of the unit the teacher gave us these daily life questions to answer which I really struggled on. A day after that she told us that we had a summative similar to the task we did which I struggled on. When I did the test, I was struggling on one of the questions so I had to think a lot. I ended up having a 6/8 which is good for me but I could of had a better grade because I am usually good at it.

What I could do next time is try and study more and ask the teacher when I am really struggling with my work.


Culture Slam Week


We first did some cooking which was ok and we learnt how to make pancakes and croissants with two teachers. I was with 4 other people and my teammate helped me. After the cooking we did a treasure hunt which we didn’t really find any treasure. We walked through Breda looking for monuments and answering questions on this question map of Breda.


On Tuesday we went to the Antwerp Museum which was fun and learnt some new things and artefacts. Before the tour of the Museum we had an Antwerp tour when it was unfortunately raining I learnt some new things and sculptures.


We did the CA project which I thought was the most fun thing we did. We got to teach small children from 7-8 years old basic english. Me and another classmate taught the children basic everyday sentences and how to introduce themselves which I was over the moon when they could learn so much for only 30 an hour.


We watched an old movie about Billy Elliot who is a famous dancer. However the video was more than I expected with a lot of swear words which didn’t bother me because the accent and the language was a typical Liverpudlian accent. Afterwards I did some arm knitting which challenging because I kept on making mistakes! In the end it was fun and I had a scarf!


We did another tour but about Breda and saw many monuments and famous, historical buildings. Afterwards, we came back to school and watched some african musics with some African people who came to perform which was good and we got to interact with them.

What I think could change is the fact that we could choose where and what we want to do in culture slam week because we basically did the same things as last year and and some activities people didn’t want to go or get involved.