Science evaluation

  1. What did you enjoy in this unit?

I enjoyed doing the experiments and seeing my results because it was interesting to see if there were any patterns.

2. What did you find easy?

I found that the experiments that we did quite easy because it was not very challenging.

  1. What did you find difficult?

I found writing my lab report quite difficult because we did not get that much time to finish it and i struggled to get it finished on time.

  1. What helped you when you got stuck?

When i got stuck, i either asked my classmates or i asked the teacher. I also looked at the comments that miss had written on my work and updated my lap report based on that.

  1. What did you learn in this topic?

During this topic I learnt about Hooke’s law and about how i can carry out an experiment to test his law.

  1. How could you make this topic easier for yourself if you were to do it again?

I would give myself more time to finish my lab report.

  1. What skills have you acquired in this topic?

I think that I have gotten better in writing a lab report and I understand exactly what I have to write.

  1. What if anything do you think you have become better at doing in this topic?

I think that I have gotten better at writing my lab report and the structure of my writing.

  1. What do you think you should work more on having finished this unit?

I think that I should work more on my tables and graphs because I found them a bit confusing and i should have asked other people so that i could have got a better grade.

Science reflection

In this unit I enjoyed working and looking at the heart and seeing what it does because I have never learnt that before. I also enjoyed it when mr will came in with the special doll so that we could practice and learnt how to do CPR and mouth to mouth. Over this unit we learnt how to do CPR and we also learnt about the hart, how it works and how it pumps blood through our bodies. I think that I was good at learning about the heart because I understand it now I think that it is very clear how it works. I found it difficult to learn all of the names of the heart because I find that they have quite strange names and I had never heard of them before. When I got stuck I tried to think back on what we spoke about in class and I also sometimes looked back in my book to see if it said anything. If it never I would first ask my friends around me, and if they never knew I would then ask miss Doherty. In this unit I learnt some skills on how to do CPR like how you do it and the steps of doing it and also how hard and deep you have to push into someones chest. I am quite proud of what I have learnt this unit and also that I was able to do CPR first time ever without messing up.

Now I know how to do CPR and I know how the heart pumps and what all the parts are called.

Geometry reflection

Reflection for geometry maths

In this unit we learnt a lot about geometry and how we can use different shapes to make different things. I enjoyed learning about geometry and also making the stained glass window and the presentation about the geometry artists. I liked  doing these because I like being creative and making things. I think that I was good at making the stain glass window because I got quite good grades for it and I am happy with the outcome. I never really found anything difficult in this unit because I found it quite easy. When I got stuck I first asked my friends around me to see if they knew, if they never i asked miss doherty. I learnt how you can use a lot of different geometric shapes to form something different. I think that I still need a bit of practice in the names of the shapes and different lines, and also the names of the triangles. but not the simple shapes but the intersecting lines and things like that. I am quite proud of the outcome of my formatives and summatives because I got good grades for them and I like how they turned out to look like. I never knew the different names of all the lines and shapes but now I kind of know them but I think that I still need some practice.

By Ella MYP2


In english this unit we have been reading the book the giver, and we now have to writ a written task on our blogs about how we would feel if we were Jonas.

If I was Jonas I would do what everybody else does, and act normal but I would like to talk to someone about the memories. But if I cant then I would try to keep it to myself but soon enough I would tell someone. I don’t like how they had all of the different rules in the book because I think that everyone should have their birthdays on different days because I don’t really find it that special if you have your birthday on the same day as everyone else.

Jonas is going through quite a lot because he is getting all these different memories and he is seeing lots of things that other people cant see. He is also experiencing feelings that not many other people will be able to feel. So I think that it must be quite hard for Jonas because he can not tell anyone else about the memories and he is also not allowed to give anyone else the memories.

If I were Jonas I would try to talk to the giver a lot and ask all the questions I would like to ask because I cant talk to anyone else about it and I also couldn’t tell anyone else or even my parents about what I would be seeing and feeling. I would like to talk to my parents about it even though I would be allowed to lie about it I still wouldn’t.

I think that it would be nice to be the receiver of memory because I could see and feel thing that I would never experienced in my life. However I also wouldn’t really like it because I couldn’t talk to anyone about how I feel except for the giver but he is not always there for Jonas.

Also in the book the giver there was a part when I think that by accident Jonas gave a memory to Gabriel, but I still don’t think that he knows what he actually did.

I think that it is not easy being the receiver of memory but it is also not very hard. I don’t find it that easy because it will feel like you are different to everyone else and that you might feel a bit left out.


In Science we have been learning a lot of different things about ebola. In this unit I enjoyed making the different presentations because I like being creative and I like making them. I also enjoyed learning about Ebola because there are a lot of people that are suffering from it and it is nice to see what people do to help and how they can cure it.

In this task I found it quite easy to get all of the information for the presentation because Miss already shared and showed us a lot of website that answer the questions for us.

I found it a bit difficult to learn all of the different viruses when we did our virus and bacteria presentations because I am not very good at remembering things so that made it a lot harder.

When I got stuck I asked Miss to help me, or I asked my sister because she does Science in DP and she has also learned about this, I also asked my friends if I got stuck and they helped me with what I was struggling on.

In this unit I learned a lot about Ebola and what some organisations are doing and also what they wear when they are around the patients . I have also learned a lot about viruses and bacteria.

I would probably gather my information first and then start making my presentation instead of doing it in parts because there were times when I got a bit confused.

In this unit I have got better at making presentation and also presenting my them to the class. I have also got better at gathering information and what to look up, depending on what I want to find out.

I think that I should work on ordering my slides better because when I presented them they were not in the right order and also presenting my presentations because I messed up in parts and I also kept stuttering.





  1.  How am I doing? I think that i am doing well in science and i think that i have improved since the start of the year. I also think that i have got a lot better in concentrating because at the start of the year i was always laughing with the other girls in my class but now i concentrate a lot more and i also don’t talk to the other girls unless it has something to do with what we are doing in science.
  2.  What am I good at? I think that i am good at doing the experiments because i enjoy it and i know how and what to do. I find them nice and fun to do because then i can see what happens if you use the bunsen burner and i also found out hout to separate salt and water once they have been mixed together. And i can also learn a lot from doing these experiments.
  3.  How do I know I am good at these things? I find them quite easy because i really enjoy doing them. I also think that i can learn a lot from doing the experiments because you do them yourself and you can see what you have to adjust for next time and what you have to keep the same and i find that really fun to do. Also drawing margins.
  4.  What do I need to work on? I think that i need to work on written tasks because i do sometimes get my words mixed up even though that has more to do with english that science. I also think that i have to work on drawing my diagrams because sometimes they are a bit messy and i can get lower grades for that. because i normally forget to draw my margins and miss can sometimes get mad at me for forgetting 🙂
  5.  How do I know that I need to work on these things? because sometimes when i get my grades back or the work in my book marked miss sometimes says that i have to make my graphs and diagrams neater because they look quite messy.
  6.  What targets do I want to set myself? i would like to improve my diagrams and graphs in my book to make them neater and also to make my books presentation look better.
  7.  How am I going to achieve these targets?

To make sure i do these things i will one day maybe get my book at the start of the lesson while i am waiting for miss to arrive i will then got my ruler and red pen and draw a lot of margins in my book so that i won’t get forget to do my margins again. i will also put more effort into drawing my diagrams and graphs.


  1.    What time scale am I going to set myself to complete these targets?

I would like to do thee as soon as possible and i would like to complete them, so just doing them normally by the end of the year. but i would like to accomplish them a lot sooner.
9.  Are completing self-assessments like this useful for your development in Science? I think they are because them i can think about what i am doing wrong and what i am doing write and i can also come up with a solution how to solve the problems i am having and i can also set myself a goal for when i have to finish or complete the tasks.

Music-writing a song

In music this unit we have had to make our own groups as a class and practise the piano notes that mr. Lems gave to us so that we could then use them to put in garageband and write a song to the music. As a class we thought that me, Pippa and Rose-marie should go together and then the two boys in our class should also go together so Daniel and James and then for the last group it should be Britt and Anna.

When we decided this we went to practice our piano, and when we got better in playing the song we got told that we had to then write a song as a group by ourselves. We wrote a song about partying. When we had practiced the piano enough and we could record it, we did, it did take quite long to record it because we kept messing it up. But eventually we did got it recorded and we then started to record ourselves singing.

However when all the groups started to record them singing Anna had found our that she was going to leave so then we decided that Britt could join our group, but after half of a lesson it never really worked our and she wanted to do it herself, alone.

So me Pippa and Rosie went on recording and soon enough had finished our song but we did have some trouble while we were doing this because there was one lesson when we could not find the recording box so instead we went into the music room and James and Daniel went into a spare room and Britt had her earphones in playing her music really loud because we never really wanted her to listen to her because we found it quite embarrassing. But we finished it and i think it turned out well.

This unit was fun but i found it a bit annoying how we never got to go in the spare rooms and when we never found the microphones we had to do it on our phones.


In maths this unit we have been learning about algebra and real life problems. We have had to solve problems and we have also had a formative about algebra which i think went well, and also a summative which i also think went really well.

I have enjoyed this unit but there were somethings that i found a bit challenging like sometimes working out the equations and also making my own from a real life question. However if and when i got stuck on a question i did ask miss or i asked one of my friends to help if i also got stuck.



By Ella

Cultural slam

last week we had cultural slam week, on Monday we biked to the city and had a tour/hunt around the city. We got  piece of paper with different places in the city and we had to find them using the map of the city that we got given. After that we had lunch and then we went to the Mencia to cook some crepes and some croissants. We made the  mixture and we cooked them in the oven and the crepes in the pan. After we ate them and then played some french songs with the teachers.

On Tuesday we took the bus to Antwerp. We first had a tour of the city and then we went to the mas museum. we had a tour of that and on each level we did a small activity like putting a message in a bottle and hanging a message on the wall.

On Wednesday we had service and action day. So MYP2 all went to a primary school and we all came up with a game to teach the children. We did this in pairs. I was with Britt and we came up to do a small powerpoint at the start about colours and animals in english, then we all went to the back of the room and played a big game of memory. They had to match a colour and the animal to go with it, so like, a black dog and a green snake and a pink pig.

On Thursday we went to the chasse theater were Myp 1,2 and 3 watched Billy Eliot and the other years watched a different movie. After the movie we went back to school and then we did the activity that we picked. I picked face painting, for that we had to pair up, i paired up with Pippa so that meant that i did her face paint and she did mine.

On Friday we went to the city again and had another tour but when it started Britt was not feeling to well so i went with her and miss behling to a cafe to drink some hot chocolate and wait for Britts aunty to pick her up. When she came i had to walk with another group for about 2 minutes and then we already got to go back to school. At school we walked to the mencia and watched a jumbo Africa performance.

I never really learnt that much during that week but on the tours i did learn a bit about the city and the museum that we went to. I really liked going to the school to teach because the children had fun and so did we. i never really liked the tours because i found them a bit boring and there was a lot of walking which i never liked that much.

Next time i would like to more active activities like on Friday a was looking forward to the wood carving because that is what in said that we would be doing on the email, but we never got to do that and i am not to sure why. So i would like to make things and be creative.


In Science this unit, It’s All About Health, we have been learning about drugs and alcohol. We learnt what drugs are and why they are dangerous. I think that I did well in this unit because I understood the questions in our summative well and when we were talking in class I understood and remembered what we spoke about.

I did find it confusing to remember what the burets solution if for and what the fehlings solution is for. I found it easy to say what what colour hey would change when the substance was present or when it wasn’t present. But in the test I think that I made a couple of stupid mistakes because I revised for the test but when we had to do the test in class I forgot some things and never knew what to put in some parts of the method.

We also learnt about the digestive system and we had to go in groups and make a presentation about how a grain of rice digests. I was in a group with Pippa and Rose-marie, we made a poster of a human by my lying down on paper and then rosemarie and pippa outlined me and then we labeled and drew the digestive system in side of the body.