Science (The right Hooke) reflection

This unit was about the right Hooke (Robert Hooke). There were many things that I learned and enjoyed in this unit including learning about different forces and push and pull. I also enjoyed making the experiments in this unit which is something that we often do in each unit. The experiment in this unit was about testing Hooke’s Law. Although I did learn lots in this unit I also found it quite an easy unit because it was short and not much information was given about the main topic of this unit. I also found the lab report quite easy as a summative because of the amount of times I have had to do one in the past few years. I did find some parts in the results section in criterion C difficult in the lab report though because I did not a lot of information from the experiment that I did therefore it was difficult to make conclusions and results. When I got stuck during this unit I asked one of my classmates to see if they could help me with the problem. In this unit I learned about forces, Hooke’s Law, Robert Hooke himself plus learning whether a force is a push or pull. To make this topic easier I would look into more about the background information of this topic so I have more understanding of the unit itself. I would also try to take more information from the experiment to make it easier to write the lab report. I have not felt that I have acquired any new skills during this unit but I do feel I could have done some things better in the lab report. I feel I should work on making diagrams and tables in the lab report better on the computer because this is a skill which I have yet to properly learn.


Biggest Concerts Ever Essay

                                         Garth Brooks in Central park


In this essay I would like to write about one of the biggest ever concerts in the world from Garth Brooks. Garth Brooks was a guitarist and singer born in 1962 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The third album Garth Brooks released (a country album) went top of the pop charts and really kick started his career as a singer. The big concert of Garth Brooks was held in Central park within New York City. The concert in Central Park was held on August 7 1997. The attendance for this concert was a massive 750,000 people. Many people say that this concert was the largest ever held in Central park. Another reason why it possibly had such a large attendance was because it was a free concert.

James Taylor was the first ever person to hold a concert with such a high six figure attendance in Central park for a free concert with Garth Brooks being the last  person to hold a concert in the hundreds of thousands. The atmosphere at these sort of huge concerts were electric every blade of grass was covered in central park. The atmosphere at Garth Brooks’ concert was nothing like a quiet and cozy atmosphere and could be related to as the complete opposite.

The music played at Garth Brooks’ concert was mainly country music because that is generally what Garth Brooks is known for. Some of the classics that Garth Brooks performed included “Friends in low places” and “The dance”. Some other songs that were performed by Garth Brooks at Central park were “Rodeo”, Papa loved Mama”

“The river” and “That summer”. Garth Brooks is also a guitarist and many of his songs include his guitar in it. As well as Garth Brooks’ personal guitar some of his band members were using different instruments such as the strings, flutes and many other different types of other guitars during the concert in Central Park.

My personal opinion on this concert is that I really like it. I am all up for some old country music at big concerts and Garth Brooks was one of the best country singers in his time. The atmosphere at that concert was also huge and you can definitely see why it was recorded as one of the biggest concerts ever. Garth Brooks’ concert also had a huge attendance which is what affected the atmosphere in Central park. I also liked that the concert was a free concert because it allowed all to come and watch Garth Brooks play which isn’t something you’ll see nowadays. Overall it was a great performance by Garth Brooks for a huge concert which you can genuinely say their are very few bigger and better.

Video of Garth Brooks’ Central park concert:

Cultural self portrait

Cultural self portrait:

My name is James. I go to school in the ISB and I am starting my third year at the ISB now. I am now starting MYP 3 at the ISB. I am 13 years old and turning 14 in February. I come from Ireland (Dublin). A lot of my family come from Limerick in Ireland. Although I am from Ireland I was born in Watford just north of London. I am a very sporty guy and I am very enthusiastic about football and rugby. I live in Holland at the moment and I play for the C1 of Internos football club. I have lived in three different countries which are: England, Ireland and Holland.

At the ISB we do two types of Art: Visual arts and Music. But there are many art forms we do not do at the ISB and these include dance, theatre, cabaret, film and architecture. My top three art forms are film, music and architecture. The reason I like these art forms are because they are are quite enjoyable and for example music you get to learn to play new instruments and that is something I very much enjoy about music. With film it is very amusing to watch. But I don’t like dance because I don’t feel it is so comfortable performing dance on stage. I also feel it is an art form that I just don’t enjoy doing.

In music lessons this year I would like to improve my overall knowledge of music but also I would like to become better in at least one instrument so that I would find the practical lessons a bit easier.

I really enjoy watching films and watching television. But I normally watch films on my computer so I don’t go to the cinema that much. I normally go about once every 2 months or so. I prefer watching action and adventure movies to genres such as comedy. I don’t often look at movie reviews but if I am going to the cinema to watch a movie I would sometimes look at the movie reviews. I am not sure of a movie I would never watch but I wouldn’t watch 50 shades of grey. My favourite movie would probably have to be one that is a timeless classic like the new Hobbit movie I found quite enjoyable. I know a lot of good actors but I that I enjoy watching is Adam Sandler. I rent dvd’s not that often. I sometimes watch films on the tv but not as often as on my computer.

The music I like is pop music and rock music. I don’t really have a favourite singer because I don’t listen to that much music but if I had to choose one it would be Ed Sheeran because he has made a few good at interesting mixed songs. I don’t listen to CD’s. I have never been to a music festival before but I know a few people that have gone to Glastonbury. I have a keyboard at home but I don’t use it that often. I never listen to dutch songs because I just don’t think it is as good as english music is.

I don’t do any dancing but from where I come from in Ireland the are quite famous for Irish dancing. If I were to dance to something it would be breakdancing. I have seen a dance performance at the Olympia theatre in Dublin.

I have visited the Olympia theatre before but that is the only theatre I have visited. I don’t know many comedians either but I do know David Letterman. The only comedians I have watched are the ones on the television I have never seen and on the stage before. I have participated in many school plays before which I have generally enjoyed like The Tempest, A Christmas Carol and Oliver Twist. I have performed in a large room but never in front of that many people. Whenever I am performing on stage I generally feel quite excited but also nervous but generally I enjoy it in the end.

I have been to many museums and exhibitions before such as the Hermitage in St. Petersburg, the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam and The London Transport museum. I don’t have a favourite artist or artwork but I enjoy visiting museum if they are interesting for kids like the London Transport museum. At home we do have a special painting on the wall in the living room which I think is from France. The painting shows 2 flowers in a vase.

At home we do not have a photo camera but I have my phone to take photos which I think is better because it is easier to bring around with you. I don’t take that many photos in my daily life but I do take photos when I am at somewhere cool or fun like at the theme park. Generally I am not bothered about the lighting or colouring when taking a picture I just find a nice spot or place to take the picture.

The building that I really like is the Shard tower in London. I especially like it because my dad was working on the glass for the outside of the shard at the time. Other buildings I like are football stadiums I love football stadiums because whenever you go inside one it feels like there is so much atmosphere. I have been in many churches before mainly before I was going to make my holy communion but my favourite church is the church in the village of Newmarket on Fergus in Ireland. I have seen and been to many famous buildings and monuments such as the Eiffel tower, The tower of London, St. Peterhof Palace, The colosseum and The Acropolis.



Top 5

Top 5

I don’t really enjoy listening to music a lot but my top 5 songs if I was to choose 5 would be the following. I also don’t know a lot of songs either.

  • Rude – Magic.
  • Animals – Martin Garrix
  • A sky full of stars – Coldplay
  • Take me church – Hozier
  • Uptown funk – Mark Ronson

For rude I like the different instruments that are used in making the song.

From the Animals song I enjoy the background music used in the song and also the different animals used because I don’t know many songs that people dress up as animals.

A sky full of stars is a song that I find ok because it is an interesting song. Lots of different instruments are used in this song the likes of drums.

This song is ok but I only chose it because it is a song I hear a lot on the radio in the car and at home it is a song I know well. This song for me doesn’t have much of a feeling in my opinion but I think it is on the sad side.

Uptown funk is also a song I also hear often on the radio and it is ok. Also the lyrics for this song are nice.

The songs that I don’t are:

  • Call me maybe –
  • All about the bass – Meghan Trainor
  • Burn – Ellie Goulding
  • Chandelier – Sia
  • Fancy – Iggy Azalea


All about the bass is a very new song but one I don’t really like. Quite a few new songs from the likes of Megan Trainor and Lady Gaga I don’t really like at all. Some of the songs I have chosen in my opinion are a little bit silly like “Fancy and All about the bass”. Burn by Ellie Goulding I don’t necessarily hate it is just because I hear it so often on the radio it gets a bit boring sometimes the same with other songs that are shown on the radio too often.



Reflection full of hot air unit

This unit was called full of hot air. What I enjoyed during this unit was having a CPR activity where we were demonstrated how to do CPR. During this unit we covered the topics of CPR and respiration. I thought that I was good in the test about respiration near the end of the unit. I thought that I had good knowledge of the topic throughout the unit. I know that my knowledge was good for this topic because I got a high score for the respiration test. What I found a little bit difficult was the lab report because it was quite different this time with the template and the template seemed to mess my document up sometimes which made it difficult to work in. I didn’t get stuck many times in this unit but when I did I decided to ask my parents for some advice.

Some different skills I learned during this unit was how to do CPR which is a very important and good  thing to know in life. I think I might still need to recall some of the steps of how to do the experiment we did in class because I found it a little difficult to keep track sometimes. I am quite proud of the results of my respiration test because it was quite an important test and to get 7/8 is quite a good result. I think I would need to improve my lab report for next time because I found it difficult to do and maybe I need to have a little more thinking time before I start the lab report so I know how to plan it out. There are many things I didn’t know from this unit that I do now topics like respiration and CPR are topics I knew nothing about at the start of the unit but I know lots about it now.

James Earle.


Geometry Reflection

This unit was about geometry. I enjoyed making the presentation about 3 different artists at the end of this unit. The topics that we covered during this unit included: shapes, geometry and how to draw a stain glass window. I thought I was good at making the geometry glossary for the stain glass window. I thought this because I covered all the things I needed to cover in detail and also I got good comments on it back from the teacher. I found making the stain glass window hard because I am not a very good at drawing anyway but also I had drawn the final product for the stain glass 4 times before it was acceptable to hand in. When I got stuck I asked either my parents for some help or some of my class to see if they could give me some advice on the matter.

During this unit I learned about shapes, angles, geometry and a few different artists. If I was to do this unit again for the stain glass window summative assessment I would try and make a good end product in less than 4 attempts. I would also try to think more about how geometry can be used in the drawing. I have acquired the skills of drawing a stain glass window. But overall I haven’t acquired many new skills that I have not known about before. I don’t think I have become better at many things but definitely my knowledge of geometry has improved after this unit. I think I could maybe work more on seeing how geometry is used in different pictures because sometimes I struggle to notice how geometry is used in pictures/drawings.

James Earle.


Book review The Giver

This book is about a boy called Jonas who is a 12 or 13 year old in this book. Jonas lives in a Utopian community where everything is a not very normal. Jonas lives with his parents and a younger sibling in a protected family dwelling. At his ceremony of twelve, Jonas gets the unusual and rare assignment of Receiver of memory.  On Jonas’s adventure he encounters mysteries and secrets that no one has had to come across. Jonas also is feels isolated as being the receiver of memory as their are strict rules for his assignment. On Jonas’s adventure he comes across things that no one has ever dealt with before. This journey requires Jonas to have a lot of courage and bravery as he tries to see out his adventure.

James Earle.

Music unit reflection

In this unit we recorded a song which was earned it on all different instruments. The instrument that I chose was the bass guitar. The whole class was involved in this project. I thought that the bass was good for me because it was something different to the piano. This was a hard instrument to learn though because I had never done it before. Although it was hard the bass I thought that this was a good new experience for me. The process took a long time and in the end we did not get to record my bass but I feel at the end I had grasped the song and that it was easier than learning it at the start. One of the boys in my class Etienne helped me with some of the practise I had to do with the bass. I think that overall my performance went quite well even though some of time I was off beat with the song I thought that I tried hard. I thought that the way I was off rhythm a bit was what went not so well. I improved this error by keep practising in the lessons to keep to the rhythm. Personally I think that this song went well even though a few mistakes were made. I also liked learning this song and I would recommend doing something similar again.

by James Earle