Science MYP3 Reflection

What did you enjoy in this unit?

I enjoyed performing the experiment testing where I had to weigh different weights on a different variety of springs.

What did you find easy?

I find following the instructions to do the experiment were clear and easy to follow step by step. I also was able to follow along with explanation during class about Hooke’s law and how it works.

What did you find difficult?What helped you when you got stuck?

I find writing the lab report a bit difficult as making a graph on google sheets was new to me and I did struggle a bit with knowing exactly with what to write in the different sections.

What did you learn in this topic?

I learned about how things are measured and how this was discovered by Robert Hooke which is also known as Hooke’s law.

How could you make this topic easier for yourself if you were to do it again?

I would try to ask more questions to the teacher if I struggle with a section in the lab report instead of trying to figure it out myself.

What skills have you acquired in this topic?

I am able to make better lab reports now as I learned from my mistakes, I know what Hooke’s Law is and I can make a graph in google sheets.

What if anything do you think you have become better at doing in this topic?

I think that I have become better at writing lab report as I have learned from my previous mistakes that were made in the lab report from this unit.

What do you think you should work more on having finished this unit?

I should try to write more detailed in lab reports and I should write more detailed notes during class.

Reflection – Unit 4 Ebola

  1. What did you enjoy in this unit?

I really liked this unit, ebola is something I am really interested in and I did learn a lot about viruses and bacteria.


  1. What did you find easy?

I think the presentation went really well because it was not so hard to present as well as writing the text.


  1. What did you learn in this topic?

I learned about ebola and how to prevent/help it. I also learned about bacteria and viruses and facts about them.


  1. What skills have you acquired in this topic?

I developed my presenting skills have developed.


  1. What if anything do you think you have become better at doing in this topic?

I am cerntainly better at “medical” stuff, I didn’t knew the difference between a virus and a bacteria, I also didn’t really know a lot about ebola.


  1. What do you think you should work more on having finished this unit?

I should have added more pictures into the presentations for getting the audience to understand it more.


Reflection – Unit 3 – Science

I think I did an average performance. Doing the experiments are fun and easy because you get to do stuff and actually see what happens instead of just reading the results on a piece of paper. I am good at this because the results are the same as the hypothesis.

I should work on my writing skill. I find writing long pieces hard, and they don’t turn out to well. I don’t have a lot to say while writing a long paragraph.

I should be putting a bigger effort into my summative assessments. I can achieve this by keep on telling this goal to myself. I want to start this goal next school term.


Reflection – Unit 3 – Music

25 February 2015

In this unit I had to write my own music and write my own lyrics. I did this assignment together with another classmate of mine. Making the music wan’st that hard because we got some guidance and they were just some basic beats. The lyrics were a bit more trickier because they had to match the beat. We decided to do ours about religion because that can sometimes be a touching topic.

We recorded our song on garageband since this is one of the eesiests ways to record and edit. After editing our song Anna had to sadly leave so the presetation and the rest of the editing was up to me. The end result is very basic. You can’t really cal our song a “hit” or anywhere near that. I think that the song should get a 5/8 because we did do quite a big effort for making the lyrics though on the other hand the end result doesn’t look very profesional.

Maths – Unit 3 – Reflection

In this unit we talked about algebra. At the beginning I did not reconize what we were doing and I didn’t get it at al. Then I did and then I didn’t. The harder it got the harder it was for me to understand. At the end of the unit all of a sudden we had to make our own equations which I don’t get. I think it went a little too fast because we didn’t spent too much lessons on this subject.

On the test I didn’t do very good. I think this was because I find algebra very confusing. I myself don’t really get the use of algebra.

Cultural Slam Week Reflection

Cultural Slam Week Reflection

4 February 2014


The treasure hunt was not very educative and quite boring and tiring. The cooking was fun though we had to wait for new eggs to come. The croissants were very nice as well as the pancakes. At the end we still had time left which I thought was not very fun.



When we went to the museum we had to wait around 30 minutes to arive. The museum was really nice but a bit boring. The city tour was quite interseting but a bit long and we got hungry after a while.



The service and action day was super fun to do because the kids were very interesting and easy to teacher. The kids were very fast at learning what made it really easy for us.



I think the movie was not very apropiate for 11-13 years olds and we had to wait 1 ½ hours which was boring. The crafting evening was very nice and creative, I really enjoyed the craft evening.



I was sick.



I think that next year MYP 1-5 should organize each day with the help of DP students since there are 5 school days.


Science – Unit 2 – It’s All About Health

In this unit we learned all about health. I think this unit was very interesting beacause I sometimes don’t know what actually is healthy and what is not. I think this was really helpfull because I didn’t really know the difference bewteen some drugs and what they actually do to people such as the ritalin. Some of the pictures and videos were a bit realistic and gross but they were descreptive. The exercises and explanations were clear and educational.

Maths – Unit 2 – Graphs & Charts

In this unit we learned about all sorts of charts and how to make them. We made pie charts, bar charts, lined charts, etc. I though this unit was not very hard because it required some creativity and I like being creative. I had some trouble with working out the result of a pie chart and the other way around. My opinion on this unit is that is was quite fun. Normally I am not very good at maths and I don’t get good grades for maths.

Design – Unit 1 – Reflection

We had a lot of time in this unit and I think sometimes the teacher gave us a little to much. I think that a research plan is very usefull for a more difficult asignment. The research plan wasn’t really affective for our asignment because I already knew what to do and it was just adding things. I think I could have used my time better by making a script or making the final products.

 I could have improved by writing more detailed because some pharagraphs are very short and basic.