Earth Hour

At around 8:30-9:30 pm, as a contributor to earth, we turned off our lights in the whole house. Candles can be quite romantic as well 😉  We lighted the candles up around us which keeps the area around us really bright. It’s a bit challenging since every single hour we used to use so much light, we are used to life with a lot of lights surrond us by light bulbs and electricity.

I think it’s a great act to raise awareness of global warming. It’s actually not that hard to turn off the light and use less energy. If everyone does this each night or twice a week, it can be a big help to stop climate changes. It’s necessary for saving the earth and to let people know that our small actions which might not be that hard can be really helpful to earth.



–> Answers to question:

I think the Lemon battery one is not possible. Lemon juice do contain electrolytes that produces eletricity. It can’t produce electricity by itself,  it can only allow two different metals to react with each other. Which to me, the first video with the lemon battery is not realiable.

I think the egg and pickle is real. The pickle glows because it excites the sodium ions from the salt in there. As for the egg, I’m not too sure if it glows for the same reason. The egg is a conductor of electricity and it produces a light when it’s charged.


Unit Light

Should we spend a lot of money trying to discover a particle able to move faster than light?

In my opinion, I think it’s necessary to spend this money to discover something that moves  faster than light. As if there is a matter or substance that can reach to a velocity faster than light, it means that it’s possible to travel back to time. If we are able to travel through time, it will make huge progress and contribution to the modern days by exploring more about our history, with the possible ability of knowing how was the earth formed and so on… We would know so many so many things back in time. The cost of money is also not a problem, after the faster-than-light is discovered, there will be a lot of products with that ability which will definitely attract a lot of costumers spending tons of money on the products. I think it is worth to spend money on the discovery.

Reflection | Economics

I personally find the content of this unit quite interesting and fit for us to learn. I like how the teacher organized this whole unit with 5 different sections. We learnt a lot about different types of business, which is very useful for collective studies. The information was giving in order and it helps us to understand the context more clearly. The teacher created a lot of different ways of studying, which helped me a lot and I enjoyed a lot.  I also liked the different activities, especially actually kind of organizing and creating our own business (the bake sale competition).

For the next unit, I would like to continue learn something about international business.

Should I be brought to school by car?

Should I be brought to school by car?

In my situation, I don’t think I should be brought to school by car. I normally bike to school, because I live really close. It takes me about 7-10 mins to transport for me,  the distance is about 1.0 km, which my average speed is about 6kph. Compared with the normal speed, my speed is really slow, i think it’s due to the hill on my way.  Sometime in some exceptional cases, I go to school by car, which takes about 2 mins that is way faster. I’m biking because I live really close to school, there’s no need of car. The disadvantage is, I kinda get tired after biking on the hill. Sometimes due to the weather events, when there’s hard wings and hard rains, it’s really hard to bike, especially in Netherlands. The advantage is that there’s no any greenhouse gases using. Biking to school won’t make any pollution.

Reflection | All of Me

In this practicing, we made a group of four including Vasilena, Anne-Sophie, Anne and me. For the recording, we chose ‘All of Me’, because the teacher gave us a piano book and the song was there. We found this song beautiful and fit with piano. There are three people singing with different pitches and I’m playing the piano. The pity is we didn’t use any other instruments than piano. I wanted to try guitar, but it was kind of hard for a beginner. We practiced a lot during these lessons, we got a lot of time to practice in class. We first practiced apart, I was practicing my piano and others are practicing singing. We think it’s a good way to form a nice music together after and at the same time I had enough time to practice my piano. This time, I got the melody notes with both hands and it took quite a lot of time to practice. It’s harder than the normal practicing for me, because normally I just needed to play the chords. The corporation in my group was very good, we have three people with really different voices. They sounds really nice if they sing together, the mix of the voices.

Multigenre Reflection

We were working on this project for about 10 weeks(including the holidays), yesterday was the duration for the whole project. This is the first kind of big project that I’ve been worked on. The project contains 5 genre pieces, annotated bilbiography & rationales for each genre pieces, a dear reader letter, table of contents and the container. It is a large work for me. I think I answered my research questions based on my personal understanding after the researches. I think the most challenging parts for me is researching and using language(english), I chose two sources in Chinese which is easier to understand for me. I chose personal and cultural experience, but during my research I found my topic is more to scientific and technical innovation. Scientific knowledge involved quite a lot in my project.

My original purpose  was “How can we prove we are not alone in the universe?”

  • How do people find whether aliens/UFOs exist or not?
  • What do ETs look like?
  • Is there any proof?
  • What will people need to see to believe this?

I followed my project with my guiding questions ( research questions). I think I learnt more after finished this project, I have higher understanding after all the researches. I also think that there are a lot of information about them.

Water Day

  • I used this much water on Sunday.
    Brushing Teeth + Washing face 2
    Drinking 2* 0.33L juice , 4 bottles of water
    Cooking & washing dishes 6 bottles of water
    Toilet 10 times +
    Shower 27 minutes + 32 minutes
  • I think for my family, there’s only two person living here. I think we should save water first by taking a shorter shower. We spend too much time on showering and it’s a great wasting of water. Small things to conserve water:

We should turn off the water after wetting the toothbrush.  We only eat with two people, so we don’t have that much dishes. Therefore, we should use the dishwasher for only full loads. We can save the water from washing the vegetables before cooking for rushing the toilet, so we can recycle the water instead of wasting.

  • We save water because water is not unlimited as we always think. There are also a lot of places that don’t even have enough water. They need to go 5km or more farther to another place for a bit water, they shower only once a year. When we are wasting water and taking enough shower, we should think about them.

Recording “All of me”

We are going to choose the song ‘All of Me’. The group we made is with 4 people, Anne-Sophie, Anne, Vaseline and me. Me and Vaselina can play piano together, one play melody and the other can play melody and chords together. Anne-Sophie and Anne are going to sing the song, both of them are going to sing in the same time. Im going to practice at home, due to that we only have 3 lessons to practice.

Let it Be + Yesterday Reflection


During these lessons, we got a lot of time in class to practice our song for the sixties. I did two songs, Let it be and Yesterday. I was playing the chords for Let it Be and the melody for Yesterday. The practicing went really good, I was able to manage work on both sides, it actually went pretty good. We recorded three times for Let it Be, the first time was not very good with a very low sound of piano so we tried another two times. The recording went okay. The recording for Yesterday was very well, we did it only once and it went pretty well, maybe because we are more focus when we were practicing. I think with the let it be group, we should practice more and more concentratedly. The final result is good after we tried three times. I think next time I should try to do something with guitars. I’m satisfied with the music that we chose and it sounds very nice as a final result.

Reflection: Culture Slam Week

This was a very interesting culture slam week that we can find some ‘mini-jobs’ for ourselves. At first, we are split in groups and we decided to find some places that we can take care of animals. However, it didn’t really work as a result, because the company that we found in Breda don’t really need any more helper. Secondly, we decided to go to some primary schools or dutch schools to help children with studying english, but it didn’t work neither. At last, we are separating into two groups, one to the food bank to help and another group with six people to go to the primary school to help taking care of the little children.

I didn’t want to go to the primary at first, because I thought it is a dutch primary school with all those dutch personalities, and I can’t really speak dutch, so I prefer to go to the food bank. Nevertheless, the teacher told us it is the primary downstairs. As a decision: Landa, Anne, Matt, Esmeralda, Kirsten and me were charging the primary jobs. Kirsten and me were helping the children from nursery.

It’s a very happy job for only one day. It’s very nice to see all the little kids and imagine that we’ve been go through that time too. It made me thought a lot about myself when I was small. It sounds like an easy job, if you only do this for one day, but actually it is pretty hard to get every children to be interested in the thing and concentrating. It is interesting how they try to find the games and concentrate on the things that they want to play. During the break, we played with the little children and they are so naive. We need to knee their noses if necessary. I like this job. I like that day.