Earth Hour 2016

On Saturday 19th  2016, it was an international Earth Day. At this day people around the world switch off the lights at their houses for one hour. During this hour they are not allowed to use the electric light.  People had to switch off the light at the same time, no matter what time zone you are in. For the Netherlands it was 20.30 to 21.30.

I was participating at this project too. On Saturday evening my friends and I lit up 10 candles and put it in a heart shape.

By following the rules of this event, I engaged with values of global importance and made small but valuable impact for our planet. I initiated this event in more than one house. I rose the awareness in social media, by reposting the video to several social media web sites. I showed commitment in this project by switching off the light at the right time and not using light for an hour. This task was a challenge since we all are use to light, also this was happening at night which is even harder, because we need light mostly at night.

I learnt that we need to use less electricity not because of money, but for our planet. I think that it will bring a lot of impact in the future. I think that I can motivate people, because I explain different aspects and give reasoning for this task.

I am glad that I participated in this task, because I would love to bring only good impact on Earth.

Physics Unit “And than there was light”

Conceptual: Should we spend a lot of money trying to discover a particle able to move faster than light? (Can anything move faster than light?)


Speed of light is 299 792 458 m / s if we compare it to the speed of sound 340.29 m / s the difference is enormous. People had invented many transports which travel faster than the speed of sound, but there is nothing which travels faster than light from human inventions.

In my opinion, people should not spend money on things which will outrace the speed of light, because it is less likely that people will be able to do it. I have no doubt that it might be possible, but before it happens, billions of money are going to be spent. Then when the new invention will come true people are going to make money out of it.

If we will have a particle which will be travelling faster than light, what is it going to be used for? What is utility of this particle would be for people and for our planet? Those questions have to be answered first.

People have much more things to worry about at the moment, such as climate change, poverty, incurable diseases etc. I think science should be working on solving issues which are going to be beneficial for millions than looking for something which is going to bring utility only for few people.

Debatable: Will we ever be able to travel in time and is this desirable


According to th e video of Stephen Hawking people might be able to travel in time, but in my opinion not in coming 150-200 years. People had not created such advanced technology for travelling for long distances. There was an enormous progress in the past 60 years, however I think people need to work on this for years, in order to obtain perfectly safe long-term spaceship.

I think that this is not necessarily desirable for humanity and our planet in the first place, but it is very interesting to explore what is beyond our planet and how everything out of our galaxy works.

Unit “Mind your own business

In the beginning  of the school year 2015, for economics we had started the unit “Mind your own business.” In this unit we were discussing many different types of business. We studied TAXes and we also made a report about a famous company of our choice.

I liked this unit a lot, although I think it was a little too long. Also I think there should be more information, such as presentations, with definitions for every term. I found it very difficult to study during this unit because I couldn’t fins definitions.

This topic was very interesting especially when we talked about types of businesses and how they work. Making presentations about businesses was very interesting, since you learn and teach others at the same time.

Something I would like to study next term is International Economics. I think that it is very interesting and there are a lot of things to discuss. I think we have to learn to calculate and do more finance. Also learn more from latest news, so that we can actually work with current economics and practice. If we will work with real life examples it would be much more useful and we will remember it better.

Is being courageous set back by all safety rules?

In my opinion it is very important to know safety rules, because if you know the rules and its outcomes you won’t be in danger, for instance while performing an experiment. There is no exaggeration in learning safety rules, due to people who do not understand the importance of it. A lot of students think that nothing will happen during the class, so it is not necessary to spend time learning those rules. However accidents happen, because of unknowledge of safety rules in the lab.

Conclusively I think that safety rules are extremely important and everyone should know them, so they won’t put themselves in danger.


Should I be brought to school by car or not? Physics

I am taking a bus to go to school, since I live half an hour away. Since there are no close by bus stops, I have to be brought to the bus stop by car. It takes 10 minutes to get to the bus stop from my home. I think that using the bus is the best option in my case, because by using a car we spend a lot of petrol, since the car has to go to school for half an hour and then return back home, whereas the bus goes with the route, picking up other children and saving petrol.

It is about 28 kilometers from my house to the school and the bus travels with the average speed of 50-80 km/h. However the car travels faster and as I mentioned before the bus goes with the route, which makes the journey longer then by car. Even thought the bus travels longer it picks up a long of people, which saves a lot of petrol.

I could get to the bus stop by bicycle, but it will take much longer for me ( about 20-25 minutes) to only get to the buss stop and 60-90 minutes to get to school.


Reflection on MultiGenre project

We had been working hard on our MultiGenre for 10 weeks and I am very happy that we had finally finished it.

The first step of creating a MultiGenre project was choosing your topic. We had to brainstorm and create mind maps to develop our ideas and interests. I had some difficulties with choosing my topic. I came back late from my holidays, so I had to catch up a lot, which affected my choice of MultiGenre topic.

After mind mapping we had to fill in a template, which would make it easier for us to organise our ideas. In that template we had to write the name, research question and working title of the project. We also had to explain why we chose particular topic. Firstly I wanted to do my project about languages, since it is an International school and we all know a lot of languages. So I filled in a template and started working on the research part of the project. However I wasn’t that happy about what I was doing. I felt like I wasn’t doing something that I was interested in. One day I was working on my research and I found a topic which I found very interesting.I decided to change my topic, before it was too late.

Everything that I had done and researched so far, was useless. However it gave me a good example of what I have to do for my new topic. My new topic was Self Expression. I chose that topic, because it is so unique how people express themselves and their personalities in different ways. We all show ourselves from different sides, for example hobbies. We can show what kind of people we are by doing, eating or even saying what we like. That’s what I was researching about. How can words affect the way we look at people. “Look” means see their personality.

It was very stressful for me before and after I changed my topic, because I had to think of my other interests and also do another research about it. Eventually when I chose what I am going to write about it wasn’t that stressful anymore.

To give a better example and make my project more interesting I chose Taylor Swift as a person who will  be an “author” of all the genres. All the genres that I had created are meant to be written by Taylor Swift.

My first genre is diary entry of Taylor Swift, then I created a magazine article. My third genre is message to a friend of Taylor Swift. Poem is my fourth genre and drawing is fifth. My favourite genre is a poem, because I like writing poems and I enjoyed writing this poem. However I also like a magazine article, because it is colourful and I was writing it after I did a good research about Taylor Swift, to know what I was writing about.

My last step was a container. I knew what I was going to creatScreen Shot 2015-03-24 at 16.49.13e when I finished my fourth genre. I made a box with a sign ” Not to be read!” on it, to make it more mysterious. All the things, which are in the box are private, which means they shouldn’t be read by anyone.

I had learnt a lot while creating this project. I became more organised and stated using calendars to set up goals and due dates. I think that I had learnt a lot from this project and I developed new skills. I learnt a lot about Taylor Swift as a person and also as a celebrity. I found a new interest during this project. While I was creating my fourth genre, which is a poem I found out that I like writing poems. I will write some poems when I am inspired and when I will feel like I have something to write about.

I am happy that I am done with this project and I hope that the readers of it will also enjoy my project!

Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 16.51.17

World Water Day – 22 March

On Sunday the 22 of March it was an International Water day. For our chemistry class we had to record how much water did we use during this day. I made some notes about how much water my family had been using during that day. 

We use a lot of water during the day, we may also waste some clean water without even noticing it. There are some ways that we can save water, hence making our lives better and saver. 

Here are some ideas for saving water:

  • wash dishes more rarely ( 2-3 times per day)
  • wash car only in washing services 
  • take shower only once a day 
  • take shower max. 5  min 

I think that water quality is very important, since it affects health of all people on the Earth. People should find ways of purifying water in poor countries to prevent dangerous diseases. Happy Water Day ! 🙂   .

Service and action day 28 January 2015

For service and action day in ISB, we went to the Food Bank. At the beginning we brainstormed different ideas, but when we’ve called people to organise service and action day, non of them agreed to take us. Later one of our classmates contacted the Food Bank and organised it for us. Next time I think we should be more organised and improve our team work.

When we arrived to the Food Bank early in the morning, people who are working at the Food Bank gave us a task to organise the food to different containers. We had to put expired food into one of three containers and food that wasn’t expired into the other two. We ended up with five containers, four of which were full with good food. After lunch we had a different task. We had too sort out different kinds of food into separate containers (rice and pasta, jam, sauces, etc.)

We were doing a great team work, since I expected us to work longer. We were done very quickly, because we had been working together and helped each other a lot. We were working fast and organised.

That was fun experience and it is a good way of helping people! I think we did a great job!


Final idea for my Multigenre project

For two weeks during English lesson, we had been developing our ideas about the Multigenre project. We had done mind mapping and reading multigenre projects made by students from other schools to get an idea of how to make our project.

To create an idea about our project we had to make a document and think of a title, working title, research question for our project and explain what and why am I interested in that topic.After we thought about our topic, we had to think of genre which we are going to use for the project. I had few ideas about the genre, which were text book article, Historical Times Context essay, Time Line or Chain of Events and Newspaper or Magazine Feature/Human Interest. I haven’t decided which one I am going to chose, but I thought of making my project in newspaper or magazine article style. I think it is going to be suitable for my topic, because I am going to talk about differences between two languages and can they affect the way we express ourselves. I it is going to be interesting topic and it could be debatable, but I am not going to include debates in my project.

We also had to choose global context, which we are going to follow or create research question related to this global context. I chose personal and cultural expression and I think that it will help me a lot with my project and it already did help me with creating research question and gave me nice ideas about my topic.

A topic for my project is “Cultural and personal differences between English and Ukrainian languages” and research question is “How can we express ourselves using language ( English or Ukrainian)?” I am really interested in how can we express ourselves by using language, and how does different language affects the way you express yourself. I think it is really interesting, because everyone has different ways of expressing themselves. We create an impression to other people about us. The way we act and the way we talk is very important since you create an impression about yourself and this will affect the way that people will treat you.

As I mentioned before, my project is going to be made as magazine article, I am going to add pictures and I have some interesting ideas for my topic. First idea was a letter or a diary entry, which is going to be written by someone, it is going to one of the ways of expressing yourself by using language. I am going to develop some other ideas for my project and I hope that I am going to come up with nice and creative ones!

MultiGenre Project

To get ourselves inspired for the multigenre project we had to look at the examples of Multigenres, which students from other schools and universities had made. There were three nice projects that inspired me and gave me nice ideas for my project. The first one which I found interesting was Seeing in Looking out, in which a girl was talking about how she likes looking out of the window. She uses drawings to show herself near the window and the window itself. She also had some poems about windows and how much she likes them. The idea that I got from this project is drawing small pictures to make the text more interesting and colourful. She also used titles for each article that she wrote, so it will be useful for me as well, since I am going to talk about historical events.

The second project that was very creative and interesting was Airplane inventor, which was about a man who was trying to invent a new airplane during World War 2, and finally finishing it after twenty years. This project was made by using Power Point Presentation. It was made as a timeline or chain of events, but each slide had enough information to understand what was happening. It also included pictures of the plane, newspaper articles and some magazine articles. I had an idea of making a timeline or chain of events too, but I didn’t know how I was going to do that. This project gave me an idea of how it could be done. if I will make a timeline like that, I would have to include: when something happened, where, how and why.

The last one that caught my eye was Novel projects, which was about Literature. There were lots of pictures, which were ‘telling’, but they were also supported by some text which also had some information about the topic. I like this idea, because it had a nice style and the way that information is combined with pictures.