Lemon, egg or pickle

During physics class we were shown 2 videos. One of an egg and a pickle and one of a lemon. The aim of the videos was to show the audience hoe to make your own ‘light’.

With the egg and the pickle the source of electricity came from a socket in the wall. This means that the electricity was not ‘made’ from the egg or the pickle but was conducted by the socket. However the lemon did make it’s own light by using zinc and copper which were the conductors, and stabbing them in the lemon.

Therefore I think both are true but lemon made it’s own source of light whereas the egg and the pickle were just a place to put the pins in so they could see the light from there.

Earth Hour 2016

Earth hour is an hour on the 18th of March where people all around the world would turn of their lights in their house. This was between 20.30h and 21.30h and as shown, lasted a whole hour. To try and make other people participate in this project I posted a post on facebook, a picture on Instagram and a live video on snapchat.

During earth hour I had a babysitting job. It was very challenging to I wanted to make sure that at least the lights of my own house was turned off so I didn’t have to worry if that family didn’t want to turn off the lights. When I left the house I turned off all the lights and then biked to my babysit adres. It was just 20.30h when they left and so I asked the kids if they’d mind turning off the lights for an hour. When they said no we started to turn off all the lights and light the candles. We watched a movie during the hour and the youngest was happy when it was finally over. During the hour she was a little scared and asked multiple times if we could turn on the lights again. I, unfortunately, do not know if my siblings kept the lights off.

The earth hour was a fun project to participate in and did not take any effort at all. I wish I could’ve done it at home as well but I guess one house should be enough for one person. Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 12.59.50I wouldn’t mind joining more of these kind of projects.



Physics Reflection

Reflection unit test And then there was light!

  • Mention one strength of yourself while gathering knowledge during this


Being careful with the tools we needed for our experiments


  • Mention one weakness of yourself while gathering knowledge during

this unit and how you’re going to improve this.Is there anything the teacher can do to help you? (the answer cannot be more worksheets!).

Forgetting my booklet and therefore not being able the class accurately


  • Did this unit answer the factual question for you: How does light reach

our eyes? If yes, how? If no, what extra information do you think you


Yes, through reflection, refraction and light sources


In this unit the focus was put on being inquirers, you had to do

experiments to find out how light travels.

  • Do you think you were an inquirer in this unit? If yes, why? If no, what

would have been a better part of the learner profile to focus on and


I think I was because I discovered several new theories (were new to me) on how light works with mirrors and even through glass.


Please go to your blog and answer the conceptual and debatable question:


  •      Should we spend a lot of money trying to discover a particle able to move faster than light? (Can anything move faster than light?)

I Don’t think we should. It is unnatural and we, humans, would not be able to travel this way since our body cannot handle it.


  •      Will we ever be able to travel in time and is this desirable?

I think technology would give us the opportunity to do so. However I would not find this desirable since our body will react to this in a negative way.

Economics Do’s and Dont’s

Hi sir,

I thought the past few months were very interesting regarding the economy. I like that we discussed what was going on in the world and kind of learned through that. What I didn’t like so much was the paper that we had to make on a company. This was mostly because a lot of the terms used to explain the information given in the research wasn’t given to us in class. Therefore I kind of had to figure it out on my in the beginning. After a while though I asked my dad for help and he practically explained me everything. The research self however was still kind of confusing because it mixed up numbers.

Is being courageous being set back by all safety rules?

Safety rules are there for a reason I believe. They weren’t made up just to annoy us. I guess in some ways it sets you back because you want to use an acid but that isn’t allowed anymore but furthermore I don’t think there are any limits because of the safety rules. You can be courageous without putting yourself in danger. You should always be careful with your body since you only have one.

Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley lived from 1935 to 1977. In 1955, Presley started to get a lot of fans because of his different taste of music, his hip action, that were not ok in that time period, and his very good looks.That year he signed with RCA records that was brought to him by his dutch manager Colonel Tom Parker. Presley was doing very well, he scored his first No.1 single with “Heartbreak Hotel,” as well as his first No. 1 album, Elvis Presley, and signed a movie contract with Paramount pictures, he did this all in the year 1956. Not only did he get very popular by his famous hip action, he also became popular by being a guest on multiple television shows. After that, Elvis Presley was everywhere, he was on the radio, television and the silver screen working as a musician and actor. His first movie was Love Me Tender, it was a hit, people loved it. Career was blooming in every possible way. Then in 1957 he got his draft notice and was sent to the army the following March. He served in Germany for about a year and a half. Before he was sent back to Europe his mother died. Because of that he was granted a leave and he returned to Memphis to attend her funeral. After the funeral he needed to go back to Germany to get back to his duty. That’s when he met Priscilla Beaulieu, at the time still a teenager, whom he’d later marry. After leaving the army in 1960, he returned to his career and was in no time back at the top of the charts with soundtrack for his movie GI Blues. He continued recording music and acting in movies like Blue Hawaii and Girls! Girls! Girls!. Even though his movies weren’t always good they got profit and his soundtracks sold well most of the time. I like some of his music because it can be very tender and sweet, others can have a lot of swing which is fun to dance on. Some songs just don’t appeal to me but that’s not often.

Debatable Question

Should I be brought to school by car?

I think I should since I live in Belgium. Going by bike isn’t really an option since biking on the highway isn’t allowed and it would take at least 2 hours. Going by bus would be a possibility but would take a very long time in which the earth will be polluted too. Going by train would be an option but then I’d have to get to the train station first which would be by car or bus. Eventually it doesn’t matter what I take I will pollute the earth because going by bike isn’t an option. Therefore I think I should take the fastest way of travelling which is by car.

Reflection Physics

Mention one thing that was really useful during this unit and explain why this helped you.

I think the exercises we made were very useful. It really did make me understand the information we got. The information we got explained became more clear when practiced on paper

Also mention one thing that was not helpful at all and explain why not.

There’s nothing that pops into my mind right now that didn’t help me. Everything was very useful: the exercises, the video’s …

What did you miss during the unit and why?

I wasn’t (still am) not good at drawing the graphs because I could figure out the numbers the line needed to follow ( this was only with the really hard questions). I probably should’ve asked more for help.


Mention one strength of yourself while gathering knowledge during this unit

I was quite good at most of the exercises and understood most of it really well.


Mention one weakness of yourself while gathering knowledge during this unit and how’re you going to improve on this?

What I mentioned before I’m bad at the harder questions. I should probably make more exercises on those kind of questions.


Is there anything the teacher can do to help you?

Maybe she could go over the harder exercises with me and give me some hard exercises so I can practice.


Did this unit answer the factual question for you: How can speed be measured and express? If yes, how? If no, what extra information you think you need?

It did, I can now measure speed when I have the time and distance. I can measure all of that and velocity too.


How can we slow down? If yes, how? If no, what extra information you think you need?

You can slow down by decelerating.


Are you a thinker?

I think I am a thinker because I solved most of the graphs with logic or the triangle d:s, d:t …


World water day

I used water eleven times on sunday, I could probably start with showering once a day. During the weekend I tend to take a bath and I could reduce that too. My brother could stop taking showers twice a day, every day. My whole family loves taking bathes they should reduce on that. We could buy a water tank and heat rain water for our bathe or showers. To improve with little steps we could  turn out the shower when we’re soaping our hair or body.

I want to save water because I want to live a healthy life and to be able to do that you’re body needs to hydrate. Not only humans need water but animals and fauna and flora too.

Multigenre Reflection Post

I found out that women in Saudi-Arabia are being oppressed, a little by their religion, but mostly by the men practicing their religion. In the Quran there are verses that say that women are less and can be punished if needed, this is said in the NEW Quran. Of course I don’t agree with this but it’s the men who practice it. It doesn’t say in the old Quran. So yes they’re being oppressed by their religion but that’s because of the new Quran.

For my global context I chose identities and relationships, and personal and cultural expression. For my identities and relationships I had questions like:

▪Why did I specifically choose for the way women are/were treated in the Middle East?

▪How do men in the Middle East treat women differently from the Netherlands?

▪What do Women of the Netherlands think of the way people in the Middle East dress especially the muslims?

▪What are women allowed and not allowed to do?

▪What is their role in the Family

I did turn some of the questions into genres like the fact box or the poem. Though I didn’t really look back at these questions because I figured that if I wanted to know something about the oppression now I would want to know it later too. Eventually I made genres that covered some of these questions. For my personal and cultural expression I had questions like:

▪Are women in the Middle East any more equal now than they were?

▪Are women in the Middle East forced into their religion or do they choose it themselves?

▪What do Muslims from the Middle East value?

▪Are muslims allowed to practice anything creative?

▪How are women being oppressed with religion? Specifically with Islamic teachings?

▪What are the laws for Muslim women in the Middle East?

▪What happens to a muslim woman when she does something that’s not allowed

I have quite a few genres on these questions. For example the email, the poem (again), the diary entry, the fact box and the tweets. I had the same idea as I had with the other questions and I was right, I had exact the same questions then and when I needed to make my genres. It did help me shape my genres. It made the process of making the genres much faster.

My original goal was to gather information out of my name and then present it to the audience. I reached this goal but wasn’t happy with it. I wanted a story behind it, so I made a story. When I was almost done with my project and was writing the dear readers letter I realised that the end product I working too wasn’t what I wanted. Once I changed it and made it the box of a 15 year old girl named Aisha, I was happy. That was the thing I wanted to change from my original project. Now you can see that the box is from a girl with anger and dreams (the world map with places to go).

I must admit that my MLA skills have improved. Instead of needing to look back other documents as example, I now have all the steps in my head and don’t need more examples. It’s done in 10 sec. This project made me more aware about the situation in Saudi-Arabia and I notice how we, at least me, live in a protected bubble and are safe and live a happy life. This is not the situation in a lot of places it’s actually quite rare to be this protected from the world.