Time Travel

I don’t believe that being able to travel into the future is reality, and I don’t think that being able to travel into the past is especially not possible. However, I do think it is possible to play with time, the 4th dimension. Being able to bend time and manipulate it, perhaps not at our will, but at times, might be something I experience in my lifetime. I don’t think that I will ever experience real time travel, but maybe I can see the start of it, or the development of something that allows us to move through time. It would be incredibly interesting to see a discovery as big as being able to manipulate a dimension, let alone entirely discover and be able to bend one like we are starting to theorize we can do with time.

Economics Unit Reflection

I think that during this unit I did learn a lot, but mostly I got a new interest. The stock market is very interesting to me and I’ve started properly investigating into it, and that really helped my final presentation about the stock market way easier and of better quality. I think that this unit we had a good division of different types of work and there was a large variety of different types of learning. I think if something could be improved, it would be that we cover a bit more different topics.

New Substance Discovery

Personally I think that spending (a lot) of money on discovering new substances can be worth it, but we have to keep in mind the downsides and the fact that it could backfire and turn out to be nothing. I think that when it does work out and we do discover a new substance and find an (almost) everyday use for it, it can change our world a lot and it can work out well for us. There is a lot of examples of substances that were discovered that really made an impact on the world and changed the way a lot of things happen nowadays. However, I feel like the economy around the world at the moment is not at it’s best, and a lot of countries could use the money for other important things. This makes the decision hard and probably tough for world leaders to make. There is a lot of areas in the world to do with production of materials/structures, etc, that can be improved on with new substances to provide more efficiency or a faster work rate. If you take an example like Kevlar, you can see how big of a success it was and assume that however much money they spent on discovering it, they have made back easily because the product is now worldwide and incredibly popular. However, there is a lot of factories, doctors and private investors that spend a lot of money on the research and discovery of new substances, which then crash and fail and they lose their investment. For this reason, I think that we should be careful and limit how much we spend on new discoveries, but also make sure that the discovery is worthwhile and will really make a change in our world nowadays.

Freeware Manual Project

This unit we have to create a manual/tutorial for a freeware that we can use. Freeware is a software (usually on your PC/Mac) that is completely free to use and the user does not have to pay for anything. Of course, we have to follow the design cycle for the new Design MYP class. We started by brainstorming, and finding freewares and products that we could make a tutorial/manual on. A few example of what I found are: GIMP 2.0, Evernote, GarageBand, iMovie, and Blender. We had to find the download links to each of our examples and put these in the document. After this, we started our research document with the identification of the problem. I had to identify why freeware is made, and why we have to make the tutorial/manual for the general public with these sort of freeware. My main point was that a lot of people that use freeware don’t know much about it, and therefore we had to explain the basics.

After we finished this, we continued the research document with guiding questions. This section included: What do you need to know or learn? What materials will you use? Potential sources?

After this, I did research. I decided to focus on GIMP 2.0 and making a tutorial for that freeware. The first source I looked at, I talked about what I found useful in it, how I could use it, and maybe why I didn’t find it useful if that was the case. I did this again for a second source.

My life :)

My name is Julius Fransen, and I’m 15 years old. I love playing basketball, playing guitar, hanging out with my friends, scuba diving, snowboarding, and very rarely windsurfing! Snowboarding, scuba diving and windsurfing are hard to fit into my free time, as they are hard to do, but I do my best to try and do some of them every once in a while :D. In my free time, basketball takes up most of the time. I train 3 times a week, and I usually have a match in the weekend. I love playing guitar because it allows me to relax, and I love the songs I can recreate and play when I play. My favourite subject in school is English, because I really like being able to talk about something, and taking part in a discussion. I love spending time with my friends, and laughing with them. My aim is to enjoy life to it’s fullest, do the things that make me happy, and ignore the things that don’t!

Julius, Sjoerd, Simon, Victor, Tess, Sebastian – Music & Art Unit Song and Reflection


This unit, we had to combine with the art students to make both a graffiti piece, and a song about our theme, which was ‘day’. This was an incredibly fun unit. I learned a lot about how to make a stencil, and even though it was hard, it was fun to make it and see the final product. The best part about making a stencil is you can make it very accurate, and you can already sort of see what your final piece is going to look like. We also had to either make our own lyrics, or change a song, which we then had to record. My group helped me change the lyrics to ‘I see fire’ by Ed Sheeran, and I recorded the song, in which I did the vocals and the guitar. I think we worked very well as a group, and we got our work done quickly because we all contributed to both the lyrics and stencil. Victor took a very good leader role, which helped when creating the stencil, and I think that the whole group contributed to the unit. I think that when it comes to my personal song, I am pleased with the result of it because I sang alright, and the guitar playing went very well.

Developmental Workbook: How can we use computers to make a recording?

This unit in Music we worked together to practice, record, and edit I Won’t Give Up by Jason Mraz. We had to play separate instruments, record our instruments, record our voices, and then we had to edit the file of it on GarageBand, tuning it to make it sound better.

This unit I learned a few chords, and I also learned how to use GarageBand in a different way than I have used it before, which is good because I will have more experience in the future if we have to use it in class for example.

I really learned to work with others in this unit, but maybe not as directly as if we played it all together. This is because we recorded our things separately, which I prefer, because it is easier to start over if you make a mistake, and it does not affect the whole band if you do.

I used my time well in this unit because I used a lot of time to practice the song and the chords, because some of them were pretty hard and new to me.

My skills are developing a little bit, but not really in guitar, mainly in using GarageBand to mix songs and edit the way a song sounds in its final form.

The music I was listening to during this unit did not influence me that much, because it was very different from what we were performing. I was listening to a lot of rap, and our song was slow guitar and voices, so they were both very different.

In the book Divergent we see a lot about choices. Not only is there the obvious choice of which faction she chooses, but we see the choices she makes not only before the choosing, but also after, during the initiation. I think that so far this book has been interesting, and that it has some interesting concepts which can be developed into good themes and add to the plot well later on. I observed that Tris is a character that we rarely see change in core personality. She has a lot of moments where her appearance might change, or her look on things might change, but nothing really changes her. This makes the audience start to wonder if going Dauntless was actually the right choice for her, as we see that she still has Abnegation like feelings inside of her. I also thought that when she is in the fight with Peter, she is a very resilient character. This shows us that she might be right for Dauntless, and that she has some characteristics and thoughts that make her a soon to be true Dauntless. Her courage is a theme that is slowly rising in frequency, yet it sometimes dips and reveals the innocent, small Tris, who would love to be back with her family. I think that the author does a good job in showing us how Tris is changing as a character, but also how she is staying the same. She is an interesting character that I am excited to see more of. I also noticed that when she has to jump off the roof into the net below, that she feels like she belongs in Dauntless, but again we see her returning Abnegation and longing for her family in the bedroom that same night.

Dragon’s Den Pitch Reflection

I think that during this unit, I worked quite well. It was quite easy for me to gather information and then put it in my head as a presentation style memory. I think that my pitch went well, and that I got most of my points across. I mentioned some economic words, and I was very proud of my presentation style. I had a confident look, moved around slightly (but not too much) and made sure that I spoke in a loud and clear voice. When I watched the video of my pitch, I was pleased. What I thought my pitch was like when I was doing it, was also how it came across in real life. It seemed easy to understand for the audience.


For economics class I would give myself a 5 out of 8. I think that this is a fair grade for me, because I did not use many economic terms. I also forgot to mention some of the things that had to do with the action plan. For english, I would give myself an 8 out of 10. I think this is a fair grade, because I had good sentence structure, vocabulary, and I had a confident and competent presentation style.


During this unit, in English, we learned a lot about good pitches, good presentation skills, and ways to convince someone. This really helped my pitch because it let me know how I could be more convincing, so that the Dragon(s) would be interested in my product. In economics, we learned about different vocabulary, and things like gaps in the market, and how to identify them. I also learned about how entrepreneurs become successful, and we got some examples. I was very inspired in this unit by my own problems. I scuba dive a lot, so I could quickly identify a problem that I had often, and managed to come up with a product that solved it.


My visual was related to my pitch because it was the material I was going to use in my product. I also had a few PowerPoint slides with some pictures on it, related to what I was talking about at the time. I do not think they were very effective, but I did not expect them to be. The PowerPoint slides were mostly so that I could have something in the background, and maybe to slightly reduce the pressure that was on me. I think that I need to make sure that if we are doing a double unit, I use terms and skills from both units. I also need to make sure that if I have slides that I’m using, I change them at the right time to match what I am talking about.


If I could do my pitch again, I would make sure to include more economic terms. I would do this because not only does it increase my chances of boosting my economics grades, and it would make me, as an entrepreneur, sound more professional. It would, by the means of logos, maybe help me convince the customer that my product is logical, and that I am prepared, with a good action plan.

Reflectie Summative

Wat vond je nuttig? Ik vond het wel nuttig dat ik van een perspectief moest schrijven omdat dat wel anders is dan normaal. Ik vond het wel erg moeilijk om een goede rationale en dan een goed dagboek fragment te schrijven maar uiteindelijk was ik er wel redelijk blij mee. Ik maak wel veel fouten met taalgebruik en spelling.

Wat vond je een uitdaging? Ik vond het moeilijk om het erg gedetailleerd te maken en het content van een hooge standaard te houden.

Wat vond je van de inhoud? Ik vond de inhoud van mijn summative wel redelijk goed, maar ik weet zeker dat ik veel spellings en woord fouten heb gemaakt. Ik vond wel dat ik een goed verhaal had, en dat het vanaf een perspectief schrijven goed is gelukt.