debatable question – Laurent Karroum – Chemistry

In this blog post, I will try to answer our Chemistry debatable question ‘Should the structure of the periodic table be changed?’ . I say no, but everyone has a different opinion. The reason I say no is, because not everybody is always looking at science news. So if they suddenly made a article that the periodic table  will be changed, only the people who would see the news know, making the ones who don’t know it, probably stay clueless until someone tells them. This could then also be a problem on a test, where it would maybe ask a question related to the new periodic table, and only some would be able to answer it. In my personal view, if they would still say yes and the periodic table will be changed, the teacher should at least keep the stundents up to date and tell them about it by showing them the news article.

Top 5 loved and hated songs

My favourite songs are Beat it, Thriller , Earth song , Blank Space and Bad Blood. Beat it, Thriller and the Earth song are all Made by Michael Jackson. I like Beat it  and Thriller because off the lyrics and the music beat from the guitar and the drum. The music video off Beat it and  Thriller is also pretty nice because they are different than the other music videos and is like a rock n roll theme. I Like the Earth song because off how he talks about the earth and the people. I like the silent slow guitar in the background. Blank Space and Bad Blood are made by Taylor swift. Compared to Michael Jacksons song, Her songs are more calm and don’t involve to much rock and roll. I like her song Blank Space and Bad Blood because off Her voice. I also like the lyrics in Bad Blood and Blank Space , especially Blank space because The video talks about her boy friend and she got mad at him. I think she also makes more songs about her life. I like Bad blood because off the music video and the lyrics as well because In this song she doesn’t talk about her life that much.
The songs that I totally hate are We can’t stop by Miley Cyrus , Rude by MAGIC! , All about that base by Meghan Trainor , Fancy by Iggy Azalea and Sweet emotion by Aerosmith. I hate We cant stop because off her voice , it doesn’t fit the song and the instrumental in the background because it sounds more rock and ruins the song. I hate rude by MAGIC! because off his voice aswell, it sounds so low and the video is weird and hes acting weird and asking why the girl wont marry him. I hate all about that base because the music video is weird and not very detailed and the voice is to low plus the lyrics is getting annoying. I hate fancy because off the voice and the lyrics dosent make sense , i dont really understand it. The song that I hate the most off these 5 is Sweet emotion by Aerosmith because its really loud screaming and instrumental and because the lyrics makes no sense with the words and you cant understand if its a message or so.

Reflection Unit Recording song

In this unit we picked a song we wanted to perform on the piano. Me and my group choose blank space because we liked it and wanted to try something challenging. In my group I was alone but then oliver came because he wanted to do 2pac on piano and was far behind after giving up and then he needed to come to my group. Luiz also was in my group, a new student who joined and came to our group because every other group was full. We used the piano and sang all three to the song. We first tried to find the piano chords which we finally did and then olivir tried to play them. After failing and loosing time we were alouwed to use the offical piano song which we did and then olivir started sining half of it then Luiz and finally me. The corporation wasnt the best, olivir was complaing about the piano and didnt want to play (thats why we lost time and got permission to use the real chords) While sining Olivir was also complaing of me singing bad and said we all sing together so I will only sing half of it so we did and while sining we made a mistake, Me and Luiz wanted to repeat it but olivir didnt and just handeed in the wrong version with the mistakes. The lyrics went well and wasy easy to sing and not to complex words. What didnt went well is the paino since I tried it when olivir gave up but failed aswell. I improved by learning how to play a little notes without forgetting them. To be honest my opinion of the result isnt that good since me messed up and olivir didnt want to record again and if he wanted our results would be way better.

Reflection ISB envourment project

During this project, we were asked to design something for the school. I choose to design a new cafteria for the school. 4-5 weeks ago I made a document called Research Plan and then writing down my ideas. At my last stages I Send a survey to secondary so I know how they want it and compared 2 canteens

Unit 2 – Science – Reflection

  1. What did you enjoy about this unit?

I enjoyed the experiments we did every now and then doing the Lab report about it (what is was,method,results.etc

What were you good at?  How do you know you were good at this?

I was good at the speed assigment we did in class (where we needed to calculate speed). I know this because i did answered the questions correctly and the teacher didnt say its wrong.

What did you find difficult?

I found it hard to study for science because I didnt really know what to study sometimes and I didnt know how to study because I also have the problem on other subjects on how to study.

What helped you when you got stuck?

When I got stuck i asked the student beside me, later on it got harder in science so I asked Ruud if  he could help me and come into lessons , so he did and when I got stuck I could ask him.

What skills did you learn in this unit?

I improved my Skills on Making a Lab Report because I had problems on that at the beginning of the year, but now where we already made some and the teacher made a Document on how to make one, Im improving on that.

What do you think you still need to look at?

I think I need to look at on how to study better for test and be more concentrated in lesson so I dont forget what the teacher said.

Reflection Call me Maybe


In music we were in groups and needed to play a song on piano and then sing it. I was in a group with Olivir. I learned how to work with in a group and playing better on the piano and faster without having to stop and look for the notes. I think working with others helped me improve being more social but i think that Olivir wasn’t to serious about his stuff and next time i want to be in another group with people who work and are serious. I think i  did a good job timing when we do what not that we fall behind. The only problem was when i needed to record my part and Olivir wanted to record his part at the same time so we time. Luckily at the end, everything went good and i got my stuff recorded, and he got his stuff recorded. I think i can do better with the dividing the work and when we do which part (lesson 1: piano lesson 2: song etc.).


Song ‘Call me mabye’

Me and oliver are going to sing the song Call me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen

This period we will search for the piano notes on the internet and i will look for the lyrics and sing it until i don’t make mistakes anymore.

If we have time left, oliver will also look at the piano notes and try to perform them

Michael Jackson Essay

Michael Jackson


Michael Jackson , is an american singer who is said as the best pop singer in history. He was born on the 29 august 1958 and died on the 35 juni 2009. During his lifetime he published more than 200+ songs.


I think michael jackson is a pop singer because he[‘ made a lot off songs  and had a lot off fans. He made a huge amount off songs. At the beginning , michael jackson had no fans at all but he still believed in himself and then after a lot off  singing, he became the best pop singer in history. I think this makes someone a popstar.


Michael jackson was born in india by a African american family. Michael’s father was a guitarist but he put down his music aspiration to provide his family as a crane operator. He put michael and his brothers into a musical group. He joined his brothers when he was 5 and was the group vocalist . They were than performing a lot but never made a song. When his brother marlon joined the group, it evolved into the Jackson 5


I think Michael Jackson is unique because he makes music in a different way and doesn’t do the same like other. Before him, there was no one who thought off the idea like him to make songs and become the best pop star off all time.


Jackson earned his pop icon status by creating music that transcended genres; he also redefined the roles of music videos and dancing in popular music.

He inspired people to change their own lives, people around them, and the world.

His fusion of dance rhythms, pop songcraft, glitzy style, sharp choreography and special sex appeal created a career path for others to walk. He was such a musical force of nature he also drew the rock universe into his sphere.

He changed MTV’s Colors! The young, rock-oriented MTV instantly refused to play black music, ALSO including the moody video for Billie Jean. Then Michael Jackson’s label, called CBS, threatened to pull all of its artists from circulation. MTV relented. Billie Jean, the first MTV-aired video by a black artist, became a smash. MTV became ever after a destination for r&b and hip-hop.

His musical legacy will always rest on the album “Thriller.” That was Michael Jackson’s landmark 1982 release that became the biggest-selling album of all time. It moved over 100 million copies and spawned six hit singles — unheard of at that time. Also his album HIStory was also one off the greatest hits albums ever.


The leading instruments in his tracks were often the guitar or saxophone. The  the guitar, drums, and the piano were the main instruments giving direction and incredible sounds were additional specialized by synthesizers and beatboxes. The guitars varied from jazz-guitars to bass-guitars.

The song I like the most ist “Beat it” because off the lyrics and the incredible sound and one of the songs I don’t prefer are “Dirty Diana” because off the strange title and the lyrics


What made him so special not only in my opinion? Well, how many pop stars have their own way of pointing, their own way of walking, their own way of moving their neck, or their own way of leaning forwards…?… Only him! His music style and his voice was legend. He was mysterious and although everyone wanted to know about him…no one really did. He was always in the media but yet no one could reach to him. He cared for people around the world, did lots of charity for children and was against racism!

History reflection Unit 1

History reflection


In the recent history lessons we  learned about feudalism, the resainance and about different religions.

The things which stood out for me and interested me the most were the printing press, which i never thought about and i didnt know who made it either. Also i think the 95 theses interested me because i was always wondering ‘but why does everybody believe in christianity the same way, and how didnt it change in the past?’ . Well from this assignment i found out that religion did change in time, making me become more smart.

I liked the OPVL assignment because it was interesting and it made me more smart and now i know how to summarize a source for futur projects.

I didnt like the printing press assignment that much because i was struggling because i didnt find who made it so i just said a Chinese guy made the idea and wrote how he did it. After i knew how to do it, i think the assignment was a little bit easier.


Music reflection unit 1




In the recent music lessons we learned a lot off piano and also learned about old music


At the beginning we had a hunger and poverty task where we needed to research a poverty song given to us by numbers from the teacher. I had Get up,Stand up by bob marley. i needed to research the maker, and the song for what is is,why he made it, and information about the maker. I think this was actually helpful because i didn’t know anything about the song get up, stand up. I knew it but not what it should mean, and the maker. Now that i did this assignment i know more about this songs meaning and maker and every time i will now hear i will go like ‘hey i know that’.


After the hunger and poverty assignment we made our own song. I think this was pretty exiting because i never made a own song.First we needed to find a lyrics for oru song, which was probably the hardest bit. When we found our lyrics we made the chorus on the piano and recorded it which was probably the most fun part. I enjoyed playing the piano but i think it was kind off hard to because we needed to play the notes fast and im not that good with the piano yet.


Last but not least, we recorded the lyrics. It was only me who recorded it because my partner didn’t want to sing. I thought it will be easy but i needed to sing fast and every time i made it someone came into the room and ruined the recording. Luckily we made it at the end.


My song: