Time Travel

In physics we are talking about time travel and weather or not it is possible to got back in time or go into the future with time travel. Lots of people have different views on time travel but I personally DO believe it is going to be possible some day. If you seen what the world and science and technology has given to us imagine what we can do with those new things to create other new experiments. If you see cloning for example. No one would ever believe if we said we could clone animals 100 years ago. of course people were thinking about it but no one knew how. And now 100 years later we already know how to clown so many animals its only a matter of time before we can clone a human. Humans are capable of so much. So Why not time travel.

Reflection design report


In design we are doing a project about freeware programs. We have to create a tutorial or a manuel on how to use your program. So far everything is going okay. Have done all the necessary things i could do. What I will try to do  in the following stages is do more than expected. For example not only doing the question provided but add some questions to answer myself. But for the rest i think everything is going as planed and I am on track.

So far we have done the design report. I am really proud of my interviews. I kinda forced my friends into downloading google chrome and let them use it  and then answering a few questions for me. I found it very helpful for having that and i know it will help me I found it easy to come up with me in the future.

Reflection – Unit One – WWI

What is the first world war?

The first world war was a big war between multiple counties and continents. It lasted 4 years. from 1914 to 1918. Mostly what we ow call Europe, America and Asia. This war had a lot of complicated alliances and in the longterm this was really one of the reasons for war.  The Central Powers (Germany, Austria-Hungary and italy) were opposed by the Allies (France, Great Britain and Russia).

Why is it important?

This war was the cause of millions of deaths. All these men were forced into fighting in the war. And they made a great difference in the world. Without them the world we live in today might be very different.

How and why did it happen?

Like i said before there are many reasons for this war. Some were longterm and others were short term reasons. some longterm reasons for the war were the alliance system, Militarism, imperialism,Nationalism and arms race. Some short term causes of t he war was the assassination of Franz Ferdinant and the van Schliefen plan

Does where and when we live change how we feel about ourselves, events and people?

YES!! were we live and how we grew up just about define us. Of course we have our own personalities but it does effect how we think and how we act. If your living in a war zone you are used to nothing. having to share with everyone and work at a young age  but if your a princess living in a massive house you wont share anything because your used to everything. Also you will probably never have to work or at least not a real job. Were we live will change a lot but like i said it wont change everything about you but it will defiantly effect how you act and think in some way.


Reflection Unit Test Safety Fist – Last Question

Hey Readers,

The Question we had to ask at the end of the Unit Test Reflection is – Is being courageous a set back? So do you think it is necessary that we have all
these safety rules or do you think we’re exaggerating with all rules you
have to consider and that this takes away taking risks for inquiring?

Half of me says that rules in the lab are important for the safety of the person. Every thing could go wrong and if you are using and wearing the right and necessary equipment this will save you from some of the accidents . But the other half of me says it’s okay to take risks in life that is how you learn and you get more engaged and more exited if it is n0t completely safe. If you do everything safely and never do anything that could go wrong life would be boring and everyday would be that same. I do think if it is a very dangerous thing we should be safe but if it really cant damage you in any way or not in an extreme way why bother.


My progress this month – September

Hey Readers,

this month a lot happened. Many new assignments were introduced units began and some are close to ending. In every class There is something important going on. Also homework was a big issue for me This month. This is mostly due to the two books we are reading. In dutch and english. The english is no problem to read but the dutch book is a real challenge for me. In english i’m a pretty good reader but in dutch my reading is very bad. It takes me about 1 hour for 20 pages and that doesn’t include the understanding of what I just read. For the rest i did okay. The first couple of formative assessments were challenging like history. This was mainly due to the beginning of the year and getting in to the studying. One Test for chemistry I was very happy with. At first i didn’t get anything about what we had to do. But after studying and asking questions and making sure i was doing things right my hard work payed of with an amazing grade. I got a 6 out of 8. When i was doing the test i was just thinking that i was going to get a 1. This was mainly because people were going through answers and i was thinking back at what i wrote and i was just counting down because i though i got everything wrong.

Teachers are also asking about how i’m feeling and how it is going with my health. It is a lot better than last year but when there is a lot to do  on a day or if i had a hectic weekend i do feel that i am still very tired. Also if i don’t get a full night sleep i will not be able to learn. So it is an ongoing problem and i’m not expecting it to fully go away anytime soon.

Overall I think it is going very well. Im my opinion i’m getting good grades and i’m just happy and going in the right direction.


Extra ordinary Narrators

In welke mate beïnvloedt het vertelperspectief het verhaal van het verhaal en de boekendief.

De vertelperspectief is altijd belangrijk om het boek te verstaan. Als het een ik autobiography is en de persoon waar het mee gebeurden is de verteller is dat belangrijk want die persoon weet echt wat er is gebeurt en weet alle details maar de moeder weet alleen wat haar wordt vertelt. In de boeken dief is de dood de verteller. Dit is heel interessant want her is niet een persoon het is iemand die alles weet over iedereen. Hij weet ook alle details en alles wat er is gebeurt. In de boekendief is de dood alle vertelinstanties. Een auctoriale vertelinstantie en ik vertelperspectief en een jij vertelperspectief. In andere boeken is de vertelpersepectief ook heel belangrijk. de verteller is gewoon de persoon die alles vertelled dus alles wat hij/zij zegt denk je dat er gebeurt.

Freeware Unit

Hey readers,

The current unit in design is Freeware. We have to choose a freeware program that we then download and talk about and make a type tutorial or manuel. Even though we don’t have to actually make the manual or tutorial, we have to research what the freeware program is about and why it is useful and for who and why it is better than others etc.

A freeware program is a program that you can download for free. It is mostly to help you do something but can also be a music program. Here some examples of freeware programs.

Ex. Google chrome, spotify, picaso and any other program that is totally free and can be downloaded in about ten seconds.

I am doing it about google chrome. It is one of the best browsers out there and i’m trying to show people that chrome is the best and most useful browser out there also i am doing a manual booklet to show people how to use it and why it is better than other browser and how it is better and more useful and easy than others.



Hey Readers,

What does art mean to me? I love art and creativity. I love colors. If you think about it art is everything around us. Every one has made something in their lives and everything is art. I wouldn’t say art defines me but it does have a special place in my art. When i look at an artwork i like to think about how it was made and  what was that day like and what emotions the artist had when creating it. It might seem very nerdish but i cant help it i make up this whole story of his wife and kids and just everything. Iv actually never told anyone about this. I guess this was a good time. Also portraits they amaze me. How can someone draw you with such detail. I know this was a weird topic but you know i’m weird.


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My life

Hey Readers,

MYP 5 is here! Im exited but at the same terrified. This is the year that i need to pass. This is the most important year so far. But that is school let me tell you about me. Better yet let me tel you about my Hamster. She is a winter white hybrid dwarf hamster named Google. he is a few months old, 4 to be exact. The thing about winter whites is that they change from color depending on the temperature. They turn white in the winter when it is colder and she turns dark grey in the summer when it is warmer. She is now Very dark grey with a few spots of medium grey. I love talking about her, she is my child. She is 100% my hamster even though I hate saying that i own her at the same time i don’t know how els to explain it. I know at this point i’m just rambling about everything that comes to my mind but i needed it.


The Knife of Never Letting Go

Hey viewers,

In English class we all got into groups and got an assigned book. My book was the Knife of Never Letting Go. The book starts off really good. I was really looking forward to read it because the tittle really intrigued me. Also a lot of reviews said it was a really good book, they said it was  sad and intense. The book starts off with some general information but as I gets further into the book it really becomes a story. The only thing that I just cant stop thinking about is how it is supposed to be so sad and intense. I began to think I know the reviews say that near the ending it gets intense but I just cant figure out what can be this bad that it’s intense and heartbreaking. This just makes me more curious about the book and so I keep reading and reading. The more I think of what the secret in the book is, or what’s going to happen the more intrigued I get and so the more I want to read. I really love the way the author does that to you. Making you so curious about the book and it just drives into reading more. With this breathtaking book I really never know what to expect, it just keeps surprising me over and over again. For everyone in search of an amazing free read I highly recommend it!


Wikipedia page for more information:

The Knife of Never Letting Go